The purpose of ELP is to instigate an individual’s process of grounding into being a resilient, self-assured and ethical person. Via the encouragement toward personal study of one’s self in relation to their environment or eco-system, ELP will guide one closer to the ever present reality of community – both local and global.

How does a regard for nature, and one’s place within it bring someone to the omnipresent perception of warmth and belonging?
Well, there exist arguments which found community in ‘collections of people who understand their relationship within their eco-system to be fundamental’. Thus, if one accepts their eco-system as the ground for their existence & persistence, the regard will naturally extend to include all else residing within, and depending upon it. Such a deep regard births an intimacy with self – which may yield an understanding that one’s own needs & longings are extensions of a natural world.

Is there a deeper trust than the experience of reflecting nature essential?
A point nestled well within such trust, is likely the place from which to respond.

To participate in the ELP course, one must be an active Responsible Human Mission (RHM) member. If one is not yet an RHM member the steps to apply for membership are thus:

  1. Read TGG Foundation’s “Ethos”, found at 
  1. If you resonate with our “Code of Practice”, fill and submit the RHM membership application, found at
Duration & Fee

ELP is a 14 day course (including weekends), however, such a period of time is beyond sufficient to instigate the process, and elucidate resources which will perpetuate it’s unfolding, even after participants have returned to their home settings.

Participants are encouraged to read as much of the identified texts* as they care to before arriving, such preparation will facilitate stimulating discussion and reflection from the outset.

On enrollment participants will receive pdf copies of the texts – as per the wish of the authors, all are publicly available. The same email will include a brief introduction to the course, with a succinct curriculum or schedule of ‘activity’. Such activity will include discussions, rest practices, group readings of sections from the texts or from participant chosen selections within other texts.

The course fee is Rs.10000/ +18% GST-   At a time we can accommodate only 4 participants. Bed and meals are gratuitous and are provided by TGG Foundation. Expenses such as visit to the town, items purchased for creating various recreational activities, thanks giving etc are not included in the fee structure.

Online enrollment and 50% fee payment is done at least 3 weeks before the anticipated course date. On confirmation of enrollment certain readings ‘ELP Prep Material’, relevant to the course, will be made available via download and email. We ask that participants review the ELP Prep Material in its entirety before arriving at The Green Garden – a preliminary assessment will be held, as this material will be fundamental to the progression of the course.

Completion of the preliminary course grants participants membership to TGG’s Extended Family. Members of the extended family are eligible to receive concessions and visibility through TGG’s network. They can also set-up a social enterprise with the support of TGG Foundation to create livelihood for women in rural India with special focus on gender equality in wages. 

Conscious Responsibility:
“You are on your own and your actions are guided by your own consciousness”. All candidates are requested to uphold their ethics and commitment towards this program and be ready to lead a slow life. The nature is your teacher here.

The participants will also interact with members of TGG Foundation, Navajyothi (Kerala) an SHG supported by TGG Foundation, local community, visitors and guests during their engagement with us, please maintain mutual respect and compassion.

The participants are required to work on all working days and are encouraged not to take leave in between the course period.

We hope to create responsible citizens who  lead the life of a conscious being in this planet.


Application Form for
Experiential Learning Program

TGG Foundation offers social start up support in following areas to those who have completed the ELP and have qualified to be in the extended family.
1) Responsible Technologies.
2) Machines that are Eco friendly & emits zero carbon.
3) Energy that are renewable and it’s application on day-to-day life.
4) Durable and Zero Maintenance Machines & Mechanisms for best utilisation of natural resources.
5) Sustainable Rural development projects through the empowerment of women in rural India.
6) Ecommerce and other technology based projects to enhance livelihood opportunities in rural India
7) Projects for chemical-free food production and its preservation.
8) Bio-diversity restoration projects

*Identified texts:
1. Sacred Economics
by Eisenstein
2. Permaculture One & two
3. Omprakash EdGE
Designed & Presented by Omprakash

Transformation journey:
Ms. Allision Platt, Tufts University & TGG Foundation  Download Thesis
Mr. C. Adhithya Narayan, Symbiosys School of Economics, Pune  Download Report

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