Responsible Human Mission (RHM) is a commitment to transform this world by being responsible and accountable for our actions. Our existence on this beautiful planet is as short as a fraction of a millisecond, compared to the age of this planet which is around 4.5 billion years old.


Every being plays an equally significant role in building a sustainable world, and one can not be considered inferior or superior to another. All of existence is made of the same life force and energy. Still, as humans, our belief tends to be one of superiority and domination of nature. What is the reason behind this belief? What is it that we are truly seeking, and is it necessary to compete with the planet and other people and lead a stressful life in order to find it? How else can we spend the time between birth and death and create a truly happy and sustainable life? The aim of TGG is to explore these possibilities. We cannot change anyone in this world, however, we can transform ourselves into responsible human beings.

Engaging with the TGG Family is intended to help you cultivate a deeper sense of humbleness and groundedness. In order to do this, the Foundation follows a celestial model for its operation: Each individual is self-guided (acting directly from inspiration arising from her/his consciousness) and is accountable and responsible for those actions. TGG Foundation is committed to upholding ‘Oneness’ above all ideologies and belief systems in this world. Therefore, all participants must submit a self-declaration to have no affiliation with polarizing thoughts and ideologies including religious and political during her/his engagement with TGG.


Responsible Human Mission is an impersonal code that connects all those around the Globe who are on a similar pursuit. Responsible Human Mission upholds Universal values that connect all members in their mutual pursuit of transformation. We ask that only those who genuinely find an alignment with our values should participate in TGG. It should be a willful commitment, rather than one made out of compulsion or expectation. Because the foundation of our organization is non-affiliation with any specific ideology or belief, we allow all of our actions and resulting impact to emerge from what we call “effortless action”.

This means that instead of acting in the name of passionate convictions, creeds, or moral obligations, we allow our actions to subtly arise from a place of ease and flow found within. Consequently, TGG does not require or desire you to participate with an attitude of overworking or excessive effort. Opportunities to have an impact through TGG can look very different for each person. Some may want to visit one of our in-person locations, many will feel inspired to contribute remotely, still, others may want to simply speak on and share the principles of TGG and share their memories and experience of their time with us. All participation is valuable and welcomed; we ask only that you let it arise through the “effortless action” and inner ease that we encourage.


Our code of Ethical Practice describes the conduct we are working towards and is the guiding principles that connect all the members of TGG Family, your desire to become aligned with these practices enables your journey with TGG.

  1. Serve the world from a place of humbleness and gratitude
  2. Earn, but spend in ways that reduce inequality
  3. Produce quality products that are durable and abandon the “use and throw” way of living.
  4. Focus on our core strength (ethical agricultural practices) and produce food for consumption rather than commodification.
  5. Reuse most items by making modifications or alterations in order to reduce the exploitation of natural resources.
  6. Take a conscious and responsible approach while planning the size of our individual family so as to manage the size of the population and avoid population explosion, natural correction, and greater suffering
  7. Establish and foster a conscious relationship between rural and urban communities in which those who are able to help reverse inequality can contribute a portion of their resources toward the welfare of the rural community.
  8. Manage greed and balance our individual desires by spending some part of our time in activities that are for the wellbeing of all. This will bring awareness and help regulate the self-focused, hyperactive tendencies that add pressure to the planet and damage the ecosystem.
  9. Raise children to be self-reliant by the age of 18
  10. Encourage parents of self-reliant, adult children to explore their true potential while they are still active.
  11. Travel often in order to expand our understanding of other cultures and ways of life and cultivate new perspectives and inspiration.
  12. Forbid the practice of accepting or giving dowry.
  13. Encourage couples to use their own means to create wealth and financial stability to support their marriage.
  14. Give equal opportunity to all, irrespective of gender.
  15. Practice minimalism to exemplify how simply and sustainably we can survive on this planet.
  16. Choose a life path consciously and responsibly in order to experience happiness at all levels. There are many paths to choose beside those laid out by society.
  17. Be aware of our rights and responsibilities.
  18. Create a socially safe society where, instead of reacting to adverse situations, individuals respond from a place of self-awareness and compassion, moving through four stages of resolution: dialogue, right action, allowing time to heal, and only then if no resolution has been reached, choosing the legal path.
  19. Follow an individual ethical compass and act in alignment with our inner truth
  20. Hold “oneness” as our primary value during our journey with the TGG Family and keep individual ideologies and preferences as personal choices.
  21. Live by “Oneness of Oneworld” philosophy.
  22. Aim to end the commodification of essential items in order to allow all people to survive
  23. Respect the vital role of all forms of life on this planet and treat them as equal. 
  24. Center our educational system around values that create responsible human beings.
  25. Use our natural resources with wisdom and responsibility so as to ensure our survival and the well-being of future generations.
  26. Ensure that all our actions are done sustainably and in harmony with nature and all living beings to create a positive impact on the world.
  27. Ensure food safety and security for all.
  28. Live a Chemical-free & Plastic-free life.


Short term engagement

For participants opting for RHM Club, #OneWorld, Bridging-the-gap, Global Citizen, Sustainable Living Experience (TGG Farm), Minimalist Living Experience (RHM Center), Researchers (Responsible Tourism, Tiny home designing, Energy efficient firewood cooking solutions, Food processing, etc.) and Holistic -Experiential Learning Programme can obtain an RHM Registration by opting “short term engagement” with TGG.

Journey with TGG

Those who wish to apply directly to “Journey with TGG” can opt this option:
The Journey with TGG  must be opted by those who have elevated from self-centered goals, personal priorities and are willing to engage in collective actions that are for the common good.

The mantra: You take care of the underprivileged in the society consciously & responsibly, TGG Family will take care of you.

1. Aligned with the values of TGG
2. Happy to serve the society without any expectations
3. Happy to establish Social Project/s for creating livelihood for the women and working opportunity for youths in rural areas and day care homes for elderly.
4. Happy to volunteer onsite at the RHM Center for a minimum period of 7 days
5. Volunteer any one of the administrative activities of TGG Foundation till you become a permanent member and an assignment is awarded to you.

Selection Process:
Apply for RHM Registration by opting Journey with TGG
Fill the JOURNEY WITH TGG FORM and submit for us to get back.
Once an invitation letter for onsite volunteering for 7 days at the RHM Center in Wayanad is received, check the availability of the accommodation and confirm your accommodation before booking your journey tickets to travel.
Present the basic project report of your social project and participate in cooking, clearing, gardening and engage in discussions.
Donate willfully for the infrastructure and upkeep of the RHM Center.
Selection will be done by a committee consisting of the representatives of the Executive Committee and Trustees, headed by the Chairman on successful completion of volunteering at the RHM Center. 

Journey Details :
Once the RHM Registrant is selected by the Committee, an RHM Membership (Journey with TGG) is awarded.
Their journey starts with a 6 months online volunteering. During this period they will create a Detail Project Report (DPR) of their social project in consultation with the nominated team members and will present it to the Chairman for necessary discussions and approval. Also during this period they will be responsible for creating opportunities for 4 youths in rural areas to be self reliant at the age of 18. The members on successful completion of these two activities will become part of TGG’s Extended Family.

Once in the Extended Family they will be responsible for sourcing necessary Donations/Grants to develop their social project and empowerment activities. Additionally they will be responsible for creating / supporting a livelihood project that can ensure financial stability & equal opportunity for 3 women in rural areas OR create a day care home in collaboration with the Panchayat (Local Body) for Elderly. On accomplishing these responsibilities the member will be selected to the Working Committee.

During their tenure in the Working Committee, they will practice compassion, ethical deeds and will be reason for transformation of many people. The minimum period of service in the working committee is two (2) years. Establishing a strong revenue generating project that can help the member self sustain, 10% revenue to TGG Foundation, create livelihood opportunities to people in rural areas and develop necessary infrastructures for Livelihood (Evolution Center), Responsible Tourism, Affordable Housing, Home away from home- for (Members, Volunteers & NCRH), RHM Kiosk & RHM Club to be considered for the Permanent membership.

Based on the projects developed, infrastructure created and the revenue stream created during the Journey with TGG , the Permanent Member can apply for an assignment for developing an RHM Center and it can be considered through a selection process established by the Foundation.

The elevation to the Executive Committee of the TGG Foundation will be a testimony to her/ his selfless deeds. The Executive Committee is the Governing Body of the Foundation that has the voting right and decision-making authority. Since their availability in India is essential, only Indian nationals, residing permanently in India will be selected to the Executive Committee. All foreign nationals those who are eligible for an assignment is awarded the status of TGG’s Global Ambassador during the assignment period and it is the highest honor. An Executive Committee Member or a Global Ambassador is entitled for a performance-based fee, assignment benefits and other entitlements fixed for the project responsibility entrusted to them.

Once the Executive Committee Member is able to successfully complete the development of an RHM Center anywhere in the rural areas of India, she/he is qualified to be enrolled as a Trustee. An Executive Committee member’s contribution towards sustainable growth of rural India through the creation of more opportunities for the needy people with strong revenue verticals for TGG Foundation to perform its day to day activities and developing the necessary infrastructures will determine their appointment as the Trustee of TGG Foundation. Only Indian nationals, residing in India permanently, can be Trustee. An application needs to be submitted by the qualified member to the Ethics Committee and it has to be approved by the Ethics committee to be appointed as the Board of Trustee. Board of Trustees are the policy making authority and it is implemented through the Executive Committee. Once she/ he is appointed as a Trustee, their services to society have to be free of cost. However, facilities like accommodation, food, healthcare, laundry, travel, communication allowance, and all other survival necessities will be taken care of by TGG Foundation.  

There will be a half-yearly performance evaluation of Members who are on a journey with TGG. If her/his performance level is found below average, she/he will be retained as a volunteer on Journey with TGG only.

Associate with TGG

Those who wish to apply directly to “Associate with TGG” can opt this option:
Professionals who are aligned with our Mission and Goals, interested in handholding some of our activities can Associate with TGG.

1. Aligned with the Ethos of TGG
2. Professionals (Artists, Architects, Engineers, Doctors, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Scientists, Agronomists, Hospitality & Travel, Technology, Fundraising experts, Academicians, Lawyers, Creative people, Communication experts, Social Workers Etc.) can Associate with TGG.  
3. Must be able to handhold an activity of TGG with responsibility and accountability, by charging a nominal fee, with the ability to manage the activities viably with a clear income & expenditure stream and contributing to our sustainable rural development goals.

Selection Process:
Apply for RHM Registration by opting Associate with TGG
Fill this FORM and submit by furnishing maximum information.
Once shortlisted, attend a two-day volunteering program at the RHM Center in Wayanad.
Final selection will be done by the Board of Trustees.



    Short term engagement with TGG Foundation

    Select any one of the short term activity in which you wish to participate
    Journey with TGG

    For those who have elevated from self-centered goals, personal priorities and are willing to engage in accomplishing TGG’s Sustainable Rural Development Goals aimed to transform the lives of people in rural areas. The mantra is "You take care of the underprivileged in the society consciously & responsibly, TGG Family will take care of you". Onsite volunteering for 7 days at the RHM Center is mandatory to Journey with TGG. You are kindly requested to contribute a donation of your choice towards the development of RHM center in exchange of accommodation and food offered during your volunteering period.

    Associate with TGG

    Professionals who are aligned with our Missoni and Goals, interested in handholding some of our activities by charging a nominal fee.

    : I am fully aligned with the journey of TGG Family and I consider humanity above all ideologies and belief system that exist in this world. I have not been convicted by any court for any criminal offence & sentenced to imprisonment. I am committed to transform myself by being responsible and accountable to all my actions. I have understood the Values and have also read and accept the CODE OF PRACTICE & ETHOS OF TGG. I am a community being and understand the significance of Collective Actions. I hereby endorse my participation with TGG consciously to be a part of this Global Family


    The RHM Registration can be canceled by the Board of Trustees if the participant is found in violation of the code of practice or disrespecting the values created by TGG. Such breach of trust will eliminate all the privileges and entitlements one has gained after the registration or during the journey/association and the participant will be expelled from TGG Family. The Board of Trustees reserve the rights to take such decisions which cannot be challenged.