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Responsible Human Mission (RHM) is a commitment to transform this world by being responsible and accountable for our actions. Our existence on this beautiful planet is as short as a fraction of a millisecond, compared to the age of this planet which is around 4.5 billion years old.


What is seen around us, that we claim to be human-made and not older than 10 to 15 thousand years? When life is too short, and there is nothing permanent, why do we spend our life in a race? Can we do something better as a human being with our existence? The answers to these questions are there in the journey with TGG Foundation. Hence, we consider you signing up for RHM membership, a way to express your interest to be a part of this transformation journey.


The Code of Practice describes our ethos, being the guiding principles. To ensure willful and conscious participation, we have kept a one-time registration fee for the lifetime of Rs.500 ($10) as a token of endorsement.   


TGG Foundation is committed to upholding ‘Humanity’ above all ideologies and belief systems in this world. Therefore, all participants must submit a self-declaration to have no affiliation with religious and political organisations during her/ her engagement with us. The Foundation follows a celestial model for its operation. Each individual is self-guided by her/ his consciousness and is accountable and responsible for her/ his actions. All creations are equally crucial for sustainable living on this planet. No one can be considered inferior or superior. The energy form is the same for all creations, which is not different from the creator itself.

"By doing a good deed, you transform yourself into a good human being.
serve the society with gratitude as they are the cause of your transformation" - TGG Foundation

RHM Registration Form

We invite people from across the globe, who are determined to transform this world through selfless action, participate in Responsible Human Mission and volunteer community development activities to accomplish the sustainable development goals. 

“An idea becomes a project only when it is energised” therefore, you are responsible and accountable for the project you develop. TGG Family is happy to share this unique platform with you to develop your ideas into a project for common good.  

You can register by filling the following registration form and submit to obtain an RHM Registration Number. Let us be the change we wish to see in society. 


    Please pay a one time registration fee of Rs.500 ($10) to the following account and provide the transaction details below.
    Indian Participants:PAYUMONEY
    International Participants:OMPRAKASH
    : I have no religious and political affiliation and I consider humanity above all ideologies and belief system that exist in this world. I have not been convicted by any court for any criminal offence & sentenced to imprisonment. I am committed to transform the lives of people through self transformation. I have read the code of practice and I accept the same.

    Journey with TGG

    A conscious choice to serve the underprivileged

    The Journey with TGG  should be opted by those who have elevated from self-centered goals, personal priorities and are willing to engage in accomplishing TGG’s Sustainable Rural Development Goals aimed to transform the lives of people in rural areas. The mantra is “YOU TAKE CARE OF THE UNDERPRIVILEGED IN THE SOCIETY CONSCIOUSLY AND RESPONSIBLY, TGG FAMILY WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU”

    Criteria for Selection:

    Selection will be done by a committee consisting of the representatives of the Executive Committee and Trustees, headed by the Chairman and Managing Trustee. 


    1. Must be a registered participant of the TGG Foundation. 
    2. Six Months of volunteering to establish the necessary grounds to start a project or an activity (LEVEL-1) with a clear revenue stream and get their project approved by the Chairman. 
    3. On fulfilling the above criteria, she/ he will be taken as an Extended Family Member (EFM) of the TGG Foundation

    Terms and Conditions :

    The EFM along with the volunteers have to generate the necessary Donations/Grants to start the LEVEL-2 Research of the project or activity. Once the revenue generation reaches Rupees One Lakh or US$1500 and the LEVEL-2 Research is complete, she/ he will be selected in the working committee. During their tenure in the working committee, she/ he will practice compassion, ethical deeds, and self-transformation. The minimum period of service in the working committee is two (2) years. The generation of minimum revenue through the project must be Rupees One lakh or US$1500 every year. When the generation of total revenue reaches Rupees Ten (10) lakhs or $20000 through project/donation, one can be considered for the Permanent membership of the Executive Committee/Global Ambassador. 

    The elevation to the Executive Committee of the TGG Foundation will be a testimony to her/ his selfless deeds. The Executive Committee is the governing body of the Foundation with responsibility, accountability, and decision-making power. Since their availability in India is essential, only Indian nationals, residing permanently in India will be selected to the Executive Committee. 

    International Working Committee members based on their contribution to the human transformation will be elevated as TGG’s Global Ambassador. This journey is purely activity-based and only their good deeds can bring happiness to their lives and help them achieve the ultimate goal in their journey.

    An Executive Member can apply for an assignment with the Foundation and it can be considered through a selection process established by the Foundation. She/ he will be entitled to a performance-based fee, assignment benefits and other entitlements fixed for the project.  

    Once total contribution towards the infrastructure development of the Foundation reaches Rs.1 Crore through projects/donation, she/he is qualified to be enrolled as a Trustee.  An Executive Committee member’s contribution towards sustainable growth of rural India through the creation of more opportunities for the needy people with strong revenue verticals for TGG Foundation to perform its day to day activities will determine their appointment as the Trustee of TGG Foundation. Only Indian nationals, residing in India permanently, can be Trustee. An application needs to be submitted by the qualified member to the Ethics Committee to be appointed to the Board of Trustee. 

    Once she/ he is appointed as a Trustee, their services to society have to be free of cost. However, facilities like accommodation, food, healthcare, laundry, travel, communication allowance, and all other survival necessities will be taken care of by TGG Foundation. 

    There will be a half-yearly performance evaluation of Members who are on a journey with the Foundation. If her/his performance level is found below the average level, she/he will be retained as a registered participant only.

    Advisory Member

    As we conduct our day to day activities, we come across many challenges that needs to be addressed with utmost care. This requires knowledge, experience  and an ethical mind. Our Advisory members plays a crucial role in advising the Board of Trustees on all major policy matters.  

    Advisory Board Members are selected by the Board of Trustees after a personal meeting. On selection, the Managing Trustee issues a letter of appointment to them explaining the terms and conditions of the appointment. 

    1. Must be a registered participant of the TGG Foundation.
    2. Persons with expertise in the select fields, retired commissioned officers of armed forces, retired government officials of Government of India/ State Government, Former member of the Board of Directors of Public Sector Undertakings/ Enterprises or autonomous bodies, and Eminent Social Workers required for growth of the Foundation are eligible.  
    Elevation to the Ethics Committee: 
    Advisory Board Members may be nominated to the Ethics Committee on an annual basis, based on their contribution to the Foundation. The Ethics Committee Member will advise the Board of Trustees on good governance practices in the Foundation.

    Associate Member

    Professionals and Business Community who wish to contribute their skills/Talents and engage with TGG Foundation in developing social enterprises in rural areas or wish to participate in social projects established by the members can join as an Associate. 

    Selection is done by a committee consisting of the Executive Committee and Trustees, headed by the Chairman and Managing Trustee. 

    1. Professionals (Doctors, Engineers, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretary, Professors, PHD Holder, Lawyers, Etc.) & Entrepreneurs are eligible to  become an Associate of TGG.  
    2. Must be a registered participant of the TGG Foundation and develop a project with clear revenue stream OR they can associate with an existing project. 
    3. After the completion of the project development with a clear revenue stream get the project approved by the Chairman. 
    4. An Associate Membership need to be obtained by paying one-time Membership fee of Rs.5000/ US$100 only and a 10% revenue is to be donated to TGG Foundation for creating livelihood opportunities. 
    (Please note that people with non-religious and non-political background should only fill the membership. During their journey with TGG Foundation, if they identify themselves with any political or religious group and in case of violation of the code of practice, their membership will be canceled. This will allow members to rise above the polarizing ideologies and work for the welfare of humanity).

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    TGG Foundation Charitable Trust, Wayanad Country Homes, Onneyar, Vaduvanchal-P.O, Wayanad, Kerala-673581, India