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We are committed to developing livable, healthy, and sustainable communities through human transformation.

Social Transformation Project

Post COVID Mitigation Program

Bridging the gap

The impact of COVID -19 is beyond a virus infarction in the life of humans. It has given us an opportunity to understand how nature can evolve to find solutions to many of the problems created by human beings. There are innumerable photos, videos and write-ups which people can refer, are published in social media about the effect of COVID -19 in the natures’ self healing process. 
A month long lockdown has given some good realisation to humans on how they should interact with nature and its creation. We must respect the life of all species on this planet and appreciate their role in human existence. 


Start your Journey With TGG Foundation

The Journey with TGG Foundation should be opted by those who have elevated from self-centered goals, personal priorities and are willing to engage in accomplishing TGG’s Sustainable Rural Development Goals aimed to transform the lives of people in Rural areas. The mantra is “IF YOU TAKE CARE OF THE UNDERPRIVILEGED PEOPLE IN THE SOCIETY, WE WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU”

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Humanity First

We invoke the consciousness of everyone across the world to come forward and support this initiative of TGG Foundation to transform the life of most vulnerable children by giving them an opportunity to live with dignity. Let you be the change you wish to see in this society. The right to live….

Helping rebuild 5 houses distroyed in fire

On 8th March, 2020, 5 (five) houses were burnt into ashes when the owners were out for day work in the field. Very little  belongings could be saved by the neighbours from the houses. The Village Council called an emergency meeting to provide relief measures to the victims families with the village NGO’s and the prominent persons of the village. 


AARANYAM (Forest) project aims to restore biodiversity and revive native ecosystems through a natural process involving very little human intervention.



For TGG Foundation, Mooldhan is a centralised funding system that powers all its projects.  The functioning of this administrative activity started in the year 2015 with the interest free loan received from The Golden Greens, with a 5 year moratorium to pay back. It was then supplemented by activity contribution and donations. The biggest advantage of “Mooldhan” is that it extends financial support to Social Enterprises, Self Help Group and Socials Projects on……

Ukkko playing

Ukko's Nature Connect

Here we see Ukko comfortably exploring the potential uses of this hand spade. First its something to reach for, when he grabs it the handle fills his fist and animates the sensation of touch, after some inspection of its weight and its various angles he is curious about its taste, “hmm since there is clay and good soil still attached the taste is not poor, but it is definitely not sweet like a banana or like mommas milk, say thinking of momma, I saw her put this guy in the dirt,” and so his exploration continues.

Handcrafted Shawls

Sucharita is 17 years old and a student of class 10 from Mizoram. Her mother is a traditional Weaver and her father is a home based traditional healthcare practitioner. Besides studies, Sucharita is a hard working girl and she helps her mother in cooking and weaving. TGG Foundation encourages such responsible humans from all sections of the society. Whether small or big, every individual must learn to survive on their own and to be self reliant. Sucharita has made best use of the Covid period by making shawls. We appreciate such initiatives by students and are always willing to support them. 

Navajyothi (Kerala)

The journey of our first self help group fully funded by TGG Foundation started in late 2015 with the participation of 3 women from the farming community in Wayanad assuming collective responsibility.


TGG's Sustainable Rural Development Goals

TGG’s Sustainable Rural Development Goals encompass all essential elements to transform and improve the lives of people in rural areas through responsible and sustainable habits. Ideated to allow men to strike the right balance between industrialization and environmental concern, empowered by the true story of people who have started to live in the new sustainable way.

It is essential to effectively plan the development model of rural areas in which the project takes place in accordance with the geographical location……. 


Research and Development

PHD Students

TGG Foundation is opening its doors for Research Scholars and PHD Students to participate in sustainable and ethical research and development activities. RHM Centers are equipped to manage such Projects. Certificates are issued to all researches completing one project successfully. Successful researchers can also avail project grants to develop sustainable project in rural India to enhance the livelihood opportunities of people in the farming community, especially the women members. They can also play a lead role to mitigate and discourage liquor consumption habits among the male members of rural community. This effort can have a substantial impact in the lives of people……

Sustainable living at TGG Farm

The Green Gardens

A research project of TGG Foundation, an Ahimsa farm following ethical practices.  A unique place to participate and experience sustainable living, a world in its natural habitat, a place that can ignite your conscious. Yes you got it right, we are talking about The Green Gardens (Coordinates: 11°36’27″N 76°14’6″E), a sustainable living research project of TGG Foundation maintained by Navajyothi (Kerala), a self help group supported by the Trust. It is located near Edakkal Caves, a UNESCO approved world heritage site, a place that has the reminiscence  of stone age and its much correlated theories with Indus valley civilisation. It is certainly a location with some history worth exploring.



We do not exist to judge each other. We are not here to proselytize or display bigotry. Our world contains in it a great number of human teachers, preachers, gurus, news anchors, talk show hosts, online egoists, armchair psychologists, barstool therapists- essentially at every turn there is someone offering a solution, an anecdote, a guidebook, a right way, a manual for life. The greatest lessons we can learn often come from the raw relationship with our earth. As conscious beings we are inherently tasked to be the caretakers of our environment. 

Government of india

Social upliftment programs of Govt. of India


The Govt. of India has taken many measures to improve the lives of the people through its e-governance program that can be availed by all sections of the society. 


Consumer Rights Violation

This is the life of people in rural India.

After 73 years of Independence, the plight of rural women in the most literate state is this. Is it so difficult to have a bank account in operation?. (That too when she has not taken any bank loan to face this kind of harassment),

If that is the case, should we encourage people to open a bank account from a  nationalized bank, with such an attitude?

There is no bitterness toward this failed system, but it is realized that it was not created by people who loved its citizens. It is our responsibility to correct such cases of consumer rights violations, else our consciousness will not spare our existence. 

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Our Philosophy

One World

Human transforming through noble acts

OneWorld Sarah

Trees for Burnley volunteer day, working in the Urban Arboretum, Queen’s Park, Burnley, UK. 


OneWorld Allison

Allison helped a single mother from Texas (name kept private). The mother was in distress due to a difficult financial situation and in urgent need of one week’s stipend. Understanding the ethos of TGG’s Global Family

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Waste Management (water & Sold)

Sustainable agriculture & value additions


Co-funding and mentorship support for 3 social start-ups that can improve the livelihood of women in rural India


Sponsorship of orphan girl child. 

Livelihood for women

Experiential Learning

Sustainable Development Program (Certificate course)


RHM CENTER – WAYANAD & MYSORE (Sustainable Development Project)


Planting one soap-nut tree in every school

Planting bamboos in all projects supported by TGG Foundation.

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