Risha Chakma is a 12 year old girl from Dist.:Lunglei, State: Mizoram who have lost both her parents and was staying with her grandmother in a remote village in Mizoram in a highly vulnerable situation with no means to continue her education and for day to day living.

TGG Foundation have received a sponsorship request from TUTPM and after careful study of all documents presented by them we have agreed to sponsor her education, hostel facility, food, books &  accessories, cloths etc. since April 2016.

It has helped her to continue her studies and stay safe with other children. We are confident that she will use this opportunity to turn around her life.



TGG Foundation has sponsored the educational tour of Ms.Jona George, a 12th standard student, who is the coordinator of our youth engagement program conducted in association with RG Foundation, UK. This sponsorship is funded by Mr. Rober Marsh, Ms.Hannah Vincent & Mr. S.v.Laiju