Responsible Human Mission (RHM) is a commitment to strive for transformation of SELF. The Code of Practice describes our ethos and will be a guiding factor for participation. Once you join this mission by becoming an RHM member, you can engage in Humanity First a social justice mission; Contribute to the biodiversity through Aaranyam; Participate in Sustainable Living Practice  &  Sustainable Living Experience nature learning programs; Overcome the struggle of living through Minimalist Living Practice & Experience ; Women from rural areas can establish a self help group with the support of TGG Foundation and create livelihood opportunities; Youths can establish social enterprises in rural areas with the support of TGG Foundation and assist self help groups in creating livelihood;  Buy ethical products produced by SHG’s and get a 20% discount.

We invite people from across the world to become a member of our Responsible Human Mission and volunteer our community development initiatives in India. Come forward and signup here by submitting the registration form.  Let us be the change we wish to see in our society.

You can become a member/ renew the membership by paying an annual membership fee of Rs.365. The membership fee collected by TGG Foundation is used for coordinating various programs undertaken by TGG Foundation. To know more about the activities and beneficiaries please click here.

If you wish to be permanently involved with TGG Foundation and wants to take the above activities to the remotest part of the country and play a lead role in implementing these projects, you can opt for permanent membership. Click here to read more.


RHM Membership Application

We invite you to join this mission and be a part of the transformation we wish to see in our society. It is our responsibility to help the less fortunate and the most vulnerable people in the society to improve their lives. You can start the journey with us by registering your details here:

* Experiential Learning Program is mandatory for people opting for trust membership

Please pay an annual membership fee of Rs.365/- to the following account and provide the transaction details below.
Bank Details:
ACCOUNT NUMBER :50100240495678
IFSC: HDFC0001595
MICR NO: 673240252

OR Pay online :

Current RHM Members List

To view the current list of members, click here.

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