It has been an amazing experience ever since we started hosting volunteers from across the world in our sustainable living projects (since 2014). We made lifelong friends during our journey and they have left behind their foot prints by participating in our initiatives, thereby remaining consciously connected with each other and making us a true global family (vasudeva kutumbakam)

Current avenues for volunteering/practices under cultural exchange program once becoming a RIM member are as follows:

1. Volunteering  ( 8 hrs per day): (Minimum 14 days )

Volunteers are invited from across the world to participate in our activities on a daily fee is Rs.450 per person. Mud house room on twin sharing basis, food item, kitchen facility and utensils are provided and cooking is done by all. It is a vegetarian paradise. Volunteers can help us in managing our day to day activities at the RIM Center, creating vegetable garden, cooking, yoga teaching, photography & documentary production, art and crafts, DIYs, visibility creation and so on. Opportunity is available at the RIM Center Location mapClick here for google location map

2. Sustainable Living Practice (Karma Yoga: 2 hrs per day): (Minimum 14 days & Maximum 6 months)

It is preferred by those who wish to connect with nature and practice sustainability at The Green Gardens, an ethical farm maintained by TGG Foundation. Check Availability: Click here to Book online  Location mapClick here for google location map

3. Minimalist Living Experience (Human transformation through self realisation) (Karma yoga: 3 hrs per day) : (Minimum 1 month & Maximum 6 Months)

Do nothing: Most of us are caught up in an unknown race ignoring the surroundings, the people around us, the nature, the evolution and many things that enhance our experience on this planet, instead we gear up to reach the destination where we will all reach one day even if we don’t race.

Explore within : There is a vast universe within us and the ancient teachings can make this journey meaningful. References reading and advance courses available for seekers.

RIM family life : In this world where people are being divided and isolated to facilitate exploitation, our efforts are to enhance the conscience of the individuals by upholding Responsibility, Accountability and Sustainability towards the nature that supports our life and the life of every other species on this planet.

Fee per day Rs.989/- (Including independent accommodation, food item, kitchen facility and utensils are provided and cooking is done by all )

It is a unique program for human transformation.


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