Holistic Experiential Learning Program
& Experiential Learning Program


A choice of two hands-on opportunities, HELP & ELP, to enhance practical skills, following environmental and social sustainability, for personal development.

These experiences aim to improve both creative thinking and social consciousness, with a strong comprehension of the purpose behind our actions.


HELP runs from;
25 April – 8 May 2024
10 January – 23 January 2025
25 April – 8 May 2025

Age requirement
HELP is open to applicants aged 25-65 years old.

Course program

  • Agriculture and Food Production– tea, coffee, cacao, pepper, coconut, avocado- Growing, picking, processing. Crop dependent on the time of year.
  • Ecocultural Village – meet local villagers, foster ecological living, traditional cooking. Experience rural Indian hospitality.
  • Biodiversity – overnight camp, hiking and nature walk to understand the flora and fauna of Wayanad. Plant a tree with us.
  • Alternative Living and Nature Learning– discussing alternatives to standard models of working, to free yourself for living presently.
  • Recycling and Upcycling– Hands-on, on the spot activities involving recycling and upcycling items.
  • Water Conservation and Clean Drinking Water – learn how to design and build low cost filtration systems and conserve water.
  • Rural Infrastructure– sustainable and vernacular building practices.
  • Towards Zero Emission Technologies– employing design thinking to look at practical ways of reducing day-to-day emissions.
  • Wellness– traditional Indian yoga, meditation, healing and ayurvedic therapies.
  • Art and Craft– bamboo craft, paining, sculpture, murals- depending on artisan availability.
  • Responsible Consumption– practice a minimalist life style during your HELP program.




Pay 10% deposit to secure your place. Remainder will be paid 15 days before the course starts.



    Before Arrival:

    Check your alignment with our organization’s mission, that we call “Responsible Human Mission” and fill out the registration form here:

    Online integration: get connected with us as soon as possible to develop a plan together in line with our goals and ensure a smooth transition upon arrival.

    When you are here:

    Regular check, open communication and feedbacks are highly appreciated
    Be respectful and open-minded
    Be humble and curious, open to new experiences and perspectives, 
    Be willing to learn as well as teach.

    When you are back home:

    We encourage you to share your experience review with us to ensure continuous improvement and make the experience memorable for all participants.
    Spread the word on TGG Foundation with others, inspiring and encouraging them to participate in similar opportunities.

    Certificate of Selection:

    After the completion of 14 days program sucessfully, you will receive a certificate of selection and become part of the nomad community of Responsible Humans.-

    On the area:

    Wayanad is a district enveloped by numerous forests, plantations and wildlife sanctuaries, all welcoming habitats for wildlife. We strongly advise all visitors to remain inside their rooms between 8:00 PM and 6:00 AM, as a precautionary measure to ensure your safety and to minimize any potential interactions with wildlife.

    Time off opportunities:

    Many tourist places are closed on Mondays, so it’s a good idea to plan your visits on your days off. You can find more information at Wayanad Tourism. The nearest bus stop to The Green Gardens is Ambukuthy, just 1 km away. You can also take an auto or taxi to get around. The closest train stations are Kozhikode and Mysore, both about 100 kilometers away. The main bus station near the The Green Gardens is Sulthan Bathery, approximately 10 kilometers away. The nearest airports are Calicut International Airport, Kannur International Airport, and Mysore Airport, all approximately 100 kilometers from Wayanad.



    ELP is available from 1st November to 9th January and 25th of January to 30th April, and can run with a minimum of two people.

    Course options

    • Tea Journey- pick, process and drink tea : Rs.1000
    • Traditional Kerala Cooking- using firewood choola (stove), stone grinders, homegrown spices : Rs.2000
    • Drumming- chenda, mridangam and tabla (drums) : Rs.1000
    • Guided Nature Walks- in rural Wayanad : Rs.1000
    • Design and Make- solar drier, smokeless cooker, bamboo lampshade, hammock or suggest your own idea! : Fee dependent on materials and craftsman required.

    Fees are per person per day. When booking, all members of a group must choose the same day course.

    Age requirement

    ELP is open to applicants aged 20-65 years old.

    ELP as day visits

    • 1 to 5 days

    To book your day visits click here:

    ELP with overnight accommodation

    • Minimum 2 days ELP with 3 nights accommodation
    • Maximum 5 days ELP with 6 nights accommodation

    Accommodation options


    If available, we can engage a member from the rural community as part of our livelihood mission, to cook traditional vegetarian (vegan options available) meals for you, which are provided free of cost. To be arranged in advance. If a community cook is unavailable, you have the option to cook on-site.