It’s time to build a new world with Responsible Humans who realise the importance of the nature and its bio diversity for the sustainability of mankind on this planet. #ONEWORLD is a global engagement program to make the world a better place to live.


#ONEWORLD is intended for all those who believe that personal growth must go hand in hand with the development of a sustainable world. It is for those who wish to be part of a global family who stands together to create better opportunities to address our challenges. This is an important post-Covid mitigation program that we have to begin together. In a world driven by Artificial Intelligence, we are engaged in Altruistic action. Here, each human being can express their full potential and experience this natural world with all its dynamics.


“An idea becomes a project only when it is energized” therefore, you are responsible and accountable for the project you participate or develop. TGG Family is happy to share this unique platform with you to apply your ideas into the development of the project that are for common good. This will be short term engagement, hence assume only those responsibilities which you can manage during your volunteering period and complete it to your level of satisfaction. If you find our activities interesting and transforming, you can apply for Journey with TGG.

The Journey with TGG should be opted by those who have elevated from self-centered goals, personal priorities and are willing to engage in accomplishing TGG’ s Sustainable Rural Development Goals aimed to transform the lives of people in rural areas. 

TGG’s YOUTH EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM:  “Create opportunities for every student to be self-reliant at the age of 18” is the focus of our youth empowerment mission. In order to accomplish this mission, TGG Foundation will focus on the following areas.

  • Value-based experiential learning
  • Bridge the gap between Academia & Industry
  • Creating entrepreneurial opportunities

Financial stability is the first step towards self reliance. Read more….

EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING: It is a program that where seekers are introduced to ethical farming practices and the role of responsible farmers in keeping the food chain alive. The experience in working with the rural community will enhance their knowledge of sustainable developments by preserving the ecosystem for future generations. It is an opportunity for them to inculcate human values and to self explore. It also provides an opportunity to understand stakeholder engagements in the agriculture sector through the empowerment of the farming community and by eliminating all kinds of social discrimination that exists in society. Read more…..

TGG’s LIVELIHOOD MISSION: The biggest challenge for every government in any developing country is to meet the employment requirement of its citizen and to improve their income level. Since it will not be possible to provide employment to all, efforts are to be taken at the individual level to create one’s own livelihood. Most of the time it doesn’t work well because of the risk involved, loans and liabilities, lack of knowledge, exposure, ability to innovate, lack of confidence, fear of failure, support from family, mentoring, etc. Even if one crosses all the hurdles to move forward and create an income-generating stream it should have less implication on nature and should be sustainable. Read more…..

CLIMATE CHANGE: AARANYAM (Forest) project aims to restore biodiversity and revive native ecosystems through a natural process involving very little human intervention. We have started creating a bio-diversity zone at The Green Gardens for people from across the world to come, see and experience the wonders of a native ecosystem that has evolved naturally, save the initial human effort of planting trees.

We would be happy to receive inquiries and invitations from responsible citizens who wish to understand the need for such zones and the methodology for restoring biodiversity that has been fast depleting due to unethical agricultural practices and modern lifestyles that lack consideration for the environment. We intend to create biodiversity zones for such individuals and communities. Read more…..

ONSITE VOLUNTEERING: We do not exist to judge each other. We are not here to proselytize or display bigotry. Our world contains in it a great number of human teachers, preachers, gurus, news anchors, talk show hosts, online egoists, armchair psychologists, barstool therapists- essentially at every turn there is someone offering a solution, an anecdote, a guidebook, a right way, a manual for life. The greatest lessons we can learn often come from a raw relationship with our earth. As conscious beings, we are inherently tasked to be the caretakers of our environment. Read more…..

SOCIAL ENTERPRISES : TGG Foundation aims to engage responsible and entrepreneurial people from all over the world to create revenue-generating activities for the rural community through stakeholder engagement. These opportunities are developed by the Associate Members along with the Members on Journey with TGG Family and these enterprises and supported by #ONEWORLD team. It opens doors for socially responsible people from across the world to Associate with TGG Foundation to create various sustainable development projects to accomplish TGG’s Sustainable Rural Development Goals. Read more…..

TGG AID : It is a  global aid program started by TGG Foundation with the mission to help victims of Poverty, Natural Calamities and Discriminations to get back to a normal life. This project will be implemented through #ONEWORLD participants from across the world. 

Financial independence is the first step towards self-sustainability. TGG Foundation is providing a helping hand through TGG AID to those who are victims of poverty, discrimination & natural calamities to get back to their feet and manage their own activities without further dependency. All our AID programs are focused towards attaining self-sustainability and discouraging dependency. Read more……

GRIEVANCE REDRESSAL: Faryaad is the most effective way to reach out to us. Most of the grievances received by us are dealt through the Govt. & its administrative system to provide immediate justice, if they fail to deliver their duties and responsibilities within a maximum period of 30 days depending upon the nature of the grievance, the matter is referred to the Responsible Human Mission members, Human Right Organisations, International Associations, Public, Media & if required Judiciary. Read more……


POST COVID will mark the beginning of massive technology revolution and the life is expected to be must faster than before so as the pressure on all creation on this planet. We cannot look away from what is happening since it will affect the very survival but we must learn to see all these developments outside ourselves to be happy.

TGG Foundation is actively working on the post covid mitigation program through its various missions and programs. Responsible Human Mission provides an overall support for all those who participate in our mission to be connected to the real world.

It is too easy to be lost in the new world since humans are dreaming about a humanless world. This is where the significance of Responsible Human Mission comes to provide a human touch to all the activities we create and extend it for your participation.


Are you responsible for all your actions and its impact? If yes, we have a space for you in the TGG Family (A family within a warmth that transforms the lives of many and have inspired even more) and become part of #ONEWORLD! 


Energy Efficient Tiny Homes

Responsible Tourism

Self Reliant at 18

Financial Stability & Equal opportunity for Women

RHM Club

Home away from home

Experiential Learning Programme

Sustainable Living

Minimalist Living

Research Fellowship


    We prefer a minimum online volunteering period of 6 months and a dedicated engagement of 8 hours a week to complete the selected activities successfully.

    Certificates of Participation is issued to Online Volunteers who have successfully completed one of the above-mentioned activities, contributed to network building through the impact of self-transformation, and supported the fundraising for the TGG’s Center for Sustainable Development.

    Based on your engagement during the online volunteering period and your ability to develop a project successfully with a strong revenue stream, you may be invited to Journey with TGG (Onboard).

    PLEASE NOTE: Participation in any of the activities of the TGG Foundation is subsequent to the submission of the RHM Registration Form by selecting “short term engagement”. Please make sure that you are in perfect alignment with the Ethos of TGG and it’s code of practice. 


    Asmita Seth, INDIA

    Asmita was involved in the post covid mitigation program which primarily looked into employment, technology, economic situation, wealth consolidation, remote working, etc. Her role as a research volunteer was mainly to create a project that can benefit retired military personnel’s through the development of RHM Kiosk and to integrate it with TGGs sustainable rural development goals.


    Saurabh Jagtap

    Sumanjeel Kumar

    Smarth Sharma

    Sruday Kanagali

    Aditi Sanjaya

    Asmita Seth

    Sara Pezzoli

    Laura Scotti

    Sukrita Singh

    Lindokuhle Qwabe
    South Africa

    Giulia Di Maio

    Mario Arigliani

    Anaina Revathi

    Rohit Chakma

    Davide Lodi

    Anuja V Rajan

    Reshma Galinki

    Mauro Schioppo

    Luigi Capobianco

    Sobha Saju

    Pietro Di Mario

    Angela Giuffrida

    Kuldeep Shiruru

    Luigi Capobianco