Humanitarian Aid For Victims


Every citizen is an individual entity with their own rights and responsibilities entrusted by the constitution. They must be aware of their fundamental rights and their responsibilities towards society and nature. Every opportunity to educate people in rural areas about their rights and responsibilities, and how to protect themselves from infringement of such rights, is of utmost importance for us to create self-awareness and self-respect.


Financial independence is the first step towards self-sustainability. TGG Foundation is providing a helping hand through TGG AID to those who are victims of poverty, discrimination & natural calamities to get back to their feet and manage their own activities without further dependency. All our AID programs are focused towards attaining self-sustainability and discouraging dependency.

FIRE VICTIMS On 8th March, 2020, 5 (five) houses were burnt into ashes at Tuichawng village, a remote area in Mizoram state, when the owners were out for day work in the field. Very little belongings could be saved by the neighbours from the houses. The Village Council called an emergency meeting to provide relief measures to the victims families with the village NGO’s and the prominent persons of the village. The members of meeting decided to raise fund like cash, rice, clothes & utensils. It was also decided to report the matters to the Government of Mizoram for relief assistance. Accordingly, the matter was reported to the SDO (Civil) Tlabung and the BDO Lungsen. Enquiry was done from the BDO office but no relief measures have been provided till date.

Mrs. Sonal Karamchandani & Mr. Anuj Mehra of TGG Foundation has taken the responsibility to raise the necessary fund for this project and the houses have been built for the fire victims (VISIT THE IMPACT PAGE)

SPONSORSHIP FOR SOCIALLY VULNERABLE:  Transforming the lives of the most vulnerable children by giving them an opportunity to live with dignity. Let you be the change you wish to see in this society. (VISIT THE IMPACT PAGE)

HOMELESS CANCER AND STROKE PATIENT :  Vijayalakshmi & Rajan have lived in our community in Wayanad, rural district of Kerala state all their lives. Vijayalkshmi is 60 and has cancer. Rajan is 70 and is paralysed on the left side of his body after suffering a stroke. (VISIT THE IMPACT PAGE)


At many instances, financial support alone is just not be enough, there are situations that cannot be simply addressed with financial soundness. In such situations, victims are unaware of how to deal with problems in front of them, and thus timely intervention of people who hold relevant knowledge and experience, who can guide them to overcome such situations in their lives are of paramount importance.


Anitha lost her husband who was working for SEDER Group, Riyadh in a fatal accident while he was on duty in 2014, at the age of 34. Anitha and her two young children had no other source of income for survival. With constant follow-up with the company for compensation and insurance, they received only a meager amount of 3 months salary and some contributions collected from the co-workers amounting to less than 3 lakhs rupees in total

Upon receiving her grievance, we got in touch with one of the officials from the company who was originally from Palakkad, Kerala. Although he kept saying he had taken the matter as far as it could go, we still requested him to look into the insurance claim that we believed the family is entitled to. He said he will see if something can be done however, he stopped replying to the messages and soon went silent.

When we informed him that we will not leave any stone unturned to see if justice is given to Anitha, he got agitated. Thereafter Anitha got a letter from the embassy stating that since the driver who was responsible for the accident also died in the same accident, the death compensation is not permissible, which was again a setback for our initial attempt for justice. The matter was entrusted to us officially by Anitha to represent her in all forums and offices till her grievances were heard and justice was granted.

The matter was updated to the MEA office through MADAD and within few days we got the same reply quoting the previous letter issued though the embassy describing why the claim was not admissible. We spoke to the MEA office and updated them regarding the insurance claim not received by the family. As per their instruction, a fresh grievance was filed at MADAD quoting the details. The matter is still pending with no result. Click here for MADAD Status. (VISIT THE IMPACT PAGE)


Nibin, a native of Wayanad, went to Saudi Arabia to work as a driver. He paid agency fees, ticket fees, and visa fees for getting this visa and worked as a truck driver for the sponsor for a period of 6 months during which no salary was paid to him by the sponsor. He decided to seek legal action after seeing that the sponsor continuously refused to pay his salary and wanted him to work as a bonded labor. At the start of the legal battle, he was out of work with no place to stay and no food to eat.

The inability to speak in Arabic had put Nibin in a difficult situation, even at the court where his sponsor’s version of the story was heard first, in spite of the fact that the complaint was first made by Nibin.

We received the grievance at this point of time and we immediately reported the matter to the MEA office through MADAD. There were a few updates which are given along but overall the system was not effective in providing justice to Nibin. Click here to read MADAD Status Some of the senior officials of the embassy have been really helpful however they had very little say on the matters that are legal. They engaged a person who could speak Arabic to go with Nibin to talk to the person concerned at the court, which was again commendable. (VISIT THE IMPACT PAGE)