If you are interested in getting more involved with the TGG Foundation day to day activities, you are in the right place. We hope to engage all those interested in helping to support our mission and similar pursuits. It is a process that is just beginning to evolve.

Members are selected based on direct review from those who have completed 14 days volunteering at the TGGFCT in Wayanad, Kerala, India and are keen to be a part of this evolution, so that we may continue to journey together with a team of like-minded people. 


People those who have elevated from self centered goals and personal priorities should only opt to become a member. The journey would ideally drive you through various stages while you are in the working committee, also your performance as a working committee member will be a deciding factor for you to remain in this position, move forward or backward. You will pass-through tough challenges and come out successfully only if you practice selfless deeds, have compassion and your willing to undertake social transformation by creating social enterprises with clear revenue stream to support the self help groups & TGGFCT activities during your tenure as working committee member (Honorary) and place it in a sustainable mode with clear revenue verticals before assuming greater responsibilities. Your elevation to the executive committee will be a testimony to your selfless deeds. 


Your good governance as an executive committee member and your ability to create more opportunities for the women and youths in rural India along with your contribution for sustainable growth with strong self evolving revenue verticals will  determine your placement as the trustee of TGGFCT.


This journey is purely karmic and only your good deeds can bring happiness in you and help you to achieve the ultimate goal in this journey. 


(Please note that people with no religious or political background should only fill the membership form. If membership is extended due to non disclosure of facts or during their journey with TGGFCT if found they identify them-self with any political or religious group or identity their membership will be cancelled. This will allow members to rise above the polarising ideologies and work for the welfare of humanity ). 


Obtain an RIM membership by paying Rs.365 to the following bank account and provide the transaction details below:

Bank Details:
Name: TGG Foundation Charitable Trust
A/c No: 35325423236
Bank: State Bank of India,
Branch Address: Vaduvanchal, MP 5/ 449 l, Megha Residency, P.O Vaduvanchal, District Wayanad, Kerala State, India
IFSC: SBIN0011922
SWIFT Code: SBININBB392 (Calicut)
MICR Code : 673002108