Preserving nature with all its bio-diversity is the biggest responsibility of every responsible human. We are simply short-term visitors to this planet, and what we think we own is nothing but a custodial procession. Our actions are the reflection of our own character.


A Biodiversity Creation Project

AARANYAM (Forest) project aims to restore biodiversity and revive native ecosystems through a natural process involving very little human intervention. We have started creating a bio-diversity zone at The Green Gardens for people from across the world to come, see and experience the wonders of a native ecosystem that has evolved naturally, save the initial human effort of planting trees. We would be happy to receive inquiries and invitations from responsible citizens who wish to understand the need for such zones and the methodology for restoring biodiversity that has been fast depleting due to unethical agricultural practices and modern lifestyles that lack consideration for the environment. We intend to create biodiversity zones for such individuals and communities. This project is implemented through self-help groups supported by the TGG Foundation who also guarantees 3 years of its maintenance to ensure no casualties during its initial survival period. People from across the world can participate in the restoration process by sponsoring a tree and thereby contributing to the ecosystem.