It’s time to build a new world with Responsible Humans who realise the importance of the nature and its bio diversity for the sustainability of mankind on this planet. #ONEWORLD is a global engagement program to make the world a better place to live.


ONEWORLD is an inclusive initiative designed for individuals aged 20 and above, who share a deep conviction that personal growth should be harmonized with the advancement of a sustainable planet. It beckons to those who aspire to unite with a global community, resolute in their commitment to crafting improved solutions for the myriad challenges we face. This program is not just an option; it’s a collective necessity we must embark upon together.

In a world increasingly influenced by Artificial Intelligence, we are dedicated to fostering altruistic actions. Within #ONEWORLD, every individual has the opportunity to unleash their untapped potential and immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of our natural world, embracing its dynamic qualities. Here, we envision a harmonious convergence of personal growth and global betterment.


REMOTE VOLUNTEERING : It encompass various forms of recognition, personal development opportunities, and a sense of purpose. These benefits may include the flexibility to contribute from anywhere, the chance to contribute to a cause they are passionate about, fostering a sense of fulfillment and social impact; skill development and learning opportunities through tasks and projects; networking and collaboration with like-minded individuals; and, in some cases, rewards, certificates, or letters of recommendation to acknowledge their dedication and commitment. Overall, remote volunteering offers a rich array of rewards that extend beyond the confines of a traditional workplace, appealing to those seeking meaningful engagement and personal growth while making a positive difference in their communities or the world…… Read more

CULTURE AND KNOWLEDGE SHARING: This Onsite Volunteering opportunity is designed to facilitate the exchange of ideas, information, and experiences between people from different cultures or countries. The program typically involves a group of individuals traveling to another country or region, where they can learn about the local culture and share their own knowledge and experiences. The goals of this culture and knowledge exchange program is to foster greater understanding and appreciation of different cultures, promoting cross-cultural communication and collaboration, and increasing participants’ knowledge and skills in their chosen field. These programs can provide valuable opportunities for personal and professional growth, as well as help to build stronger connections between people and cultures around the world….. Read more


NOMAD COMMUNITY OF RESPONSIBLE HUMANS: From its existence, humanity has relied on some form of work for its survival. Many of us look at work merely as a tool to pay the bills, create assets, and keep ourselves afloat in the quest of life–often at the expense of our freedom, passion, and deeper aspirations. This way of being is sufficient enough for the vast majority of us. However, for some of us, being a little unconventional can lead to a more creative and purposeful lifestyle. Fortunately, developing technology has expanded the boundaries of our capability to earn income beyond the constraints of geography and distance, ultimately making it location-independent. In light of this emerging lifestyle, we are introducing the Nomad Community of Responsible Humans (or NCRH for short) for inquisitive, like-minded professionals, freelancers ….. Read more

RHM CLUB : Ignite your entrepreneurial journey through the dynamic global youth alliance of TGG! Guided by the principles of TGG’s Responsible Human Mission and sustainable rural development goals, immerse yourself in transformational experiences and connect with people of common interest. Cultivate responsibility, self-reliance, and robust health, equipping yourself for a career of entrepreneurship. Be a trailblazer, shaping not just your future, but also contributing to a society built on creative and sustainable growth………..Read More