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Rural Development in India dates back to 1952 with commencement of 1st Five-Year Plan whereby Community Development Projects were established in all Blocks of the country. Despite all efforts made by the Central and State Governments, the living conditions of people residing in 649481 villages (2011 Census) of India have minimal improvement, though the budget of Central and State Governments are highly influenced by the agriculture sector.

Population of India has already reached an alarming stage with a total population 121,01,93,422 (2011 Census), out of which 74,24,90,639 is the rural population. Agriculture sector employs more than 50% workforce and contributes around 17 to 18% towards total GDP. The new poverty line drawn states Rs.32/- per day for village and Rs.47/- for cities. As per report of India Today, 75% of rural India survives on Rs.33/- per day.

Challenges in Rural India have forced all concerned to rethink on this subject, which need a multi-dimensional approach to resolve the issues of reduction in number of farm-holdings, non-availability of agriculture labour, absence of infra-structure and support system for farmers. The concept of Digital Rural Marketing is yet to take shape.

Therefore, Strategic CSR Projects for rural India with an aim to boost the rural economy was started by TGG Foundation in the year 2014. Sustainable Farm Management in Rural India is a subject rarely talked about, though some of the social entrepreneurs have come forward to practice it now.

Our Indian farmers have been continuing with their traditional approach of farming for survival. No strategy is chosen by them to meet any eventuality, not even modern farming concept. The out-burst of eventualities/ incidents have been in the form of suicides by farmers and in some cases by all family members. It is largely due to absence of strategy to meet the eventuality.

When we move on the select path to achieve our goal and find some obstacle, we change our path but not the goal. This is the emergent strategy. Here intentions collide with changing reality. The point is that a strategy is based on both, a deliberate formulation and experience. The deliberate and emergent strategy in the field of agriculture farming depends purely on the management of farms and workforce. Need to build a consensus is of prime importance in strategic farming, as both the parties have to survive.

Strategic CSR Projects for rural India is an approach for analyzing the strategic choices made by the parties – social entrepreneurs (farmers) & workforce and policy makers – in progress of rural India. Strategic CSR Projects have a broader focus than strategic farm management. Strategic farming is based on the premise that these parties deliberately choose the strategies and institutional structures that they believe will best facilitate attainment of their objectives. It focuses on identifying and implementing choices of advance technology towards strategic organic farming for generation of higher revenues for betterment of organization in general and associated individuals in particular.

Strategic CSR Projects for rural India stand on a sound footing of Indian democracy to meet challenges of rural India in creating awareness among rural mass to share responsibilities, generate employment, improve the livelihood conditions of farm workers etc. There is a need for creation of such farms in India to meet the challenges of rural India.

Analysis of it indicates that the problem is more complex and structurally deep-rooted. As the Government of India and the State always stand for bringing improvement in rural sector, it is also time to give hand-holdings to social entrepreneurs (farmers) for sustainable growth, where corporate sector can definitely play a major role for a happy rural India.

TGG Foundation has established a successful working model in line with Public Private Partnership for sustainable rural development in Wayanad, Kerala. This project can be implemented across the country with minor changes based on the geographical nature and it will be capable of creating livelihood opportunities to many people across the country, also it is a cost effective project due to its self sustaining nature. It will have a wider impact with the participation of corporate and public sector establishments in this highly focused development program that can improve the life of people in Rural India.

You can fill the participation from and submit with as much as information as possible for us to get back to you. This livelihood project can be implemented in a systematic way any where in the country based on your choice. You can also participate in our existing project in Wayanad and make that your CSR Initiative as well.

Let us be the change we wish to see in our society.

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