A global family of responsible humans on a similar pursuit to transform the lives of people through self transformation, by being responsible for all their actions and its impact, following a common code of practice that uphold humanity, with no religious or political affiliations and considering themselves as one of the species that exist on this planet. Those who find an alignment with the ethos of TGG can Journey together to make the world a better place to live.


TGG Foundation, a self-sustaining, not-for-profit, registered Public Charitable Trust with the exemption under section 12A & 80G of Income Tax Act, FCRA certified by Ministry of Home Affairs, a member of Niti Ayog (DARPAN) by Government of India and is certified by Guidestar India for transparency. The seed funding of the Foundation is done by The Golden Greens (TGG) and it has imbibed the value system created by the TGG Family, with over 80% of the funds directly benefiting the rural community, primarily through livelihood creation. The Foundation has partnered with Omprakash an NGO based in the US and also with The Deutsch-Indische Zusammenarbeit Baden-Württemberg e. V. (DIZ BaWü) an NGO based in Germany in addition to collaborating with Uka Tarsadia University for Sustainable Rural Development Research Programs. The Foundation has not availed any Govt. subsidies, not obtained any grants or donations for their day-to-day operations. Most of the funding has come in the form of interest-free loans from The Golden Greens with a 5-year moratorium to pay back. The activities of the TGG Foundation started on 14th January 2012 in a small way and thereafter, constituted as a public charitable Trust in August 2014. This Trust aspires to bring remarkable changes in the life of people across the world, through human transformation.




TGG Foundation accepts donations/payments with a trace (Trackable) record. We do not accept cash donations. All other activity transactions are supported by a receipt or a voucher.

All our accounts and audited by Internal & external auditors regularly from time to time. We have been filing audit returns from the first year of the registration of the Foundation. Most of our project details including their financials are available through the impact page. Other funding details and balance sheets are available on the Funding & Monitoring page.

All projects are managed under the supervision of the Executive Committee and the Chairman is the final decision making authority. The Chairman, in his absence can delegate the responsibility to any of the Executive Committee Member, to sign a document on behalf of him. All such authorizations are duly signed and stamped by the Chairman and is entered into the minutes of the meeting.

Based on the feedback received from the members on Journey with TGG, policy matter are framed/amended by the expert committee and it is approved by the Board of Trustees to make it effective. These formation/amendments are communicated through a circular.

Except the Chairman, no body is authorized to deal on any financial instruments on behalf of TGG Foundation, all payment are to be made directly to the bank account of TGG Foundation and all disbursements are to be approved by the Chairman.



Only Indian National residing permanently in India can become a Trustee of TGG Foundation (Policy Marking Authority)

S.V. Laiju -Founder & Managing Trustee

Laiju, a sustainable living practitioner, is the founder and settlor of TGG Foundation. The word TGG stands for The Golden Greens, a consulting firm registered in Bangalore & owned by Laiju that has done the seed funding in the form of an Interest free loan to start the activities of TGG Foundation. TGG embraces both his expertise and passion in planning and implementing various rural development projects leading its natural way for Laiju and his wife Namitha to establish the TGG Foundation Charitable Trust in 2014 in Wayanad, with the aim of empowering women and youths in rural India through sustainable livelihood creation and connecting the urban people to the natural world.  As a Managing Trustee, Laiju is responsible for developing a strong global family of responsible humans and take care of their welfare and be a reason for their transformation.

Namitha Laiju – Co- Founder & Trustee

Namitha, the Co-Founder, and Trustee of TGG Foundation Charitable Trust have the capability to efficiently handle the administration and accounts. Namitha has profound expertise in financial management with strong interpersonal skills. During the span of her career, she had competently worked with organizations such as The Terraces, a boutique resort in the Himalayas, The Blue Mountain Estate, Nilgiris as an Account Executive. Presently she is working as an Administrative Executive of The Golden Greens. As a Trustee of TGG Foundation, Namitha will be focusing on creating sustainable income-generating activities for women in rural areas and keeps a close check on all financial aspects of the trust.



The Governing Body responsible for Infrastructure development & decision-making (Indian Nationals residing In India only)

S.V. Laiju – Chairman

Laiju, is a commerce graduate from Delhi University with over 25 years of experience in operations, management, projects, pre-opening, and consulting. He understands the value of our natural environment and believes that we all share a responsibility in upholding it for ourselves and future generations. This belief led him to his most recent and cherished project; The Green Gardens, a self-sustaining eco-farm project in Wayanad, Kerala. After executing various projects for TGG Foundation since its inception in 2014, Laiju is presently engaged in architecting a Global Habitat for people from across the world to stay together and perform activities that can enhance the human aspects of life through self-transformation. As a Chairman he is responsible for creating the necessary policies and procedures in consultations with other members of TGG Foundation, provide the necessary backup support to members on Journey with TGG, head the operations and conceptualise various sustainable development activities/projects in rural areas to accomplish the sustainable rural development goals set by the Foundation.

Anuj Mehra – Secretary

Anuj, the Secretary of TGG Foundation is a graduate of Commerce from the prestigious Sri Ram College of Commerce, New Delhi. Alongside his very own handicraft export business in Delhi that he has been successfully managing for 18 yrs. He has also embarked on a Journey engaging in a variety of self-healing alternative methods such as Pranic, NLP, and Access Bars to further his intuitive and passionate side of service to humankind. His background and experience in investment planning and business in a diverse field are greatly beneficial to the self-sustainability of the trust. Being an all-rounder by nature, he completely understands the in and out of the foundation and its response. In addition to his role as a Secretary, he is also responsible for assisting the members In their journey with TGG and planning various welfare programs for their well being.

Namitha Laiju – Treasurer

Namitha, the Co-Founder, and Treasurer of the TGG Foundation is actively involved in hand-holding self-help groups and establishing a social enterprise to support their activities with the participation of the other members of the trust. She is creating opportunities to work from home for women in villages who are committed and hard-working. As a treasurer, she has the responsibility of risk management, compliance and keeps a strict watch on all major aspects of financial management. She also coordinates with the Internal and external auditors and also monitors the day-to-day activities of the self-help group by bridging a strong communication between the trust and the beneficiaries. In addition to the above, she is responsible for the administrative activities of the trust.



Sonal Karamchandani- Bangkok, Thailand

Sonal, educated in Singapore, delved into holistic healing methods, becoming a Reiki Master, Psychotherapist, The Journey Practitioner, NLP, and Breakthrough Life Coach. She offers Interactive Hypnotherapy sessions, addressing diverse physical and emotional conditions. Renowned for intuitively uncovering root causes of individual blocks, she aids underprivileged children, sexual abuse survivors, and trauma victims through charitable work. Sonal, an essayist and blogger on soul healing, spirituality, and psychology, actively fundraises for TGG Foundation projects. She champions women’s livelihood initiatives for financial empowerment and equal opportunities, also supporting TGG Aid projects. In the 2024-25 fiscal year, she will concentrate on Social Projects, including TGG Aid and Holistic Experiential Learning Program, enhancing her societal impact.

Premkumar K- Kerala, India

Premkumar, a Calicut University B.Sc. graduate, possesses expertise in marketing and business management. He operates his own business in Calicut, Kerala, specializing in wedding cards and screen printing materials. With two decades of entrepreneurial experience, he has consistently earned recognition, receiving consecutive Best Businessman of the Year awards from the Chamber of Commerce. Prem has actively participated in diverse initiatives including livelihood creation, coordination, social media marketing, and fundraising. In the upcoming year, 2024-25, his focus will be on fundraising to support the development of the RHM Center in Wayanad.

Working Committee


Amruth Mohan- Bangalore, India

Amruth born at Kottayam, Kerala, did his studies in Calicut and cleared Chartered Accountancy in the year 2016. After working at a CA firm for a year, he starting private practice in Bangalore. Presently he is a Partner at MPAG & Associates. His association with TGG Foundation started in mid 2020. As an Associate member of TGG Foundation he is responsible for compliance and providing assistance in developing social start-ups.

Reetha O- Kerala, India

Reetha, an Arts Graduate from Calicut university. She has assisted self-help groups supported by TGG Foundation by helping them creating various income generating opportunities. In the financial year 2024-25, she will be coordinating the Knowledge Bank project of RHM Center through Gift-a-book project.

Our Extended Family

Nigil Laiju

Rashmi Prasad

Valeria Massetani

Allison Platt

Geoffery Cael

Vijaya Surendran

Soja Sudharman

Dolly Dayal

Adv. Chandramouli Prabhakar