1.Tea: Research about the factors that are affecting the quality of tea processing like cultural factors such as standard of plucking, pruning, irrigation, shading, manuring, pest management and Atmospheric factors such as Temperature, Humidity of air, Intensity of sunshine, Rainfall and Soil management factors such as soil moisture, soil ph, soil temp, drainage to improve the quality (Color, brightness, strength and aroma) of orthodox green & black tea production.

2. Chemical free skin care products:

Goat milk soap, Nourishing oils, Aromatic oils, various flavored teas

3. Medicinal plantation:

Kerala has a rich tradition and knowledge of Ayurveda and a lot of medicinal plants are found in this region.


1.TSRDM - TGG's Sustainable Rural Development Model is a unit researched and developed by us, which works as a nucleus for any farmer having a minimum area of 1 acre or above land. The current TSRDM unit built in the office complex is a working model developed exclusively for research purpose. The model unit can house two cows, a calf , four goats & their off-springs and twenty chickens.This unit has efficiently utilized the available space for all the livestock. A carefully designed drain which leads to the bio-gas plant is also proposed for this unit. The manure from the bio-gas along with other biodegradable wastes are stored in the compost pit attached along with the unit. The water required for cleaning the unit and animals are obtained from the rainwater harvesting built along with this unit. In the absence of rain the unit can be kept hygienically using minimum water. This unit will have solar panels to meet the basic domestic power requirement of the farmer.

2.Permaculture : ( permanent agriculture) is a system of agricultural and social design principles centered around simulating or directly utilizing the patterns and features observed in natural ecosystems. Fundamental principles of permaculture is to work with nature not against, mimic natural patterns and principles, encourage diversity, use of local resources, conservation of soil and water and cause minimal disturbance to nature, We are implementing a model project at The Green Gardens farm in Wayanad.


1.Self Help Group : Reaching out to rural areas within the country to create opportunities for women and youths in the farming community by creating livelihood, skill development and entrepreneur projects with the support of TGG Foundation and its CSR Partners.

2.Biodiversity Certification: Based on the working model created at The Green Gardens in Wayanad, Kerala and the ethical standards established for sustainable living, similar models to be created across the country by participating with farm owners those are consciously engaged in organic farming with the intent to produce chemical free food for better health of the consumers.