We appreciate the transformational power of a global youth alliance, guided by the principles of TGG’s Responsible Human Mission and its sustainable rural development goals. Through transformational experiences and connections with like-minded peers, young people will develop to be more responsible, self-reliant, and healthy humans, ready for a career of their choice and building a better society.


RHM Club was born out of the global Covid-19 crisis. During the crisis, it became obvious that young people would be facing completely new challenges in their transition to professional life. In our recovering, yet still increasingly digital, age, there continues to be a need for help in becoming self-reliant and responsible citizens of the planet. RHM club aims at bridging the gap between education and employment through professional skill development and experiential learning opportunities.  It can also support the research and innovation endeavours of students. It allows members to explore their hidden potential through extra-curricular activities, while imparting a sense of social responsibilities and community welfare. Overall, this club empowers youth to focus on developing a better world while developing themselves. 

RHM Club operates at the local, national, and global levels. At the local level, members engage with like-minded young people from the community, town, or district. At the national and global levels, members can collaborate with other RHM club members across regions and clubs to expand their opportunities, and develop other projects. Plus, as a RHM Club member you are connected to the TGG Foundation’s extended family of Responsible Humans working towards sustainable rural development goals towards a better world. 


The intent of RHM Club is primarily to help its members grow. They will grow through participating in the Club’s activities, and subsequently transform their community and the whole of society. However, becoming part of RHM Club should be empowering first.

Being a member of RHM Club will provide you with the following growth opportunities:

  • Relevant experiential learning opportunities, to bridge the gap between experience and employment
  • Connections to fellow young people from rural communities, to work together towards sustainable rural development
  • Entrepreneurial opportunities through teamwork, for those better suited to self-start.
  • Alliances to create opportunities for students to remain connected with the natural world.
  • Impart to young people human values that makes one responsible for one’s own actions
  • Recreational activities to support mental health and self-realisation.


‘RHM’ stands for Responsible Human Mission, the TGG Foundation’s Ethos. It is a personal commitment to transform ourselves and the world by being responsible and accountable for our own actions towards other humans and nature. In addition, RHM includes a code of practice for those who make this commitment. All members of RHM Club are expected to register for and uphold TGG’s Responsible Human Mission in all the activities of the Club and in their life beyond. RHM encompasses the values by which this program operates, and thus provides RHM Club and its members with a common ethical foundation on which to develop their activities. More information on RHM


RHM Club welcomes any young person above the age of 16 who:

  • Have is pursuing their higher secondary education
  • Wish to be self reliant at the age of 18
  • Are committed to the be responsible citizens
  • Intend to contribute towards TGG’s sustainable rural development goals


Step 1: Fill out the background Survey to help us understand you.

Our team will review your answers, and let you know if this is a good fit for RHM Club

Step 2: Obtain an RHM Registration

This is to check your compatibility with our Ethos and Code of Practice. In the form, select the type of engagement as “short term engagement” and select RHM Club. 


After you obtain your RHM registration, you will be connected to other RHM Club members in your area. If a local club has already been established, you will join them and take part in the club’s activities like any other member. 

If there are no established clubs in your local area, your first mission will be to establish one, by recruiting 9 other youth. During this time, you will still be connected to the wider RHM Club network for opportunities and support. The TGG Foundation’s regional monitor will be present as well to help in finding founding members and establishing your first club activities. 

In the first 6 months, you will work together to develop the first activity for your club, which will help achieve the RHM goals and TGG’s sustainable rural development goals. Upon review from the TGG’s Selection Committee, you will receive financial support from the Foundation to establish this activity.

Afterwards, your club can govern itself more independently from the TGG Foundation, although the opportunity to access support in various forms is always there. 


RHM Club takes part in 3 broad kinds of activities: rural development, self-development, and recreation. Rural development activities constitute of projects with direct benefit to the community, based on identified needs and the TGG Foundation’s sustainable rural development goals. Self-development activities are those which allow members to grow into more employable, effective, and congruent members of society, and thus prepare them for a career in a domain of their interest. Recreational activities are fun, play- or expression-based activities which will help members stay healthy, and develop personal interests. Each of the three types of activities plays an important role in achieving the stated objectives of RHM Club. Therefore, it is expected that each local club, and individual member, will engage in all three types in a balanced way. 


#ONEWORLD is intended for all those who believe that personal growth must go hand in hand with the development of a sustainable world. It is for those who wish to be part of a global family who stands together to create better opportunities to address our challenges. This is an important post-Covid mitigation program that we have to begin together. In a world driven by Artificial Intelligence, we are engaged in Altruistic action. Here, each human being can express their full potential and experience this natural world with all its dynamics. Read more……