We envision a world of healthy and empowered communities that sustain, manage, and distribute their resources equitably without harming the ecological biodiversity whilst also ensuring natural resources for current and future generations.


To develop livable, healthy, and sustainable communities in rural areas through human transformation.


We uphold “Oneness of Oneworld” Philosophy in which we believe that the world is connected and all people united. We view everyone as equal. Our work is dedicated to rid hatred and discrimination and promote empathy and compassion. 

TGG’s Sustainable Rural
Development Goals

TGG’s Sustainable Rural Development Goals and the subsequent programs and initiatives will be at the base of all social interactions that will take place in the new sustainable and responsible community. People of all ages will work in symbiosis with the surrounding environment. Respect for nature and the planet will imply a relationship based on mutual growth.

Research & Innovation on Sustainable development

Responsible Tourism, Tea, Tiny Homes, Machine & Tools

The Foundation is presently developing a Research Center for research students from across the world to study bio-diversity creation, responsible tourism, research on tea, energy efficient tiny homes, agriculture and food production tools and machines. TGG Foundation has collaborated with CG Bhakta Institute for Bio-Technology, Surat, Gujarat for promoting onsite research activities in the field of Medicinal plants, Value addition of farming products, zero-budget farming, Bio-Fertilisers, Eco-tourism, Plant Nursery, Composting, Study on bio-diversity, etc.

Financial stability & Equal opportunity for Women in Rural areas.

Transforming the lives of women through sustainable income

Helping some one to create their own livelihood is the best we can do to help them live a dignified life rather than making them dependent. Self respect is as important aspect of life that needs to be upheld at all times to be a responsible citizen of any nation. We at TGG Foundation is committed to transform the lives of people in rural areas by creating opportunities to develop activities that can ensure a sustainable revenue stream, based on their level of engagement and skills. We also offer skill based training and research support to develop value added products.

Self Reliant at 18

Equipping youths to transform the world.

Our program is designed to encourage and empower our next generation of youth through value-based experiential learning. Many of our practical experiential learning programs blend mentorship and life skills coaching to improve youth’s access to resources and transform their beliefs, values, and attitudes in a positive way. Our programs is designed to allow our youth to explore the six interdependent dimensions: psychological, community, organizational, economic, social and environmental, leading to a better sense of oneself and the world around us.

Home away from home

Rural infrastructure for greater participation

We at TGG believe that every plan needs a strong foundation and we are going to build a base at Wayanad, Kerala for the realization of our sustainable rural development goals. It starts with the development of a guest house intended to provide a home away from home for the people associated with the foundation, Responsible Human Mission Members, Associates, experts visiting from across the world to develop the project. This guesthouse will provide better coordination, effective time management, and avoid miscellaneous expenses. During a non-occupied period, it can be made available for tourists visiting Wayanad, thus creating a revenue stream for TGG Foundation to reduce further dependency on donations for its maintenance and upkeep. 


We welcome all Responsible Humans from across the world to participate in our Sustainable Rural Development Activities . The engagement can be Short-Term, Journey with TGG, and Associate with TGG. Having a perfect alignment with the values and its code of practice is the only criteria of participation, which connects all of us who are on a similar pursuit to make the world a better place to live .

Minimalist Living

Community Living at RHM Center

“What it takes to survive on this planet” is the exploration of your visit to this unique earth house developed by TGG Foundation. It is part of our Minimalist living program extended to the Members of TGG Family.

Sustainable Living

Nature connect at TGG Farm

Our farm is liked by people looking for solitude, to connect with self, to do nothing, to experience chemical free life, to enjoy simple vegetarian food, to experience village life, to heal your mind, body and soul in the lap of nature. It is part of our sustainable living program.

Onsite Volunteering

Culture & Knowledge Exchange

The goals of this culture and knowledge exchange program is to foster greater understanding and appreciation of different cultures, promoting cross-cultural communication and collaboration, and increasing participants’ knowledge and skills in their chosen field. These programs can provide valuable opportunities for personal and professional growth, as well as help to build stronger connections between people and cultures around the world.

Experiential learning

Alternate Education

We are always looking for ways to help young people become self reliant and responsible. Most of our youth initiatives focus on teaching values ​​such as respect for nature, teamwork, optimal use of resources, appreciation,  rights & responsibilities and non-competitive complementarity. We also encourage practices and developments such as ethical research, evolution in the prevailing situation, alternate living to reduce unwanted stress, social entrepreneurship, affordable housing, responsible tourism, sustainable agriculture, environmental protection and more. Such empowered youth will create a responsible society.


It is time to build a new world with Responsible Humans and therefore we are initiating #ONEWORLD, a global program to make the world a better place to live. .


We at TGG Foundation have been closely monitoring the post COVID impact in the global economy, especially in the employment sector, by understanding these circumstances we hope to discover ways to mitigate these issues. Worldwide, students are finding it difficult to find jobs once they step out of the University. This is mainly due to the growing gap between industrial demands and the academic curriculum and this gap is increasing day by day. The pressure to stay ahead in a world driven by technology will be huge. This is where the TGG Foundation desires to create an impact.

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Rupak Dayal Fellowships will be awarded to passionate youths with necessary qualifications who want to conduct methodological research in the field of Responsible Tourism. Students with a Masters degree or Research Scholars undertaken research in the fields of archaeology, anthropology, responsible tourism and sustainable tourism can opt for fellowship . Creative students with artistic talent will be given special consideration during the selection process. The research should be completed and the report to be submitted in a maximum period of 30 days.


It is a  global aid program started by TGG Foundation with the mission to help victims of Poverty, Natural Calamities and Discriminations to get back to a normal life. This project will be implemented through #ONEWORLD participants from across the world.  Financial independence is the first step towards self-sustainability. TGG Foundation is providing a helping hand through TGG AID to get back to their feet and manage their own activities without further dependency.

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AARANYAM (Forest) project aims to restore biodiversity and revive native ecosystems through a natural process involving very little human intervention. We have started creating a bio-diversity zone at The Green Gardens for people from across the world to come, see and experience the wonders of a native ecosystem that has evolved naturally, save the initial human effort of planting trees. We would be happy to receive inquiries and invitations from responsible citizens who wish to understand the need for such zones and the methodology for restoring biodiversity that has been fast depleting due to unethical agricultural practices and modern lifestyles that lack consideration for the environment. We intend to create biodiversity zones for such individuals and communities. 

FARYAAD -Never Far Enough To Be Unheard – ‘Don’t Quit’

At the end of every tunnel there is a ray of light. All those who feel they are stuck in their lives are ignorant about other possibilities and dimensions can reach out.

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