The world is passing through a tough time due to intolerance, distorted belief systems, terrorism, poverty, greed, ego, etc. Countries are investing more of its time and money on weapons than in the welfare of its people. Due to ignorance people are fighting in the name of God and to prove whose believe system is real.

As we are all part of this universe and we are made of elements present within the universe, the energy that connects us with the creation is present within us. This very realisation of the existence of God within us and within every living creature makes us more responsible and we learn to respect all in this world. This is where the origin of humanity comes first. We wish to share this message and work for the welfare of the world community in establishing peace and harmony.

We believe that the mission to help someone and make their life better must be self-driven. It would help if every well-earned person could contribute just a small portion to reverse the inequalities present within our society thereby improving the overall literacy, livelihood, health and prosperity for all. It is our responsibility to provide the less fortunate with the minimum necessities to allow them to pursue a better life. We have undertaken this responsibility through  Aasha Ki Kiran (Ray-of-Hope)




The word “Fariyaad” loosely translates into English as a “call for help”, a redress of grievances, an enforcer of justice, or defender of righteousness. At the TGG Foundation we believe that all people within our society have a right to defend themselves in a court of law. As a society, our laws, codes and morality should stretch to cover every man woman and child regardless of their race, creed or colour.

Recognizing the humanity in everyone is an important philosophy to maintain a civilized society. The harsh reality is that there are members of our communities who are unable to access a legal system designed to protect and defend them, often due to financial reasons. Thus, the most vulnerable are those with the least protection. We handle such grievances through this mission and all such grievances and its reddressal are highlighted here  Aasha Ki Kiran




The purpose of education is to create good human beings and to open the eye of the students to connect to the real world. As we know that all inventions and innovations are a copy of something that already exist in this universe, we are not creating anything new in this planet instead we are only duplicating it in a different way. The realisation of the true knowledge enhances our perception, making us own up the responsibilities of any actions that we perform in our life time.

Most of the developments that we see around us are destruction in its true sense, the cities of today stand testimony to this findings. In this rapidly transforming world driven by greed and ego, natural resources are over exploited for the benefit of selected few and a majority of the population are made to starve. Humans are so much caught up in their own creations, they forget to see the sustainable creations of the real world along with its full bio-diversity, which is self evolving. They destroy the food chain and the eco system leading to the elimination of many species from the planet . The population of a particular species (Humans) are on the rise, it will destabilise the creation leading to consequential impact on this planet. Humans are blinded due to lack of knowledge and the present education system have failed to create consciously responsible citizens. 

We are presently working on an internship and research project that would help children to think beyond boundaries, connecting them to the roots of creation and linking them to the modern world to develop technologies and to do inventions those are sustainable and responsible.  We dedicated this project to Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam.