People who have visited us and have established a soul connection

You are here due to your compassion and your selfless actions for human transformation

(Conscious connections of TGG Foundation)

Allison Platt

California, USA

Hannah K Vincent

London, United Kingdom

Karishma Mehra

Delhi, India

Geoffery Cael

Haut de France, France

Ivona Zafir

Brussels, Belgium

Adhithya Narayan

Kerala, India

Siegfried Lubitzki

Berlin, Germany

Sarah Thomas

Burnley, United Kingdom

Laura Roseman
Laura Roseman

Texas, USA

Christopher Semler

Texas, USA

Ukko Nature Connect
Ukko Alola

Texas, USA

One World

Sarah Thomas

OneWorld Sarah

Trees for Burnley volunteer day, working in the Urban Arboretum, Queen’s Park, Burnley, UK. We are taking care of the trees we planted twenty years ago: pruning the lower branches and removing some trees if there is competition for space. Making sure they are loved and happy, with space to grow and be. In return, they offer us a peaceful place to reflect and meditate. Trees and people have a special reciprocal relationship.  

One World

Allison Platt

Allison was one of the first international volunteers who visited us when we started our activities in 2014. She then revisited as a researcher through a Study Exchange Program in collaboration with Tufts University, Massachusetts. Allison now works in the urban planning sector in the US and is an extended family member of the TGG Foundation.
We would like to highlight Allison’s act of service in which she helped a single mother from Texas (name kept private). The mother was in distress due to a difficult financial situation and in urgent need of one week’s stipend. Understanding the ethos of TGG’s Global Family she reached out to the head of the family to seek help in the form of short term borrowing of a small amount. On receiving the distress call TGG Foundation shared this message with Allison, who without any hesitation stepped in and provided the necessary support instantly. This is the karma that keeps humanity alive and inspires TGG Foundation to think beyond geographical boundaries.

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