Honorary Members (2019-2020)

You are here to perform ethical deeds. Your contribution to the society will help you attain the next level in your journey.

(Volunteering TGG Foundation activities under the guidance of the Executive Committee)

Christopher Semler

Chris holds an M.S. in the field of physiology, and is currently pursuing a PhD in the field of education psychology. His studies have instilled within Chris a desire to realize and share the naturally occurring wonder which arises on exposure to our genuine curiosities. Chris acknowledges that individual’s differ in preference and interests, but feels strongly that the natural world is present, in some fashion, across all distinct curiosities. Thus by combining the existing practices of TGG’s Sustainable Living Parctice and Minimalist Living Practice, Chris has given a methodological approch in creating Experiential Learning Program for the new members joining the foundation. This course is designed to emphasize the role of nature as our guide, as part of a process of reuniting with the fundamental regard which has allowed life to thrive in our ever-evolving ecosystem. 


Rob Marsh

Rob holds a BA Hons degree in Business Studies from Leeds Metropolitan university where he specialised in Brand Management and New Business Creation. His work experience is varied, but he spent the last 3 years working as a Senior Sales Consultant in one of the the UK’s fastest growing and most profitable technology businesses. Rob has been the driving force behind Wayanad Clothing which is the TGG Foundation’s flagship social enterprise. As a working committee member of trust he is responsible for creating livelihood opportunities for women in rural India, arranging sponsorship for machines and tools for the self help groups & Fund raising for the development of RIM Center in Mysore


Prem, a B.sc graduate from Calicut University is specialized in marketing and business management and is currently running a business of his own in wedding cards and screen printing materials sector in Calicut , kerala. He has been in business from past 20 years and have won the best business man of the year award from chamber of commerce consecutively. He has been the driving force behind Wayanad Print O Pack, a social enterprises start up supported by the TGG Foundation. As an active working committee member of the trust, he is responsible for establishing the packing and distribution center in Mysore & Providing Start up services for Social Enterprises & Handicraft Artisans.


Sonal Karamchandani

Sonal completed her studies in Singapore and went on to pursue her interest in holistic healing methods. She’s a Reiki Master, Psychotherapist, The Journey Practitioner, NLP and Breakthrough Life Coach as well as conducts Interactive Hypnotherapy sessions offering numerous methods to heal from physical to emotional labels and conditions. Best known for her innate ability to intuitively identify the root cause of patterns that are keeping individuals blocked, she works with various foundations and charitable homes with underprivileged kids, sexually abused individuals and emotional traumas. In addition to her private practice, Sonal is also an essayist and blogger on soul healing, spirituality and healing psychology as well. As an active working committee member of the trust she is responsible for establishing a strong market for the ethical products produced by the farming community with the support and mentoring of TGG Foundation & Study & Submit a report on the Privileges/Facilities to be extended to working committee / Executive Committee / RIM Members.

Reetha Premkumar

Reetha, an Arts Graduate from Calicut university is currently running a partnership business of Digital Marketing in Calicut. She has assisted Navajyothi (Kerala), a self help group supported by TGG Foundation by helping them to start a Virgin Coconut Oil hand made unit and have also extended training to them. She is aware of the challenges faced by the financially poor families and have supported them through various charitable organisation she is associated with. As an active working committee member of the trust she is responsible for Digital Marketing of products that are produced by the SHGs registered with TGG Foundation, Setting up a social enterprise by involving other women members of the trust to provide a strong packing and distribution base to the Self Help Groups supported by TGG Foundation & Execute Aasha Ki Kiran Project to facilitate socially challenged.

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