Ethical practices have always been the working principle of TGG foundation. It creates a positive environment for every living being in the farm and the office complex making best use of the naturally available resources to generate livelihood for women.

NAVAJYOTHI( Kerala ) maintains the farm and creates awareness about organic & sustainable farming techniques among the farming community in the local area. By creating a responsible and conscious farming community, they could produce crops throughout the year with considerably less cost by making use of naturally available manures and methods.

The farm is maintained as a research model to create awareness among farmers and to facilitate students to research on ethical agriculture practices. These methods help farmers in developing alternate revenue verticals and hence encouraging farmers to cultivate a wide range of crops. Cultivation of both indigenous and foreign fruits is now encouraged among the farmers.

NAVAJYOTHI( Kerala) is presently working on a Monday bazaar to barter the cultivation of farmers who are practicing ethical standards and will soon be establishing a supply chain to sell such fruits and vegetables produced. 

TGG Foundation supports the continuous research for the improvement and implementation of innovative farming practices and there by creating quality agro produces. This ethical parties aims to create a harmonious ecosystem to foster happiness among humans, plants and animals in the farm. These practices help in obtaining better productivity among all, including livestock and plants. The research also helps farmers in planning the future cultivation based on the climate and geographical suitability.


White Gourd

Bird Eye Chilli





Jack Fruit



Passion Fruit