Laiju is a dynamic professional with over 24 years of experience in the hospitality, responsible tourism, plantation and start-ups with a strong sense of civic responsibility. He specializes in managing greenfield projects; conceptualizing and developing new properties from the project stage, administering teams to foster the completion of projects; innovating, monitoring operations against a predetermined revenue, and maintaining expenditure targets and orienting organizations to a better position.

Since the last 15 years he has consulted and managed many hospitality & start-up projects that have aimed to introduce environmental awareness and sustainability into the sector. Laiju understands the value of our natural environment and believes that we all share a responsibility in upholding it for ourselves and future generations.

This belief led him to his most recent and cherished venture; The Green Gardens, a self-sustaining eco-farm project in Wayanad, Kerala.

The Golden Greens (TGG) embraces both his expertise and passion in planning and implementing various rural development projects leading its natural way for Laiju and his wife Namitha to establish the TGG Foundation Charitable Trust in 2014 with the aim of empower women and youths in rural communities through sustainable livelihood creation.

Through this initiative, Laiju is able to implement various programs at the ground level, ensuring his involvement in all aspects of operations

The TGGFCT demonstrates his commitment to develop innovative and socially responsible entrepreneurs, environmentally conscious developments,  respect for elderly people, and spiritually enriched mindeds for a healthy world.

Namitha Laiju


Namitha, the trustee and treasurer of TGG Foundation Charitable Trust has the capability to efficiently handle the administration and accounts. Completed graduation and pursuing MBA, Ms Namitha has profound expertise in financial management with strong interpersonal skills. During the span of her career, she had competently worked with organizations such as The Terrace, a boutique resort in the Himalayas, The Blue Mountain Estate, Nilgiris as an account Executive. Presently she is working as an Administrative Executive of The Golden Greens.

Namitha Laiju has been associated with other development work for the society. She is proudly fulfilling her responsibility for Women Empowerment that also comprising creating opportunities to work from home for village women. Furthermore, leading different welfare programs for girl children enhances the importance of girls in the society. Besides she also proficiently establishes and manages self-help groups of TGGFCT.

As a treasurer, she has responsibility of risk management, investment, and corporate liquidity related to the financial activities of the trust. In addition, she has to keep a stringent watch for all major aspects of financial management, and work with other management team members to fulfill various requirements of the day to day operations of the trust.