We at TGG Foundation have been closely monitoring the post COVID impact in the global economy. The techno world will be much more complex and will demand more energy and skills to stay ahead in competition. It is very essential for every human being especially youths to feel the water before they step in. Also being too much involved with the techno world will have its consequential impact hence, remaining connected with the natural world is the key to our program.


Creating opportunities for students to remain connected with the natural world and to build alliances to conduct youth camps, environment friendly projects, participate in ethical research and innovation, entrepreneurial opportunities, values that makes one responsible and accountable to ones own actions, developing a non-discriminative society beyond religion and ideologies, creating positive impact through right interventions.

Worldwide, students are finding difficulty in securing a suitable jobs once they graduate from university. This is mostly due to the growing gap between industry requirements and academic curricula, which is widening by the day.  The post covid economic slowdown and the man made calamities will impact the peaceful living of every being this planet. This is where TGG Foundation desires to create an impact by setting up RHM Club.


RHM Club is a part of our #ONEWORLD program and it is focused on youths, to help them attain 3 major aspects to stay ahead in this competitive world.

Value-based experiential learning – We have to experience this world in its true sense. When we look at forests, we must see biodiversity instead of timber, when we look at agricultural products, we must see food for consumption instead of commodities, when we see mountains, we must see its beauty rather than granites and minerals, etc. The most energetic period of human life is from the age of 20 to 35, let it be utilized properly by every individual rather than struggling with substandard education, unemployment, social compulsions such as marriage & children, and every additional responsibility that comes with it. This is just another dimension of life and it is not a roadblock for studies, employment, marriage, or having children, but a conscious way of assuming each responsibility and finding happiness while assuming it. We are aiming to raise the happiness index of youths through this program

Bridge the gap between employment & experience – By providing them opportunity to get the relevant experience during their studies so that once they come out of college, they also have relevant experience and a revenue stream to self-sustain.

Creating entrepreneurial opportunities through teamwork – It is very difficult for every student to get employment opportunities hence doing something on their own (self-employed) is essential. In this competitive world, self-venturing is a high-risk initiative until and unless there is strong financial backing from the family. We are trying to create this through the TGG Family in the form of Cooperative Activities.

All the above missions are achieved through RHM Club. And the impact that each student is able to create during this period is showcased through #ONEWORLD IMPACT.


Students who have completed their higher secondary education at a rural school and are currently enrolled in technical courses at a rural institute are welcome to join.


  • STEP-1 Participate in the survey – This will help us understand more about the ground realities
  • STEP-2 Once you are selected, Obtain an RHM Registration – It is to check your compatibility with Our Ethos and Code of Practice. Submit the form by selecting the type of engagement as “Short term engagement” and by paying a one time registration fee of Rs.500/US$10 .


You will begin your journey as a volunteer and will be responsible for:

  • Developing all the necessary communication material
  • Develop the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Conducting surveys among students to understand the ground realities.
  • Coordinating with the college to collaborate with TGG
  • Setting the grounds ready to start the RHM Club

Note: During the volunteering period one has to dedicate a minimum of 8 hrs. a week towards this program. The minimum online volunteering period is 6 months. Certificates will be issued to all volunteers who have successfully completed the activities assigned to them.


After successfully completing your volunteering selective students who are shortlisted based on their performance during their volunteering term will be offered a paid Internship for a period of one year (Selection will be done by the board). You will be accountable for:

  • Enrolment of students in the RHM Club
  • Selection of Team leaders
  • Implementing the activities
  • Establishing a Responsible and Accountable system for monitoring the activities of the club.

Note: Since most of the activities are managed remotely, the remuneration during the internship period will be based on the activity you have completed.


Following the successful completion of your internship, you will be able to pursue your interests by researching a specific domain that you have identified during your volunteering and Internship period. The said research project must be in line with TGG’s Sustainable Rural Development Goals to qualify for the fellowship. Students who have demonstrated excellent performance in their respective discipline during their internship period are eligible to submit a detailed project report to the selection committee.

Note: The fellowship will be granted to the most creative and environmentally friendly initiative. Initially for one year, with the option to extend for another year.


#ONEWORLD is intended for all those who believe that personal growth must go hand in hand with the development of a sustainable world. It is for those who wish to be part of a global family who stands together to create better opportunities to address our challenges. This is an important post-Covid mitigation program that we have to begin together. In a world driven by Artificial Intelligence, we are engaged in Altruistic action. Here, each human being can express their full potential and experience this natural world with all its dynamics. Read more……