TGG Foundation has a full-fledged center for women empowerment activities. Skill development programs conducted by TGG Foundation through  NAVAJYOTHI (Kerala) provides skills and livelihood for women in and around the center. Training and development of women are conducted by TGG Foundation from time to time and is closely overseen by the TGG Foundation.


Stitching and designing of clothes and bags are the perennial revenue stream for the women working in this center, they get the support of the local community in getting their personal cloths stitched. The major revenue source for the center is through the stitching of Jute, Cloth & Non-Woven bags.  Training is given to the women from the surrounding areas on a subsidised rate by experienced members of the self help group and Train the Trainer programs are conducted by TGG Foundation through the engagement pf experts in-order to stay updated with the current trends.


In this process the design is imposed on a screen through exposing method. The coating solution blocks off the area except image of the design, enabling the ink to print the image on the selected material. Screen is made using wood pallet which could be Re-used. A large number of consecutive designs can be printed through this method. This job provides additional revenue to the women engaged in stitching.