Sustainable rural development requires the participation of all sections of the society both through financial and personal involvement. From considering project objectives to monitoring progress, all participants must play a continuous role in order to align goals, make necessary interventions, and be part of the social transformation process. Impacts are thus created through equity-based participation with greater responsibility and care for the environment, and accountability from all parties.


Many of our community development initiatives are driven by dedicated volunteers/practioners/members who are at the heart of our organization. The primary purpose of this page is to provide interested visitors with a comprehensive view of our interventions, funding sources, and enable effective monitoring and accountability. We firmly believe that a clear and transparent system is pivotal, as it empowers donors and the wider public to ensure that funds are administered in alignment with their values and objectives. For us, transparency isn’t just a certification; it’s a commitment to honestly representing our activities, always staying true to our mission and values. It embodies a shared responsibility for the success of our projects, involving all stakeholders, including our valued funders. We cordially invite you to explore the information presented here, enabling you to stay informed and engaged as we work together to make a positive impact in our communities.


Sustainable Building & Infrastructure

Architects, Civil Engineers, Landscapists, Interior designers from Tier 3/4/5/6 cities can now Associate with TGG under WORK, EARN & DEVELOP program to participate in the research on Energy Efficient & Sustainable Tiny Homes, Train youths in their district to develop affordable homes, Develop and manage Responsible Tourism projects with the support of TGG and participate in the rural development projects for Women, Youth and Elderly citizens. Read more….

Responsible Tourism

The wealth of knowledge is infinite, and it is hidden in rural areas. Our ‘bridge-the-gap’ program has created opportunities for students to be exposed to such hidden knowledge, which is rare to come across these days. Najah completed an entire documentation of his visit to ‘Govindan’s Archery Point,’ including mapping the route, talking to the Master, gaining knowledge, and sharing it with all of you. We thank him for his sincere effort in successfully completing this incentive trip….. Read More


transforming lives through micro impact initiative

“Deep pockets alone cannot change the world; true transformation comes from the power of collective and focused action.”

At TGG Foundation, we believe in the transformative power of collective action and the profound impact it can have on rural communities. Our EmpowerOne campaign is not just a series of activities; it’s a movement driven by the dedication of volunteers, practitioners, and members who unite to bring positive change to those who need it most.


500 gm Coffee Powder produced in The Green Gardens Farm for Rs.500

500 gm Black Pepper produced in The Green Gardens Farm for Rs.500

250 gm Green Tea produced in The Green Gardens Farm for Rs.500

500 gm Malabar Tamarind produced at The RHM Center for Rs.300

100 gm White Tea produced in The Green Gardens Farm for Rs.500

250 gm Turmeric powder produced in The Green Gardens Farm for Rs.300

Please add Rs.100 for packing and Rs.80 per kg for delivery per order.



    Our Commitment to volunteers/practitioners/members :
    As passionate individuals join us in supporting various community welfare projects, their commitment and selflessness shine through. We recognize the importance of their role, and to ensure they can wholeheartedly focus on their mission, we gladly provide accommodation and fresh meals. It’s our way of expressing gratitude for their invaluable contributions.

    Transparent Utilisation of Donations:
    Starting from 1st December 2023, we are proud to announce that TGG Foundation directs 100% of the donations received directly into the projects. We understand the significance of trust when it comes to charitable contributions. Rest assured, every donation is a direct investment in the betterment of lives, and we believe in complete transparency regarding how your support is utilized.

    Sustainable Financial Practices:
    To uphold this commitment, TGG Foundation sustains its administrative costs through the income generated from the sale of our products and services. This ensures that every penny of your generous donations goes directly towards fueling impactful projects and initiatives. We strive for financial sustainability, allowing us to focus on our core mission without compromising on our principles.

    Dignity in Service:
    As we embark on this journey together, let us remember that serving a social cause is not just about uplifting communities; it’s about upholding our own dignity as well. Every action, no matter how small, contributes to a larger narrative of positive change. Together, we can create a world where compassion, empowerment, and dignity intersect.

    Join us in the EmpowerOne campaign, where every effort and every act of kindness converges to create ripples of lasting impact. Together, we can empower lives and build resilient, thriving communities.