We envision a world of healthy and empowered communities that sustain, manage, and distribute their resources equitably without harming the ecological biodiversity whilst also ensuring natural resources for current and future generations.


To develop livable, healthy, and sustainable communities in rural areas through human transformation.


We uphold a “One World” Philosophy in which we believe that the world is connected and all people united. We view everyone as equal. Our work is dedicated to rid hatred and discrimination and promote empathy and compassion. 

TGG’s Sustainable Rural
Development Goals

TGG’s Sustainable Rural Development Goals and the subsequent programs and initiatives will be at the base of all social interactions that will take place in the new sustainable and responsible community. People of all ages will work in symbiosis with the surrounding environment. Respect for nature and the planet will imply a relationship based on mutual growth.

TGG’s Center For Sustainable Development

A rural infrastructure project

In our six years of intense research for creating a sustainable rural development model, we realised the importance of infrastructure. TGG’s Center for Sustainable Development will be a one stop solution for all rural development activities that can transform the lives of people from across the world. It comprises of RHM Center & Rural Development Hub and  TGG Farm & Research Center.  TGG Foundation has already set up an RHM Center & TGG Farm in a small scale in Wayanad on a leased land to develop a model project. It is a facility with mud houses with simple rooms that provides a minimalistic living experience, you will realise what it takes to survive on this planet if we can control our selfish desires. TGG Farm is a project which helps people to connect with nature and experience a sustainable way of living in a peaceful and calm environment and also encourages organic farming, providing livelihood for women in the farming community, opportunity for people to practice and experience sustainability. If you are a nature lover and a responsible human, you will be able to connect with us and do such things which you are always passionate to do in your life. You can visit us to experience life with its full potential without the worries of the past memories and the anxiety of the future. Just live in present.


Engage with TGG Foundaton

If you are a responsible human, you can engage and participate in all the activities of TGG. This includes Short term Engagement, Journey with TGG and you can also become an Associate Member. Check your alignment with the ethos of TGG and proceed.


A Social Transformation Project

It is time to build a new world with Responsible Humans and therefore we are initiating #ONEWORLD, a global program to make the world a better place to live. #ONEWORLD is intended for all those who believe that personal growth must go hand in hand with the development of a sustainable life for all and to those who wish to be part of a global family who stands together to create better opportunities to address our challenges. This is an important post-Covid mitigation program that we have to begin together. Here, each human being can express its full potential.


TGG AID is a  global aid program started by TGG Foundation with the mission to help victims of Poverty, Natural Calamities and Discriminations to get back to a normal life. This project will be implemented through #ONEWORLD participants from across the world.  TGG Foundation has successfully completed the construction of 4 houses in a rural area in Mizoram state of India that was burned down in a fire. The construction of the 5th and the house is in progress. The project monitoring is done by Mr. Sudip of TUTPM and it has the participation of volunteers from within the village. 


We at TGG Foundation have been closely monitoring the post COVID impact in the global economy, especially in the employment sector, by understanding these circumstances we hope to discover ways to mitigate these issues. Worldwide, students are finding it difficult to find jobs once they step out of the University. This is mainly due to the growing gap between industrial demands and the academic curriculum and this gap is increasing day by day. The pressure to stay ahead in a world driven by technology will be huge. This is where the TGG Foundation desires to create an impact.

Faryaad -never far enough to be unheard – ‘Don’t Quit’

At the end of every tunnel there is a ray of light. All those who feel they are stuck in their lives are ignorant about other possibilities and dimensions.

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