Faryaad is open to applications by individuals, once other channels of resolution have been exhausted.

Once your Faryaad is received, we will initially forward it to the responsible government office. In cases where the responsible authorities do not fulfill their obligations within a 30-day timeframe, the matter is escalated to the Responsible Human Mission members. We also collaborate with human rights organizations, international associations, and engage with the public and media when necessary. In the event of critical issues, the matter may also be brought before the judiciary for resolution.

Faryaad serves as an avenue for genuine assistance when confronted with challenges beyond your control. Operating as an impersonal, efficient channel, Faryaad is designed to ensure streamlined communication and effective problem resolution.

Please be aware that our efforts are invested in resolving issues, however, complex issues may take some time to resolve and your patience is crucial. Faryaad is steadfast in its mission to deliver comprehensive and sustainable resolutions, supporting you through diverse and challenging circumstances.



On October 11, 2023, the TGG Foundation received a call for help through “Faryaad,” from Ms. Lali M. R, an Anganwadi teacher. Ms. Lali visited our office to express her concerns regarding the upkeep of the building and the facilities provided for the overall well-being of the children. In response, the foundation’s Chairman reached out to Mr. Krishnakumar, the Panchayat member of the Ward, who proved to be cooperative and proactive in detailing the challenges faced by the Anganwadi. Mr. Krishnakumar also highlighted the financial constraints the Panchayat encounters in fulfilling all the requirements of the Anganwadi. Subsequently, Mr. Thankachan, a member of ALMC, facilitated the initial stages of the discussion.



On 8th March, 2020, 5 (five) houses were burnt into ashes when the owners were out for day work in the field. Very little belongings could be saved by the neighbours from the houses. The Village Council called an emergency meeting to provide relief measures to the victims families with the village NGO’s and the prominent persons of the village. The members of meeting decided to raise fund like cash, rice, clothes & utensils. It was also decided to report the matters to the Government of Mizoram for relief assistance. Accordingly, the matter was reported to the SDO (Civil) Tlabung and the BDO Lungsen. Enquiry was done from the BDO office but no relief measures have been provided till date.


TGG Foundation has been supporting the Education, Hostel Facility, Food, Uniform, books, bag and other essential items for her to transform her life. We started this noble act in 2016 and have continued till she passed her 10th class which she successfully completed in 2021.
Risha Chakma, a young girl from Lunglei District has lost both her parents and was staying with her grandmother in a remote village of Mizoram State in a highly vulnerable condition with no means to continue her education and for day to day living.
TGG Foundation has received a sponsorship request from TUTPM (an NGO from Mizoram) having a residential school upto 10th class. After carefully studying all documents presented by them, we have agreed to sponsor her. It has helped her to continue her studies and stay safe with other children. We are confident that she will use this opportunity to turn around her life.


They have lived in our community in Wayanad all their lives. Vijayalkshmi is 60 and has cancer. Rajan is 70 and is paralyzed on the left side of his body after suffering a stroke. When we first began conversations with them the couple were living in the shack you can see in very poor conditions. Along with their son Vishnu, they had continuously reached out to the local Gram Panchayat for help to improve their housing situation for 3 years with no success. With the monsoon season fast approaching the likelihood of their shack surviving the rains was not good.
To make matters worse neither Vijayalkshmi nor Rajan has a pension to fall back on. The family was surviving on the Rs 8,000pm generated through Vishnu’s job and was already financially stretched.

What we did
Once the grievance was received by us in December 2016, through Faryaad, the following people got into action:
Prem Kumar : TGG Foundation Working Committee Member
Anitha Manikandan : Panchayat Ward Member
Kurian Sebastian : Local representative and ex-panchayat member
Vishnu : Son of Vijayalakshmi & Rajan
Firstly the above team visited the District Collector to update the matter in person. He promised to look into the pension issues and other medical facilities as a priority. He also advised the ward member to take the matter at the Gram Panchayat level to see what best can be done to provide the funds for completing their housework. The letter submitted to the District Collector’s office was referred to the Block Panchayat. The Block Panchayat official visited the house of Vijayalaskhmi and Rajan to get first-hand information about the report submitted by us. Vijayalakshmi was asked to submit her ration card, application form, and other relevant papers to the Village Officer for necessary action.

Humanitarian Ground
As we saw the progress was very slow to get any sort of relief to meet the requirements of a house before the monsoon sets in, Vishnu along with the support of the local community and TGG Foundation decided to change their destiny. TGG Foundations contacted some of the noble souls who immediately came forward and extended their whole-hearted support for this cause. Together TGG Foundation has contributed Rs. 35,336/- and Two doors. It reminds us time and again that we have to be the change we wish to see in our society. We share the joy of elevating one more family from acute poverty. Let this be an inspiration for many more people who are waiting to participate in similar causes in the future.


With some of the previous experiences in handling human rights violations in Saudi Arabia, we knew it is an uphill battle and there is none to hear the grievance, we went into a detailed study of SEDER Group to see how we can reach out to the top management, we then realized that they are in Joint Venture with few reputed companies in Ireland, UK, and UAE where human rights have more values.

We wrote to them seeking their support for justice to Anitha. Within 7 days of sending this letter to them, Anitha received an official letter from the insurance company saying that she is entitled to the death insurance and the required documents are to be submitted.

She has finally received an insurance claim of US$17920 which is equal to ₹1164889 (Eleven lakh sixty-four thousand eight hundred and eight nine only) from the Insurance company

With the money she has built a house for secure living, learned beautician course & health care course, started a grocery shop along the residence which is now managed by her parents. She is presently working in a Medical Lab in Mysore and are able to take care her children and their education with self earned income. Anitha has expressed her interest to help more such women who are struggling to meet both her ends meet and have approached TGG Foundation in 2021, observing her transformation and her gratitude for the society TGG Family has embraced her and presently she has started her Journey with TGG. Very soon she will be setting up TGG’s Center of Livelihood & Skill Development with the support of TGG Foundation to provide equal opportunities for more financially backward women in Mysore.


We referred the file to our legal team to take up the matter with the agent who had an office in Riyadh as well. He supported Nibin with some money so that he could go to the embassy and meet the officials and could also manage some of his daily expenses. We were also in touch with the embassy constantly to see if Amnesty can be availed in his case. Our international counterparts contacted Amnesty International and the matter was referred to one of their contacts in Saudi, however, they were all of the same opinions that there is no room for human rights in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, since the matter was at the labor court nobody knew what to do next.

One of our counterparts based in the UAE contacted his representative in Riyadh, they too felt sorry for Nibin’s situation but had no thoughts on how to resolve this matter. Another well-wisher of the TGG Family based in Delhi used most of his contacts to find a way out to see how we can get Nibin back. After making repeated visits to the embassy and spend whatever money that was given by the agent, Nibin finally decided to surrender to the police. He knew that was the only way out since the police often take bribes and provide a free ticket to travel back after putting a foreign national in jail for few weeks. He felt that to be a better option than being nowhere without food and accommodation.

Nibin returned home safely but he has lost 2 years of his precious life in a country under great distress in addition to the monitory loss . The case file of Nibin is still open at the labour court in Riyadh, and if any of the Saudi Arabian officials wish to undo the damage then they can get in touch with Nibin in India and offer him justice.

This case involved a collaborative effort from a number of different people.  With that in mind we would like to offer a special thanks to:

  1. Mr. Narayanan – Indian Embessy In Saudi Arabia
  2. Mr. Ramakrishnan – Law firm,  Delhi
  3. Mr. Anub – Lawyer, Kerala
  4. Mr. Easwar – Airline Professional, UAE
  5. Ms. Hannah Vincent – Wynad Clothing, UK
  6. Ms. Ella Knight – Amnesty International, UK