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We are committed to developing livable, healthy, and sustainable communities through human transformation.

SLP Farm

Sustainable living at TGG Farm

The Green Gardens

A research project of TGG Foundation, an Ahimsa farm following ethical practices.  A unique place to participate and experience sustainable living, a world in its natural habitat, a place that can ignite your conscious. Yes you got it right, we are talking about The Green Gardens (Coordinates: 11°36’27″N 76°14’6″E), a sustainable living research project of TGG Foundation maintained by Navajyothi (Kerala), a self help group supported by the Trust. It is located near Edakkal Caves, a UNESCO approved world heritage site, a place that has the reminiscence  of stone age and its much correlated theories with Indus valley civilisation. It is certainly a location with some history worth exploring.

Wisdom Labs

UKKO's Nature Connect

Here we see Ukko comfortably exploring the potential uses of this hand spade. First its something to reach for, when he grabs it the handle fills his fist and animates the sensation of touch, after some inspection of its weight and its various angles he is curious about its taste, “hmm since there is clay and good soil still attached the taste is not poor, but it is definitely not sweet like a banana or like mommas milk, say thinking of momma, I saw her put this guy in the dirt,” and so his exploration continues.



We do not exist to judge each other. We are not here to proselytize or display bigotry. Our world contains in it a great number of human teachers, preachers, gurus, news anchors, talk show hosts, online egoists, armchair psychologists, barstool therapists- essentially at every turn there is someone offering a solution, an anecdote, a guidebook, a right way, a manual for life. The greatest lessons we can learn often come from the raw relationship with our earth. As conscious beings we are inherently tasked to be the caretakers of our environment. 

RIM Center

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Humanity First

Every human right violations, fundamental right violations, violence of any kind, social discrimination, gender discrimination, etc are of great concern to us, since we feel it hurts the humanity of any/all consciously progressive individuals who wish to lead a peaceful life.


AARANYAM (Forest) project aims to restore biodiversity and revive native ecosystems through a natural process involving very little human intervention.

TGGFCT Aaranyam
TGGFCT Navajyothi


The journey of our first self help group fully funded by TGG Foundation started in late 2015 with the participation of 3 women from the farming community in Wayanad assuming collective responsibility.

RIM Center New

RHM Center

When you arrive you will be greeted by the raw beauty of nature. You will experience a gentle spaciousness which asks very little of your physical energy. This is an intentional design, for many of us live in a space of constant stimuli, being bombarded by external influences which overwhelm us and make us struggle to focus in on discovering and creating our true purpose. 

TGGFCT Mooldhan


Within the context of rural development, Micro credit systems have grown in popularity as a tool for empowerment of the people.
It can be defined as the provision of parsimony, credit and other financial services and products of very small amount, given as short …

Rural Infrastructure Fund

TGG Foundation work together with Ethical Corporate Houses, Social Enterprises, Philanthropists and Individuals those who appreciate our Karma and are dedicated to the welfare of underprivileged people in the rural areas.  We are currently sourcing funds for developing a center for socially chalenged in Wayanad


Rural Development Hub

The background research for this project was conducted in 2016 by Allison Platt as part of a Master of Arts Thesis for Tufts University, Boston, United States in collaboration with TGG Foundation.  Permission for this research to be conducted was gained from the District Collector in Wayanad before it was carried out.

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One World

Transforming through noble acts

One World - Sarah Thomas

Trees for Burnley volunteer day, working in the Urban Arboretum, Queen’s Park, Burnley, UK. 


One World - Allison Platt

Allison helped a single mother from Texas (name kept private). The mother was in distress due to a difficult financial situation and in urgent need of one week’s stipend. Understanding the ethos of TGG’s Global Family

Organised by TGG Foundation in association with C.G. Bhakta Institute of Biotechnology


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