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Vision of ELP

The vision behind the Experiential Learning Program (ELP) is to restore our traditional knowledge among the younger generation and to connect them with the natural environment. It helps seekers know the importance of preserving the nature with its full bio-diversity and its impact on the overall well being. During ELP, our seekers will get introduced to ethical farming practices and the role of responsible farmers in keeping the food chain alive. The experience in working with the rural community will enhance their knowledge of ‘sustainable developments’ by preserving the eco-system for the future generations. It is an opportunity for them to inculcate human values and to self explore . It also provides an opportunity to understand stake holder engagements in agriculture sector through empowerment of the farming community and by eliminating all kind of social discrimination that exists in the society. 

Participation in our ELP Certification is expected to fortify one’s capacity for discernment, thereby supporting the realization of personal goals.
First step is completion of RHM Registration
Duration & Fee

The preliminary ELP course is a 14 day program (including holidays & weekends), 10 days will be spent The Green Garden, the last 4 will be spend at The RHM Center. The course fee is Rs . 10000/- + 18% GST; total is 11800 (Rupees eleven thousand eight hundred only) ; With the course fee, and provided on site are accommodation (single bed on twin sharing basis), as well the first 10 days of food [breakfast, lunch, tea & dinner (all veg)].

We encourage light packing – to mean bring what you believe you need; nothing more, nothing less.

Online enrollment and 100% fee payment is done at least 3 weeks before the anticipated course date. On confirmation of enrollment certain readings ‘ELP Prep Material’, relevant to the course, will be made available via email. We ask that participants review the ELP Prep Material as per their convenience, before arriving at The Green Garden – a preliminary assessment will be held.

Completion of the preliminary course grants participants membership to TGG’s Extended Family. Members of the extended family are eligible to receive concessions and visibility through TGG’s network. They can also set-up a social enterprise with the support of TGG Foundation to create livelihood for women in rural India with special focus on gender equality in wages. 

The ELP curriculum will present topics from the fields of architecture, agriculture, ecology, mathematics, physiology, psychology, and what may be  referred to as ‘life science’. The collaborative presentation of the various topics is tasked to encourage creativity of thought and awareness of socially identified needs. 
The cornerstone of our presentation style is experienciality. Through such exposure we hope to impart a pragmatic system of decision making, with which participants may access the ‘why’ of their actions. 
TGG Foundation understands a person who knows the “why” of their actions to be a congruent individual. Within society, congruent individuals are our leaders, role models & sages, but most importantly congruent persons are happy. Contended with their understanding of their personal relevance of being, in relation to the other, a congruent person is able to authentically dedicate themselves to any pursuit they identify as worthy. This is because such a mode of engaging has a substantially motivating and inspirational effect.

We hope to create responsible citizens who  lead the life of a realised being on this planet.

TGG Foundation offers social start up support in following area:

1) Responsible Technologies.
2) Machines that are Eco friendly & emits zero carbon.
3) Energy that are renewable and it’s application on day-to-day life.
4) Durable and Zero Maintenance Machines & Mechanisms for best utilisation of natural resources.
5) Sustainable Rural development projects through the empowerment of women in rural India.
6) Ecommerce and other technology based projects to enhance livelihood opportunities in rural India
7) Projects for chemical-free food production and its preservation.
8) Bio-diversity restoration projects

Conscious Responsibility: 

“You are on your own and your actions are guided by your own consciousness”. All candidates are requested to uphold their ethics and commitment towards this program and be ready to lead a slow life. The nature is your teacher here.

The participants will also interact with members of TGG Foundation, Navajyothi (Kerala) an SHG supported by TGG Foundation, local community, visitors and guests during their engagement with us, please maintain mutual respect and compassion.

The participants are required to participate thoroughly, and are discouraged from taking leave in between the course period.

Completion of the ELP course does not guarantee RHM Membership or Extended Family Certification, this is as per the evaluative discretion of Final Experiential Report & course participation. 

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Allision Platt

Tufts University & TGG Foundation

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C. Adhithya Narayan

Symbiosys School of Economics, Pune

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