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If you are hardworking, responsible and accountable, We can create a livelihood for you

Self Help Group development model

The biggest challenge for every government in any developing country is to meet the employment requirement of its citizen and to improve their income level. Since it will not be possible to provide employment to all, efforts are to be taken at the individual level to create one’s own livelihood. Most of the time it doesn’t work well because of the risk involved, loans and liabilities, lack of knowledge, exposure, ability to innovate, lack of confidence, fear of failure, support from family, mentoring, etc. Even if one crosses all the hurdles to move forward and create an income-generating stream it should have less implication on nature and should be sustainable. This is where TGG Foundation can support the farming communities who are committed to following ethical practices.

It has been a real challenge for us to create livelihood opportunities in rural India through the empowerment of women in the farming community. As we are committed to improving the lives of people through ethical practices, mentoring was one major task for us to change the perception of the farming community who have been a part of unethical agriculture practices and firmly believed that without chemical application food cannot be produced. Our model farm in Wayanad (The Green Gardens) played a lead role in changing their perception and constant mentoring has changed their outlook, it has also created a sense of belonging for them to think beyond their selfish interest and contribute towards the health of others. Now the women consider food as a life provider and advocate and practice chemical-free life.

The product that you find here is the net result of our 3 years of dedication and commitment to our health. We now look forward to your participation to support these women and handhold them in their journey by purchasing the products they produce with care and commitment. Making this initiative successful will restore people’s faith in the farming community and more and more farmers will come forward and follow ethical practices in agriculture and will produce food with care and love.

We are presently inviting application from women from the farming community in Mysore and Kanatal. People from other region can also reach out to us and we will contact you as soon as we are in your village/city.

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All the products are fresh and natural with minimum processing and are 100% chemical-free. Financial independence is the first step towards empowerment. After mentoring and supporting for a period of over 36 months by the foundation, Navajyothi (Kerala) is on a self sustainable path. They presently manage a host of activities that are income generating in nature. To make sure they are well connected to mother earth, even while trying to create an alternate revenue stream, they continue to practice ethical agriculture activities. Click on the alongside logo to know more about the SHG, their challenges and hurdles, how they have overcome them and its present revenue verticals.

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