We believe that the mission to help someone and make their life better must be self-driven. It would help if every well-earned person could contribute just a small portion to reverse the inequalities present within our society thereby improving the overall literacy, livelihood, health, and prosperity for all. We invite all consciously progressive individuals from across the world to take part in our mission to reach out to the most vulnerable and helpless people in the society to extend them a helping hand. Some time even your presence makes a big difference to those who have no one in their life to support them. We can together make a big difference in the life of people in this world by restoring humanity through our own actions. We are in a journey to make a difference in this world where people are divided and exploited in the name of religion, politics, race, gender, money power, etc. by upholding humanity above all polarising ideologies. Be the change we wish to see in this world through our own actions.


TGG Foundation understands a person who knows the “why” of their actions to be a congruent individual. Within society, congruent individuals are our leaders, role models & sages, but most importantly congruent persons are happy. Contended with their understanding of their personal relevance of being, in relation to the other, a congruent person is able to authentically dedicate themselves to any pursuit they identify as worthy. This is because such a mode of engagement has a substantially motivating and inspirational effect. We hope to create responsible citizens who lead the life of a realized being on this planet.


TGG Foundation in association with C G Bhakta Institute of Bio Technology, Surat, Gujarat has collaborated for developing research incubators in rural areas to support the farming community. These incubators will provide youths in rural areas to conduct joint research activities with the faculties and research students of C G Bhakta Institute of Bio Technology to conduct research on medicinal plants and its health benefits, Value addition of agriculture and farming products, improving the micro organisms in the soil for better metabolism, seed collection and distribution, cutting and grafting, tissue culture, essential oil extraction, production of food supplements.


To understand the practical ‘HOW?’ of home education as here described, TGG believes it is imperative, to begin with, regard for nature. This is the cornerstone of true education. With unflinching respect for the ecosystem which has birthed us, we cannot help but perpetuate generosity and good faith. As we see, the ultimate aim of education is to produce honorable people with kind hearts and open minds. As stated, we are birthed from our ecosystem, and thus to regard the natural world is inherent to our being. Being a facilitator to our child’s education, the primary task is to encourage this regard. To encourage well, we must look at ourselves, and acknowledge the limits of the world we’ve chosen to live in. For various reasons an adult may feel they’ve lost their regard for the natural world, even so, because this regard is an aspect of our being, it cannot be lost, it only lies dormant. Who better than our own child to ground us in the fullness of our identity.

Hence, in choosing to educate a child at home one understands it is fundamental to encourage the child’s attraction to the natural world. If one feels to have lost their own connection, it is only a matter of accepting your child’s love, and soon this attraction and respect will again flow through you. Living with unforgiving regard for nature is the backbone of authentic education, it the manner in which realized persons are molded. This is the vision of TGG’s nature connection.