TGG Foundation started the Livestock unit as part of its sustainable living practice project at The Green Gardens, an Ahimsa  Farm in Wayanad, Kerala as a starting model both for livelihood and obtaining organic manure which supports the ethical farming practices at the farm in addition to products such as milk, eggs etc derived through this activity. During the last 3 years of operations, the livestock unit has undergone many corrections and modification to improve the efficiency and sustainability of the farm. The number of livestock maintained are now in accordance with the sustainability of the farm, thereby creating a harmonious ecosystem for livestock, farm and the people that are managing it.



TGG'S SUSTAINABLE RURAL DEVELOPMENT MODEL (TSRDM) has now been created at the office complex for farmers to visit and understand how they can plan and implement a sustainable eco system and maintain it comfortably through a precised working model. Presently we have two cow, four goat and 10 chicken with certain agriculture activities. 

As we observe when more and more people are abandoning agriculture activities and opting for more rewarding jobs, we constantly work towards making agriculture more interesting for people with less greed. One has to realise that ethical farming is not a commercial activity, it is a way of life. If the farmer is committed to do his best to create quality food products then TGG Foundation is confident to find a premium market for their products. Having said that, profit motive should not be the driving force for cultivation, one should have a commitment and care for other health. 

Both the above projects are managed by Navajyothi (Kerala), providing permanent livelihood opportunity for two women. 






Native Cow


Kadaknath Chicken