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The Governing Body responsible for Infrastructure development & decision-making (Indian Nationals residing In India only)

Attained through Karma yoga by assuming greater Responsibility, Accountability and Sustainability

S. V. Laiju

S. V. Laiju


Laiju, the Founder & Chairman of TGG Foundation is a commerce graduate from Delhi University with over 25 years of experience in operations, management, projects, pre-opening and consulting. He understands the value of our natural environment and believes that we all share a responsibility in upholding it for ourselves and future generations. This belief led him to his most recent and cherished project; The Green Gardens, a self-sustaining eco-farm project in Wayanad, Kerala. After executing various projects for TGG Foundation since its inception in 2014, Laiju is presently engaged in architecting a Global Habitat for people from across the world to stay together and perform activities that can enhance the human aspects of life through self transformation. He will also be reaching out to the rural areas to assist the farming community to create self help groups for cooperative development that are nature friendly and sustainable.

Anuj Mehra

Anuj Mehra


Anuj, the Secretary of TGG Foundation is a graduate of Commerce from the prestigious Sri Ram College of Commerce, New Delhi. Alongside his very own handicraft export business in Delhi that he has been successfully managing for 18 yrs. He has also embarked on a Journey engaging in a variety of self-healing alternative methods such as Pranic, NLP and Access Bars to further his intuitive and passionate side of service to humankind. His background and experience in investment planning and business in a diverse field are greatly beneficial to the self sustainability of the trust. Being an all rounder by nature, he completely understands the in and out of the foundation and its responsible. In addition to his role as a Secretary, he is also responsible for setting up the RIM Center for Human Transformation in Mysore & Appointment of Permanent RIM Residential Members.

Namitha Laiju

Namitha Laiju​


Namitha, the Co-Founder and Treasurer of TGG Foundation is actively involved in hand-holding self help group and establishing a social enterprise to support their activities with the participation of the other members of the trust. She is creating opportunities to work from home for women in villages who are committed and hard working. As a treasurer, she has responsibility of risk management, compliance and keeps a strict watch on all major aspects of financial management. She also coordinates with the Internal and the external auditors and also monitors the day to day activities of the self help group by bridging a strong communication between the trust and the beneficiaries. In addition to the above, she is responsible for implementing and expanding the bio-diversity project called the Aarnayam & is also responsible for supporting the Self Help Group by extending them interest free loans for establishing their income generating activities through Mooldhan and its systematic recovery through the production.

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