“Alternate Living” is a lifestyle wherein individuals choose alternative ways of housing, community engagement, or economic practices that prioritize mindfulness, sustainability, simplicity, or unconventional living environments. Such arrangements offer individuals the power to make conscious choices that foster environmental consciousness, personal freedom, community connection, and financial independence, outside of mainstream societal norms. 
“Financial literacy” is a crucial skill that empowers adults to achieve economic independence and embrace the flexibility of a minimalistic lifestyle and digital nomadism. Understanding and managing personal finances is the foundation for a stable and successful life, especially for those who aim to build a lifestyle that enables them to work and travel anywhere.


Explore tax-saving practices to improve financial health and security. We aim to empower adults with financial literacy to embrace digital nomadism and smart investing, enabling them to live and work anywhere with confidence and stability. The individuals engaged in this project will focus on the following objectives –

  1. Develop comprehensive financial planning skills to equip individuals with the ability to create and implement detailed financial plans for effective money management.
  2. Practice meticulous expense tracking to monitor and control expenses to ensure financial stability.
  3. Implement minimal cost-saving strategies to maximize savings and support a sustainable nomadic lifestyle.
  4. Explore investment options like Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs), mutual funds, and stocks.
  5. Implement practical trading techniques to enhance investment returns.
  6. Diversification of investment portfolios via gold and real estate investments to build a robust financial portfolio.


The researchers will follow a strict timeline –
Objectives 1 to 4 – One month (Fellowship covers this period of the research)
Objectives 5 & 6 – Second month onwards up to four months


Enhance understanding of budgeting, setting financial goals, and creating financial plans by covering topics such as cash flow management and detailed financial goal setting. Develop templates and tools for participants to track their financial plans and budgets and use these tools to monitor expenses over a month and analyze spending patterns.
Conduct thorough research on various investment vehicles including SIPs, mutual funds, stocks, and trading techniques. Compile a comprehensive guide on tax-saving strategies and compliance to provide the participants with practical insights into optimizing their financial health and security.


To conduct a study on generating income through passive streams that provide economic stability and flexibility to work remotely. To identify and pursue careers or opportunities in industries where remote positions are in high demand and rewarding. To implement strong financial planning and budgeting practices that ensure financial goals are met even while traveling.


To equip individuals with the aforementioned financial knowledge, skills, and mindset that enable them to sustain a minimal lifestyle effectively.


PROFESSIONALS: – People with expertise in the following areas can join the TGG foundation as Associates (Online/Offline). 

Financial Literacy and Alternate living research enable aspiring entrepreneurs to adopt a freelance lifestyle as a career. Understanding of budgeting, setting financial goals, and creating financial plans/models with coverage of topics such as cash flow management and detailed financial goal setting empowers budding entrepreneurs.

Model project location is in Wayanad, Kerala, India. Implementation potential-Worldwide. Interested professionals can fill the Application Form and submit. (RHM Registration is mandatory, Type of Engagement – Associate Member, once selected. We request you to understand the Responsible Human Mission (RHM), your role and your contribution as an Associate Member before filling the Application form).

RESEARCH VOLUNTEERS:- Undergraduates or above students with an interest in financial literacy programs can join as onsite research volunteers. (RHM Registration is mandatory, Type of Engagement – Short term engagement)