We invite people from across the world to become a member of our Responsible Indian Mission and volunteer our community development initiatives. If you share our concern, the initiative taken by us to make the world a better place to live and are interested to participate in this mission, then we can do it together to reach out to many more people who are looking for a little bit of humanity to shape their life.

You can become a member/ renew the membership by paying an annual membership fee of Rs.365. The membership fee collected by TGG Foundation is used for coordinating various humanitarian activities undertaken by TGG Foundation. To know more about the activities and beneficiaries please click here.

Once you join this mission by becoming an RIM member, you can volunteer either by "Actively participating" ( visiting wayanad and volunteering our day-to-day activities at the farm and at our office complex) or "Support Remotely" ( you can support our initiatives in your place by inviting like minded people to join this mission, creating awareness on the importance of upholding humanity first, helping us to reach out to the less privileged ones). Let us be the change we wish to see in our society.

Responsible Indian Mission Membership is the entry point to the main stream operations of TGG Foundation, if you wish to be actively involved in our operations you can join our 14 days On-Site volunteering program. Please click here to read more 


RIM/2016-17/001 Eesha Ithadi Nagpur, Maharashra, INDIA Renewal Pending
RIM/2016-17/002 S.v.Laiju Wayanad, Kerala, INDIA 13.07.2018
RIM/2016-17/003 Namitha Laiju Wayanad, Kerala, INDIA 13.07.2018
RIM/2016-17/004 J. Surendran Kollam, Kerala, INDIA 04.04.2018
RIM/2016-17/005 Vijaya Surendran Kollam, Kerala, INDIA 04.04.2018
RIM/2016-17/006 Soja Sudharman Kollam, Kerala, INDIA 06.05.2018
RIM/2016-17/007 Niv Ben Shlomo Wayanad, Kerala, INDIA Renewal Pending
RIM/2016-17/008 Premkumar Calicut, Kerala, INDIA 03.10.2018
RIM/2016-17/009 Reetha Premkumar Calicut, Kerala, INDIA 03.10.2018
RIM/2016-17/010 Jordan Martin Bristol, UK 04.03.2018
RIM/2016-17/011 Laura Jane Jones Bristol, UK 04.03.2018
RIM/2016-17/012 Michael Spohn Engen, GERMANY 05.03.2018
RIM/2016-17/013 Golnaz Niamanesh Bad Meinberg, GERMANY 05.03.2018
RIM/2016-17/014 James Harding Bury St Edmunds, UK 13.03.2018
RIM/2017-18/015 Anuj Mehra New Delhi, INDIA 27.08.2018
RIM/2017-18/016 Sonal Karamchandani Bangkok, THAILAND 27.08.2018
RIM/2017-18/017 Catrin Lewis London, UK 18.10.2018
RIM/2017-18/018 Ruth Davies London, UK 23.10.2018
RIM/2017-18/019 Camille Murigneux Vaison, FRANCE 23.11.2018
RIM/2017-18/020 Isabelle Murigneux Vaison, FRANCE 23.11.2018
RIM/2017-18/021 Goeffrey Cael Brussels, BELGIUM 05.01.2019
RIM/2017-18/022 Ivona Zafirovaska Brussels, BELGIUM 05.01.2019
RIM/2017-18/023 Puneet Sahanpal New Delhi, INDIA 06.01.2019
RIM/2017-18/024 Declan Andrew Brisbane, AUSTRALIA 07.01.2019
RIM/2017-18/025 Vincent Prevost Orieans, FRANCE 04.02.2019
RIM/2017-18/026 Audrey Noelle Grenoble, FRANCE 07.02.2019
RIM/2017-18/027 Charles Louis La Landec, FRANCE 07.02.2019
RIM/2017-18/028 Sudarsan Kerala, INDIA 07.02.2019
RIM/2017-18/029 Julia Schmieder Frankfurt, GERMANY 16.02.2019
RIM/2017-18/030 Giada Cicala Milan, ITALY 18.03.2019
RIM/2017-18/031 Daniele Gasperini ROVERETO, ITALY 18.03.2019
RIM/2017-18/032 Angela Fonceca Perth, AUSTRALIA 25.03.2019
RIM/2018-19/033 Sathish Kumar Chennai, INDIA 06.04.2019
RIM/2018-19/034 Dr.George Wayanad, INDIA 12.04.2019
RIM/2018-19/01/INT Carolina Yang Taipei, TAIWAN 27.03.2019
RIM/2018-19/02/INT Abhimanyu Anand Singh New Delhi, INDIA 20.04.2019
RIM/2018-19/03/INT Ankush Sharma Haryana, INDIA 20.04.2019
RIM/2018-19/035 Karishma Mehra New Delhi, INDIA 24.04.2019
RIM/2018-19/036 Navajyothi(Kerala) Kerala, INDIA 26.04.2019
RIM/2018-19/037 James Smith Melbourne, AUSTRALIA 26.04.2019
RIM/2018-19/038 Courtney Capes Melbourne, AUSTRALIA 26.04.2019
RIM/2018-19/039 Eddie Frenandez Karnataka, INDIA 02.05.2019
RIM/2018-19/040 Emmanuel Paul Karnataka, INDIA 03.05.2019
RIM/2018-19/041 Arjun Shine Kerala, INDIA 07.05.2019
RIM/2018-19/04/INT Adhithya Narayan Kerala, INDIA 21.05.2019
RIM/2018-19/05/INT Manjari B Pune, INDIA 14.06.2019
RIM/2018-19/06/INT Adil Ahmed Mohammad Cottbu, GERMANY 29.06.2019
RIM/2018-19/07/INT Kathi Siddartha Andhra Pradesh, INDIA 01.07.2019
RIM/2018-19/08/INT Shawan Ali Uttar Pradesh, INDIA 20.07.2019
RIM/2018-19/09/INT Vidit Ananad Horo West Bengal, INDIA 26.07.2019
RIM/2018-19/01/MEMBER Deva Prasath Rao Tamilnadu, INDIA 01.08.2019


We invite you to join this mission and be a part of the transformation we wish to see in our society. It is our responsibility to help the less fortunate and the most vulnerable people in the society to improve their lives. You can start the journey with us by registering your details here:

Please pay an annual membership fee of Rs.365/- to the following account and provide the transaction details below.
Bank Details:
Name: TGG Foundation Charitable Trust
A/c No: 35325423236
Bank: State Bank of India, Vaduvanchal Branch
IFSC: SBIN0011922