We believe that the mission to help someone and make their life better must be self-driven. It would help if every well-earned person could contribute just a small portion to reverse the inequalities present within our society thereby improving the overall literacy, livelihood, health, and prosperity for all. We invite all consciously progressive individuals from across the world to take part in our mission to reach out to the most vulnerable and helpless people in the society to extend them a helping hand. Some time even your presence makes a big difference to those who have no one in their life to support them. We can together make a big difference in the life of people in this world by restoring humanity through our own actions. We are in a journey to make a difference in this world where people are divided and exploited in the name of religion, politics, race, gender, money power, etc. by upholding humanity above all polarising ideologies. Be the change we wish to see in this world through our own actions.

Home away from home at RHM CENTER

We at TGG believe that every plan needs a strong foundation and we are going to build a base at Wayanad, Kerala for the realization of our sustainable rural development goals. It starts with the development of a guest house intended to provide a home away from home for the people associated with the foundation, Responsible Human Mission Members, Associates, experts visiting from across the world to develop the project. This guesthouse will provide better coordination, effective time management, and avoid miscellaneous expenses. During a non-occupied period, it can be made available for tourists visiting Wayanad, thus creating a revenue stream for TGG Foundation to reduce further dependency on donations for its maintenance and upkeep. 

Organic Farming, Processing & Research

Helping some one to create their own livelihood is the best we can do to help them live a dignified life rather than making them dependent. Self respect is as important aspect of life that needs to be upheld at all times to be a responsible citizen of any nation. We at TGG Foundation is committed to transform the lives of people in rural areas by creating opportunities to develop activities that can ensure a sustainable revenue stream, based on their level of engagement and skills. We also offer skill based training and research support to develop value added products. These activities are part of TGG’s Center for Sustainable Development.