TGG Livelihood Mission

TGG Livelihood Mission

Virgin Coconut Oil

Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil In 2018, Navajyoti (Kerala), the self help group supported by TGG Foundation, has turned their hands to make, pure cold pressed ‘Virgin Coconut Oil’ using manual process.  Since the oil is not processed through direct heating and is separated from fresh coconuts with an alternate procedure of extraction, virgin coconut …

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Cafeteria and Facilities

Cafeteria and Facilities Management “Annad bhavanti bhootani” – These are the words of Sri Krishna in the Bhagvat Gita. It means that all creation is sustained due to food. Helping to assuage a person’s hunger will win you good karmas. It is an equally important deed to feed the animals and plants of the creation as well. …

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Livestock Management

Livestock Mnagement Navajyothi – Revenue Vertical TGG Foundation started the Livestock unit as part of its sustainable living practice project at The Green Gardens, an Ahimsa  Farm in Wayanad, Kerala for livelihood and obtaining organic manure which supports the ethical farming practices at the farm in addition to products such as milk, eggs etc derived through this …

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Handmade Green Tea

Handmade Green Tea Our Green Tea Story In 2014, TGG Foundation took over the maintenance of The Green Gardens Farm in Wayanad, Kerala and have started working towards sustainability. Our vision was to transform the farm into a zero chemical, zero waste, zero budget project that empowers the rural community and provide a venue for urban youths to …

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Navajyothi (Kerala) A Self Help Group Supported by TGG Foundation The journey of our first self help group fully funded by TGG Foundation started in late 2015 with the participation of 3 women from the farming community in Wayanad assuming collective responsibility. They started their livelihood creation with a stitching unit and a farm under …

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