For those who wish to be involved with TGG Foundation and wants to undertake the activities such as Aaranyam Humanity First TGG Livelihood MissionResearch & Development,  Sustainable Living Practice  &  Sustainable Living Experience to the remotest part of the world and play a lead role in implementing these projects can opt for permanent membership. It is a process that is just beginning to evolve.

Members are selected based on direct review of their participation in ELP.

Only people those who have elevated from self centered goals and personal priorities should opt for permanent membership. This journey would ideally drive them through various stages while they are in the Extended Family & in the Working committee (long term volunteering). Their dedication and commitment while they are in the working committee will decide their level of involvement within the organisation .

During their tenure in the working committee as an honorary member, they will pass-through tough challenges and will come out successfully only if they are compassionate, practice ethical deeds and are willing to be the change.

Creating a social enterprises or partnering with an existing social enterprise with clear revenue streams to support the self help groups & TGGFCT activities are the first step to be in the working committee (Honorary). This opportunity is open for people across the world. Their constant efforts in maintaining a clear revenue vertical for the social enterprise and the Karma yoga performed during their tenure will help them assume greater responsibilities. 

Their elevation to the Executive Committee will be a testimony to their selfless deeds. The Executive Committee is the governing body of the trust and it has greater responsibility, accountability and sustainability with decision making power, hence legal availability within India is essential. Indian nationals, residing permanently in India is only selected to the Executive Committee.

Their good governance as an Executive Committee member and their ability to create more and more opportunities for the most needy people especially in the rural areas along with their contribution for sustainable growth with strong self evolving revenue verticals for TGGFCT to perform its day to day activities will  determine their placement as the trustee of TGGFCT. Indian nationals, residing permanently in India can only become the trustee.

International working committee members based on their contribution to the human transformation are elevated to TGG’s Global Ambassador . 

This journey is purely karmic and only our good deeds can bring happiness in our life and help us to achieve the ultimate goal in this journey.

(Please note that people with non-religious and non-political background should only fill the membership form. If membership is extended due to non disclosure of facts, or during their journey with TGGFCT if  they identify them-self with any political or religious group, their membership will be cancelled. This will allow members to rise above the polarising ideologies and work for the welfare of humanity ).


Membership Application Form

Obtain a trust membership by paying a one time fee of Rs.5000 to the following bank account and provide the transaction details below (For Indian National Residing in India only):

Bank Details:
ACCOUNT NUMBER :50100257825094
IFSC: HDFC0001595
MICR NO: 673240252

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