The vision behind the internship/research is to restore our traditional knowledge among the younger generation and to connect them with the natural environment. It helps the interns/researcher to know the importance of preserving the nature with its full bio-diversity and its impact on the overall well being. During the internship/research period, the  interns/researchers will get introduced to ethical farming practices and the role of responsible farmers in keeping the food chain alive. The experience in working with the rural community will enhance their knowledge of ‘sustainable developments’ by preserving the eco-system for the future generations. It is an opportunity for them to inculcate human values and to self explore . It also provides an opportunity to understand stake holder engagements in agriculture sector through empowerment of the farming community and by eliminating all kind of social discrimination that exists in the society. 

We hope to create responsible citizens who are consciously enlightened through our internship and research projects.


Application Form for Internship/Research

Obtain an RHM membership by paying Rs.365 to the following bank account and provide the transaction details below:

Bank Details:
ACCOUNT NUMBER :50100240495678
IFSC: HDFC0001595
MICR NO: 673240252

OR Pay online:

TGG Foundation offers internship opportunities to both international and domestic students interested in following topics:

1) Responsible Technologies.
2) Machines that are Eco friendly & emits zero carbon.
3) Energy that are renewable and it application on day-to-day life.
4) Durable and Zero Maintenance Machines & Mechanisms for best utilisation of natural resources.
5) Challenges faced by rural India – agrarian distress and its solution.
6) Opportunities and challenges for sustainable development and eradication of poverty in rural India.
7) Sustainable approach for increasing chemical free food production and its preservation.
8) Addressing climate change by restoring bio-diversity and encouraging sustainable living practices.
9) Role of Rural Development Institutes in Preparing Workforce for Ethical Farming.
10) The growing population in India and its impact, ways to control it and its method of implementation.


2 seats available for students from September to March. Duration of internship is minimum 2 month, research students can opt for more period based on the topic they select and the availability of accommodation.

Your activity:

This opportunity is extended to students who are keen to connect with nature and to experience the real world.

Basic study will be conducted on the topic selected by Interns

In addition to basic studies, advance research and project implementation on the selected topic will be done by research students.

Will create an new revenue vertical or improve the existing vertical of Navajyothi (Kerala), a self help group supported by TGG Foundation based on the topic selected.

Assist TGG Foundation in their day to day operations, bookkeeping, communication, filing, media coordination, planning, fundraising and promotions.

Participate in various activities of TGG Foundation at the RHM Center and outside.

Prepare dissertation / thesis and obtain the approval.

Mandatory engagements:

Two week (14 days) Foundation program at The Green Gardens farm (located 6.5 kms away from the office complex) to study Sustainable Living Practice . It is a live opportunity for the students to experience and practice sustainability at a farm maintained ethically by TGG Foundation since 2014. It is a place to gather information for you to pursue your internship or research.

Accommodation on twin/triple sharing basis and vegetarian food is provided to all interns/researchers for Rs.7700/- for 14 days orientation program at our farm. The students will also sponsor & plant a tree at the biodiversity zone under the Aaranyam project and will maintain it during their stay. (Rs.200 per plant)

The Internship or Research program is sponsored by TGG Foundation and we don’t charge anything additionally for the program,  however accommodation and food are to be managed by the students for the remaining period.

How to apply:

The candidates can apply online by submitting the application form given alongside by paying a RHM membership fee of Rs.365 through NEFT and the candidates are required to enter the transaction code details on the respective box in the application form. (Only interested candidates may apply).

What we provide:

Students those who complete the foundation program successfully at the farm requires to submit an observation report on sustainable living practice and the project they will be undertaking. The interest of the students are understood from the report they submit and the advance program is conducted at the RHM Center which is also the main office of TGG Foundation.

This program is once again sponsored by TGG Foundation and we don’t charge anything additionally for the project. Wayanad is a rural areas and there are very little possibilities to find a paying guest accommodation or budgeted accommodations near our place, hence we have created a Mud House for students who wish to stay within the complex and pursue their project (It can accommodate 2 students at a time and advance booking is required). For Responsible Human Mission members TGG Foundation provides accommodation on twin sharing basis @ Rs.200 for students with very basic facilities. Cooking facility and food materials are provided @Rs.150 per day to all students successfully completing the foundation program and selected to pursue the project. As informed, Wayanad being a rural area which is rich in biodiversity, we request you to keep your city life expectations low and enjoy the nature and its wilderness. The purpose of this program is to experience slow and sustainable life before you get ready for a race so that you know how simple life can be.

Selection Process: 

The shortlisted candidates will undergo a telephonic/Skype interview before an offer letter is sent.

Once the offer letter is sent, the candidates should book a bed at The Green Gardens farm for a period of 14 days as part of the orientation program by paying an amount of Rs.4200

Candidates must obtain a Letter of Recommendation (LoR) from the college/university in the name of Chief Functionary, TGG Foundation, Wayanad.  If the candidate is doing the internship for their own interest, then a LoR from the parent is required. A letter of confirmation from the candidate along with the LoR to be scanned and mailed to us

An appointment letter will be issued on receipt of the above documents.

International candidates applying for internship/research must obtain E-4 (Employment without any remuneration) visa.

Candidates will hand over the hard copies of the required documents on arrival at the office.

Conscious Responsibility: 

“You are on your own and your actions are guided by your own consciousness”. All candidates are requested to uphold their ethics and commitment towards this program and be ready to lead a slow life. The nature is your teacher here.

The interns will also interact with members of TGG Foundation, Navajyothi (Kerala), local community, visitors and guests during their engagement with us, please maintain mutual respect and compassion.

The interns are required to work on all working days and are encouraged not to take leave in between the internship period (except under certain circumstances). A weekly assessment of your work will be done on Saturdays.

Research Reports: 

Ms. Allision Platt, Tufts University & TGG Foundation  Download Thesis

Internship Reports: 

Mr. C. Adhithya Narayan, Symbiosys School of Economics, Pune  Download Report

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