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Patrons of TGG

RHM Kiosk

TGG Foundation welcomes retired paramilitary and military personnel to participate in the development of rural areas in India

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TGG’s Center for Sustainable Development

The Universe will conspire to help us achieve all selfless desires that are for common good. The Foundation’s fundament philosophy is based on this principle. This has given us enormous energy and willpower to pursue this most challenging project which is derived from a sustainable development model known as People Planet Partnership.

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Associates and Sponsorship for Socially Vulnerable


TGG Foundation has established following valuable association with organisations that are committed to transform the life of people in many ways

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Reviews From AirBnB More Reviews Reviewed by seekers : Sustainable living experience Reviewed by volunteers : Ms.Camille MURIGNEUX, France. All Rights Reserved. TGG Foundation Charitable Trust ©2021

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Working Committee

Honorary Members (2020-2021) The infrastructure project planning team  You are here to perform ethical deeds. Your contribution to society will help you attain the next

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TGG Foundation Charitable Trust, Wayanad Country Homes, Onneyar, Vaduvanchal-P.O, Wayanad, Kerala-673581, India