Every human right violations, fundamental right violations, violence of any kind, social discrimination, gender discrimination, etc are of great concern to us, since we feel it hurts the humanity of any/all consciously progressive individuals who wish to lead a peaceful life. The best way to change these shortfalls are through self realisation, assuming responsibilities and being accountable. If every individual can own up to their responsibilities then the world will be a better place to live.

We invite all consciously progressive individuals from across the world to take part in our mission to reach out to the most vulnerable and helpless people in the society to extend them a helping hand. Some time even your presence makes a big difference to those who have no one in their life to support them. We can together make a big difference in the life of people in this world by restoring humanity through our own actions. We are in a journey to make a difference in this world where people are divided and exploited in the name of religion, politics, race, gender, money power, etc. by upholding humanity above all polarising ideologies. You too can join us by undertaking the responsibilities for the change you wish to see in the society.

Grievances related to human right violations, fundamental right violations, violence of any kind, social discrimination, gender discrimination, etc. are accepted through Fariyaad, Kindly fill the form and submit. Most of the grievances are dealt through the Govt. & its administrative system to provide immediate justice, if they fail to deliver their duties and responsibilities then only it is referred to the Responsible Indian Mission members, Public, Media & Judiciary if required.

Sponsorship for Socially Vulnerable

We invoke the consciousness of the women across the world to come forward and support this initiative of TGG Foundation to transform the life of most vulnerable children by giving them an opportunity to live with dignity. Let you be the change you wish to see in this society.

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Death Compensation-Saudi Arabia

Anitha lost her husband who was working for SEDER Group, Riyadh in a fatal accident while he was on duty in 2014, at the age of 34. Anitha and her two young children had no other source of income for survival.

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Stranded in Saudi Arabia without salary

Nibin, a native of Wayanad have gone to Saudi Arabia to work as a driver. He has paid to agents for getting this visa and have worked as a truck driver for the sponsor for a period of 6 months during which no salary was paid.

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