At the heart of the TGG Foundation’s mission lies an unwavering dedication to the pursuit of sustainable rural development. We believe in empowering individuals from diverse backgrounds, nurturing creativity, and inspiring a sense of responsible global citizenship. Our commitment to fostering harmonious coexistence between people, nature, and culture is unwavering. Today, we’re excited to shine a spotlight on some of our major activities that will receive a significant boost with the development of the RHM (Responsible Human Mission) Center.

We invite you to join us on this inspiring journey towards sustainable rural development. Your support will make a significant difference in realizing our mission and creating a brighter future for rural communities. Together, we can build a harmonious world where people, nature, and culture thrive in unity.

  1. Bridging the Gap – Empowering the Next Generation : Our “Bridging the Gap” program is designed to bridge generations and cultivate the spirit of volunteerism among undergraduate students aged 20 to 24. Through hands-on experiences, we aim to instill a sense of responsibility towards rural development and sustainability. RHM Center provides dorm accommodation and food under work exchange program.
  2. Global Citizen – Onsite volunteering Program: TGG Foundation’s primary goal is to unite responsible nomads worldwide, fostering a community committed to minimalism, skill-sharing, and collective actions for the common good. Embracing a nomadic lifestyle, members explore the world while practicing sustainable living. Through shared skills and collective endeavors, this global network strives to make a positive impact on society, emphasizing the importance of responsible actions for a brighter future. RHM Center provides dorm accommodation and kitchen facility under skill exchange program.
  3. Research and Creative Center – Fostering Innovation: The RHM Center will house a state-of-the-art Research and Creative Center. This facility will welcome research students passionate about Responsible Tourism and provide a platform for creative individuals to engage in design thinking and implementation, contributing to our sustainable rural development goals.
  4. Experiential Learning Program – Nurturing Non-Academic Skills : Our Experiential Learning Program offers non-conventional learning experiences, tapping into the rich traditional knowledge, skills of artisans and nature learning. However, we face challenges due to the lack of proper facilities. The RHM Center will provide a conducive environment for all stake holders.
  5. Coordination Center – A Hub of Activity : At the heart of the RHM Center, a Coordination Center will serve as the nerve center of our operations. It will include office & meeting room, a dining space and a kitchen to facilitate seamless coordination of all our activities.
  6. Home Away from Home – Welcoming Visitors: Accommodation is vital for the smooth functioning of our foundation. The RHM Center will offer comfortable lodging for our faculties, members, NCRH (Nomad Community of Responsible Humans), students, volunteers and members of partner organization’s who visit us to engage in various activities aimed at achieving our sustainable rural development goals.



Background & Rationale:

Since the inception of TGG Foundation in 2014, our journey has made significant progress in establishing exemplary projects and initiatives. These endeavors are designed to enrich people’s experiences, foster a connection with the natural world, promote compassionate thinking, and encourage collective action devoid of selfish motives. In a society often characterized by competitiveness and exploitation, our path has felt akin to swimming against the prevailing current.

Currently, we operate from leased facility, which results in high operational expenses. Our primary objective is to offer complimentary dorms to students, inspiring them to explore travel and engage in volunteer activities after completing high school. This experience aims to provide them with a more profound understanding of human life and cultivate a sense of gratitude as they embark on their life journey.

Our Progress so far:

As our mission expands to reach more individuals and build a global community of responsible humans, the imperative to create additional infrastructure becomes evident. This expansion cannot be realised within the confines of rented premises. In addition, our members, associates, and faculty require lodging when they visit us for various community development projects, research, and workshops.

We are excited to announce that the TGG Foundation has already acquired nearly 13,000 sq ft of land in Wayanad for the development of our first RHM Center and the well work for drinking water and other operational activities are in progress. This space will also provide Experiential Learning opportunities to people from diverse interests such as Camping, Water Conservation, Composting, Vertical farming, Tiny home designing, renewable energy, smokeless cooking solutions using firewood and traditional cooking using homegrown and naturally available spinach, yams, fruits, berries, etc. Preferences will be to promote vegetarian and vegan foods, however curd and eggs are recommended.

Once the land development is complete, first priority is given to develop facility to accommodate two faculty members followed by dorms for a minimum of 8 students and double room with en-suite bath for volunteering opting for Global Citizen program at the RHM Center. Rest of the project will be developed based on the availability of funds.

Fundraising Priorities:

Our top priority is to ensure access to clean drinking water and to work on a water conservation project to carefully manage rain water within the land. To achieve this, we’ve already have Rs. 1 lakh and require an additional Rs. 2 lakhs to complete this primary work before we start the construction.

Additional Funds Raised for a Brighter Future:

The total estimated cost of the RHM Center project is approximately Rs. 2 crores. 100% of all funds raised will be allocated towards land development, constructing volunteer accommodations, Creative Center, Coordination Center, and creating a welcoming “Home Away from Home.”


Stage 1 – Land Acquiring (Completed).
Stage 2 – Well for drinking water (Work in progress)
Stage 3 – Land Development (Under planning)
Stage 4 – Accommodation for volunteers & faculty (Under planning)
Stage 5 – Research & Creative Center (Under planning)
Stage 6 – Coordination Center & Home away from home


Google Location of the land is https://goo.gl/maps/cEmTiPScoYPtFkSk9


If you’ve been closely following our initiatives on this planet and aspire to be a part of this transformative journey, an exceptional opportunity awaits you. We are establishing an RHM Center, a sanctuary free from divisive ideologies, solely dedicated to humanity. Within this sanctuary, you can actively engage as a volunteer in our Culture and Knowledge sharing program, providing a platform for creative minds to unlock their potential. It’s also a hub for students attending Bridging-the-gap program, Researchers to delve into sustainability studies and for Global Citizens, part of the Nomad Community of Responsible Humans, to embrace minimalism and the art of sustainable living. There’s a place for every responsible human in our RHM Center once it’s fully realized, and every contribution you make, like a single brick, plays a vital role in shaping this vision. Your contribution can be the spark that ignites the much-needed social transformation we all yearn for.


The RHM Center is vital for TGG Foundation’s self-sustainability. Housing a Creative Center, Research Hub, Volunteer/member/nomad community Accommodation, and essential facilities, it ensures cost-effective continuity of initiatives. Supervised directly by the Chairman since September 2023, your donations support this crucial project. Visit our ‘Funding & Monitoring‘ page and donate using QR Code under the section ECONOMIC.