A worldwide initiative to deal with crisis emerging out of COVID-19 Pandemic

TGG Foundation is engaged in sustainable research projects since 2014 and have added minimalist living in its project in the year 2018 to experience what it takes to survive on this planet. Being close to the nature always enhances the human aspects of our lives. The learnings from the nature about the coexistence of every creation is worth an experience to remember for every human, who are on their journey towards sustainability. 
The impact of COVID -19 is beyond a virus infection. It has given us an opportunity to understand how nature can evolve and find solutions to many of the problems created by human beings. There are innumerable photos, videos and write-ups created  and published by people across the world in social media regarding the effect of lockdown in the natures’ self healing process. 
The lockdown has given some good realisation regarding our interaction with nature and its habitat. We must respect the life of all species on this planet and appreciate their role in human existence. Majority of the people are still concerned about COVID but are not fully aware of its lessons and you will find the same irresponsible behaviours from those who are living in the world of unlimited desires. Our efforts are to select humans among the crowd who are committed to the transformation of this world through self transformation to be engaged in this project. 
It is also a great time to start afresh with new thoughts, which are more sustainable and beneficial to every creation on this planet.  We cannot destroy this planet for our selfish needs. We have to understand it clearly, and find a way to consciously reduce the over exploitation of the natural resources, greed and conquest,  without giving another chance for more viruses to undertake this responsibility to lock us down once again to reduce the pace of destruction that is emerging out of hyper active tendencies . As of now let us learn to live with this new member in our ecosystem till it is contained. Like many other viruses that has come/gone/still staying with us., the sooner we accept the reality the better we learn  to live with this new member. Therefore, the mantra is “Stop panicking & start living consciously” by understanding the likes and dislikes of this new member. 
Post COVID Era will spark massive technology revolution in most areas such as Virtual Travel (Travel and Tourism), Virtual Class rooms (Education), Remote working opportunities (Employment), Artificial Intelligence & Quantum Computing (Technology), 5G (Data transmission), thus creating a huge generation gap within a short span of 5 years. Bridging this gap is the biggest priority. We are conducting research at the global level to study the changes that needs to be made at every level to attain a new normalcy. 
TGG Foundation will be addressing survival necessities through its POST COVID MITIGATION PROGRAM #pcmp which is much more crucial than the Virus itself. The  world will find this invention necessary & useful. Self sustainability of each individual is the only way to overcome these challenges. We are here to help you in your mission to transform yourself to be self sustainable and nature friendly humans through a development model know as “People Planet Partnership” (PPP Mode). 
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Livelihood to contribute back to the society

There cannot be a permanent dependency for a living. Each individual must do their part of work to self sustain and to improve their economic situations. Once the basic needs such as food, shelter and basic health care are taken care of, other livelihood opportunities can be created based on the demand, where in, the priority goes to reviving handicrafts. The Foundation of all economic development depends on the self-sufficiency, in which food, shelter, health gets top priority. 
Handcrafted Shawl by Sucharita

Sucharita is 17 years old and a student of class 10 from Mizoram. Her mother is a traditional Weaver and her father is a home based traditional healthcare practitioner. Besides studies, Sucharita is a hard working girl and she helps her mother in cooking and weaving. TGG Foundation encourages such responsible humans from all sections of the society. Whether small or big, every individual must learn to survive on their own and to be self reliant. Sucharita has made best use of the Covid period by making shawls. We appreciate such initiatives by students and are always willing to support them. She has been awarded a micro project under TGG’s livelihood mission to make handcrafted shawls.  It is very important to retain the culture and heritage of any civilized nation. Tradition handicrafts are artisans are given due importance in our projects and special provisions have been made to accommodate them at the RHM Centers we develop. 

Financial support for Research / Development / Start up / Livelihood projects in rural areas
TGG Foundation offers Joint Research Projects to Agriculture / Bio-technology / Environmental Studies/ Micro Biology Students in the field of Medicinal Plants and the production of Food Supplements. It also provides financial support to Sustainable Social Projects such Solid Waste Management, Grey Water Management, Eco friendly small housing projects using natural materials, Bio diversity creation, Developing technologies that uses sustainable energy, Medicinal Plantation, Food production and processing, Nature learning programs & Sustainable living practice. Women in rural areas can  transform their lives by creating Self Help Groups with a minimum strength of 2 and maximum 10 to develop various livelihood activities with 50% financial support from TGG Foundation. 
Currently, a model project is under planning in Mysore (India) on People Planet Partnership (PPP) mode, with an aim to provide sustainable development in rural areas.  It will be a bigger project than the RHM Center in Wayanad and will create greater opportunities for various sections of the societies to participate and transform their lives.  

Eco-huts for homeless people

We are committed to develop environment friendly small houses using natural material at a very affordable cost with the participation of people in rural areas.  There are many people living without shelter, and we have seen many projects been created in the past and at present to address this basic necessity. Shelters can be made at one third of the cost which is allocated by the Govt. provided,  we make eco-friendly houses using available natural materials best available in each areas.  We must realise that all available natural materials of any particular village has a big story to share. It is the story of its survival and its existance which we must not ignore. 
Helping rebuild 5 houses distroyed in fire

The matter was brought to the notice of TGG Foundation by TUTPM, , Tuichawng, Mizoram and we have asked them to call a meeting in the presence of the village head and other prominent people of the village to take the support of the local community to help in getting the natural materials and construction. At our end the matter was presented to the  ethics committee for approval, who have requested for a written confirmation from the village head.  We have received an official confirmation letter from the President of Village Council on 26th April, requesting for support and  authorising us to gain the necessary financial aid from the public to help them rebuilt their houses before the rain starts. 

Nature cure & Secondary health care facility

Our ancient knowledge of medicinal plants and herbs are to be revived and it should be utilised for basic immunity development and minor health issues. People can plant these medicinal plants at home and practice its usage so that they don’t have to visit to a doctor for small illness. Secondary health care facility with the support of paramedical team will provide back up for illness that requires medical attention.
Nature cure & health care

Nature has many healing properties and cure for almost every illness found on this planet. Such traditional knowledges were sidelined by chemical based medicines due to its swift action to treat various illness including the chronic ones in human body, but it comes with consequential effect which is more damaging. As an organisation promoting sustainable living, the priority goes to nature cure,  at the same time we understand the ground realities hence we realise that no knowledge is less knowledges. TGG Foundation have been engaged in medicinal plant identification and planting them since the last few years. Our farm in Wayanad has nearly 48 different varieties of plants with medicinal properties that has been identified. We are now conducting a worldwide research in identification of medicinal plants and its health benefits, additionally we are exploring traditional healing practices & its benefits.

Food for survival

 It is our moral responsibility to ensure that no one starves for food.  All well-earned people have to ensure that this basic requirement of everyone is met in their country before they spend their money on luxuries (humanity). Also, it is the responsibility of each one of us to cultivate our own food without wasting any further time and resources. A strong partnership between Govt. NGOs, Corporates, City dwellers & the farming community needs to be established to meet the emerging requirements of food for survival. Giving free supply of food items and offering free food are not the permanent solutions, rather it will create parasitism without any sense of gratitude. People should realise that someone has cultivated these food items by spending their energy, time and money due to which they are getting it, and it is free because the Govt. has paid for it, thus making the financial situation of the Govt.  weaker. It will also erode the food reserve availably for emergency cases, also the replenishment comes at an additional cost that adds more burden to the Govt. . People should be more responsible toward creating their own food items that can help overcome the crisis or it can be exchanged with neighbours to manage their daily needs. That is the best method to address this emerging situation. Every one must come forward and address this matter sensibly at the grass root level.  Most of us are unaware of the requirements of any given country. Govt. must make this data available to all its citizens so that people can engage in producing those items that are in short supply. We have to ensure that every village is self-sufficient in all aspects, and they are in a position to feed the urban society. In return, there should be a sense of gratitude for the urban community towards the people in rural area. 

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