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Wayanad, Kerala, India

On October 11, 2023, the TGG Foundation received a call for help through “Faryaad,” from Ms. Lali M. R, an Anganwadi teacher. Ms. Lali visited our office to express her concerns regarding the upkeep of the building and the facilities provided for the overall well-being of the children. In response, the foundation’s Chairman reached out to Mr. Krishnakumar, the Panchayat member of the Ward, who proved to be cooperative and proactive in detailing the challenges faced by the Anganwadi. Mr. Krishnakumar also highlighted the financial constraints the Panchayat encounters in fulfilling all the requirements of the Anganwadi. Subsequently, Mr. Thankachan, a member of ALMSC, facilitated the initial stages of the discussion.


In our quest to make a positive impact on our planet, every intervention should be driven by a valid purpose, serving the common good while optimising the use of available resources. It is imperative that such endeavors involve the active participation of all segments of society. Furthermore, these actions should be selfless, undertaken with a thorough understanding of both their short-term and long-term impacts.

At the TGG Foundation, our commitment to responsible intervention is unwavering. Before embarking on any initiatives, we prioritize the conduct of a comprehensive Need Assessment Study (NAS), engaging with all stakeholders. This ensures that our actions are well-informed and align with the actual needs of the community. Taking a proactive approach, Mr. Mohamed Najah, a dedicated BSW student participating in our Bridging-the-gap program, has undertaken the responsibility of conducting the NAS. His findings and insights are detailed in the report, which is available for review at our office. We believe in transparency and accountability, and as such, all subsequent actions taken by the Foundation are meticulously documented below for public awareness and understanding.




11/10/2023- Date of receiving Faryaad.
14/10/2023-Matter assigned to Mr. Mohamed Najah, a BSW student undergoing Bridging-the-gap program with TGG Foundation to conduct a Need Assessment Study.
16/10/2023 –Meeting with the Panchayat Member of the Ward Mr. Krishnakumar held to discuss about the working model, compliances, rules and available funding and its utilisation.
17/10/2023 –Met other stake holders and took their review
18/10/2023– Met other stake holders and took their review
09/11/2023 – Need Assessment Study report presented by Mr. Mohamed Najah. Food quality, Nutritional Values, Hygiene, How much the children liked the food were also a point of observation in addition to all other information shared on the report.
15/11/2023 – Ms. Shalini, a nutritionist is invited to be present in a joint meeting to discuss the Executive Summery of the Need Assessment Study.
17/11/2023 – The first meeting with key stakeholders held at TGG Foundation’s Camp office, which was attended by the Panchayat member Mr. Krishnakumar, Anganwadi Teacher Ms. Lisi, ALMSC Members, and Nutritionist Ms. Shalini and it was chaired by the Chairman of TGG Foundation
18/11/2023 – Panchayat Member & Anganwadi Teacher has been asked to depute a coordinator from AIMSC to coordinate with TGG Foundation to study the priorities for a smoother execution of the renovation project in a time bound manner.
4/12/2023– Mr. Thankachan of ALMSC has been appointed as coordinator and a letter to that effected received from Ms. Lali (Teacher) for the smooth execution of the project
06/12/2023– Mr. Sreedharan (painter) visited Anganwadi to take an estimate of the work and the quantity of paints, putty and other items required.
07/12/2023– Ms. Gaia, #ONEWORLD volunteer visited the Anganwadi to get a find hand information about the present status of Anganwadi.
10/12/2023– Mr. Prabhakaran (welder), went to the Anganwadi to inspect the tasks associated with repairing the main gate, raising the sagging section of the backyard asbestos roofing, and addressing any other maintenance issues related to welding.
12/12/2023– Mr. Samshad (landscapist) visited the Anganwadi along with Gaia to plan the best use of the open space for outdoor activities for the children and a playing area.
16/02/2024– Mr. Sreedharan (painter) started the painting work of the outer wall of the Anganwadi
27/02/2024– Mr. Umesh was engaged to remove the sunshade of the building since a slope roof is coming on the main roof and water can drip to the sunshade causing seepage to the building
28/02/2024 – Mr. Sunil was engaged to plaster the uneven surface of the removed sunshade area
28/02/2024- Mr. Dan & Ms. Nikki (Volunteers) visited the site to take a evaluate the work in progress and to assess further facility upgradation required.
29/02/2024– Mr. Vishnu, deputed by the auditor, visited anganwadi to verify and approve bills and vouchers
01/03/2024– Inspection was carried out jointly by Panchayat, TGG Foundation & ALMSC representatives to evaluate the progress made so far and to discuss further improvements.
02/03/2024– Painting work completed.
06/03/2024– Additional request for roof extension work and water tank tower work requested by Ms. Lali (Teacher) and the same has been approved with a condition that they will obtain the necessary permissions, will engage the members of ALMSC to supervise the project and will maintain at their own cost.
12/03/2024– Welder Mr. Prabhakaran has been engaged to undertake the roof extension work and water tank tower work on an estimated cost of Rs.26600/-
19/03/2024- Roof extension work and water tower work completed


Lack of response from the ALMSC coordinator is delaying the project. Ms. Lisi, the teacher of the anganwadi has been informed on 22nd of December regarding the same. Message has been sent to Mr. Krishnakumar, Panchayat Member on 26th December. Since there was no response from the beneficiaries, follow up is done on 10/02/2024 with Ms. Lali to check regarding the cleaning the building wall by ALMC, the work is still pending, we have also agreed to provide a volunteer if minimum two members of ALMSC can participate in the cleaning work. Matter has been brought to the notice of Mr. Krishnakumar on 13/02/2024. The outer wall clearing work is completed and the painting work started 16/02/2024. The steel roofing work that was supposed to be done by the Panchayat got delated due to the non-availability of the Assistant Engineer. Reminded the Panchayat member to take up the matter in the board meeting and find a suitable solution to keep up the pace of the project. Since the main roof work was getting delayed without a definite date, Mr. Parbhakaran was asked to complete the roof extension work and water tank tower work, it was completed on 19/03/2024. A temporary Assistant Engineer has been appointed by Panchayat, we hope the main roofing work will be completed soon by the contractor appointed by the Panchayat so that the remaining work can be completed by TGG Foundation. Since the elections have been declared the main roofing work will get further delayed and during this period if it rains the exterior painting of the building will get dirty. This has impacted our target to complete all renovation work before 31st March 2024.


15/02/2024Preparing the wall for painting involves eliminating all mold and utilising pressure washing to ensure it is ready for the commencement of the painting process.ALMSCVolunteered
02/03/2024First coat of painting work, sunshade removing work, masonry work TGG Foundation22843Social Fund
19/03/2024Roof extension work, water tank tower work, gate welding work and store room roof lifting work. TGG Foundation 26600Social Fund
Work in progressTin roofing work for protecting the existing main RCC roof from rain related damagesPanchayat
23/03/2024ALMSC members cleaned the area and made it ready for the masonry work to start ALMSCVolunteered
30/03/2024Children play area half wall work and floor concrete, water tank tower fixing work and floors concrete, Vegetable Garden area construction work, Road concrete contribution and final paining work. TGG Foundation33945Social Fund
30/03/2024Full & final and Auditors Fee TGG Foundation2000Social Fund
Cleaning the area and leveling the garden area. ALMSC
Total amount paid by TGG Foundation for the Renovation and facility upgrade is Rs.85388/-



  1. Need Assessment Study – By Mr. Mohamed Najah
  2. Comparitive Study Report of Kindergarten in Germany – By Ms. Gaia Cimbro
  3. Nutritionist Analysis and Recommendation- By Ms. Shalini Vimal