Transforming lives through micro impact initiative


“Deep pockets alone cannot change the world; true transformation comes from the power of collective and focused action.” Join us in our mission, where every effort and every act of responsible interventions converges to create ripples of lasting impact. Together, we can empower lives and build resilient, thriving communities.


Be the change you wish to see in this world

Responsible Human Mission is an impersonal code that connects all those around the Globe who are on a similar pursuit. Responsible Human Mission upholds Universal values that connect all members in their mutual pursuit of transformation. We ask that only those who genuinely find an alignment with our values should participate in TGG. It should be a willful commitment, rather than one made out of compulsion or expectation.


At TGG, we acknowledge and celebrate the uniqueness of each individual’s journey. It’s inevitable that not everyone we encounter will choose to walk alongside us, and that’s perfectly fine! Our mission is unwavering—to stay true to our core values and to inspire others to consciously embrace and embody these values.

We recognize that the root cause of human suffering often lies in the challenge of effectively managing one’s mind, which can lead to feelings of depression, distress, and greed. Every individual harbors the potential to create a positive impact on the world, provided they understand their true identity and purpose. Navigating the complexities of life without this understanding can aggravate suffering. Therefore, we emphasize the importance of thoughtful interventions, acknowledging that every action carries consequences. It’s our responsibility as humans to act with mindfulness and consideration, recognizing the ripple effect of our choices.

Attaining a state of bliss is within reach for everyone. It requires engaging in actions that effortlessly align with our authentic selves. At TGG, we serve as guides, encouraging individuals to cultivate a conscious and purposeful connection with their lives. It’s important to note that while we provide guidance, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution or quick fix to achieve this profound state of contentment. Each person’s journey is unique, and our role is to support them in discovering their own path toward sustained fulfillment.


Never far enough to be unheard


Faryaad serves as the optimal avenue for genuine assistance when confronted with challenges beyond one’s control. It is vital to scrutinize whether the issues surpass immediate spheres and explore all options before submitting. Operating as an impersonal yet efficient channel, Faryaad is exclusively crafted for receiving and addressing submissions, ensuring streamlined communication and effective problem resolution. Acknowledging that expert interventions or fundraising may introduce occasional delays, patience is crucial. Diligent efforts are invested in securing support and resources to tackle the root causes of complex issues. The commitment to resolving challenges is unwavering, highlighting our dedication to providing enduring solutions. Faryaad, navigating the intricacies of a world shaped by desires, remains steadfast in its mission to deliver comprehensive and sustainable resolutions, reinforcing our pledge to support you through diverse and challenging circumstances.