Empowering global youth through immersive experiences for sustainable development and responsibility.


Ignite your entrepreneurial journey through the dynamic global youth alliance of TGG! Guided by the principles of TGG’s Responsible Human Mission and sustainable rural development goals, immerse yourself in transformational experiences and connect with people of common interest. Cultivate responsibility, self-reliance, and robust health, equipping yourself for a career of entrepreneurship. Be a trailblazer, shaping not just your future, but also contributing to a society built on creative and sustainable growth.


Becoming a member of the RHM Club is designed to be an empowering experience. By joining our club, you gain access to a range of opportunities for personal and professional growth, including:

Relevant Experiential Learning: We provide remote opportunities that bridge the gap between practical experience and future employment/entrepreneurship, ensuring that our members are well-prepared for their careers.

Community Connections: Our club fosters connections among young individuals from rural backgrounds, encouraging collaboration towards sustainable rural development, and empowering them to make a positive impact on their communities.

Entrepreneurial Endeavors: For those who are inclined towards entrepreneurship, our club offers opportunities for teamwork and collaboration, empowering individuals to take initiative and drive their own projects.

Environmental Alliances: We promote alliances that enable students to stay connected with the natural world, fostering a sense of responsibility and stewardship towards the environment.

Values Education: We aim to instill in young people a strong sense of human values, emphasizing personal responsibility for one’s actions, which empowers them to make ethical choices in their lives.

Mental Health Support: In addition to growth opportunities, we also recognize the importance of mental well-being. We offer recreational activities that support mental health and self-realization, ensuring that our members are holistically empowered.


Who is RHM Club for:

RHM Club extends a warm welcome to all young individuals aged 15 and above and below 29, who meet the following criteria:
Currently Pursuing Higher Secondary or Above Education: We invite students who are actively engaged in their higher secondary education or higher level of studies to join our club and benefit from the opportunities we offer.
Aspire for Self-Reliance by Age 18: We encourage those who have a strong desire to achieve self-reliance by the age of 18 to become a part of our community. We provide support and resources to help them work towards this goal.
Committed to Responsible Citizenship: We value individuals who are committed to being responsible citizens and actively contributing to their communities and society as a whole.
Dedicated to TGG’s Sustainable Rural Development Goals: If you are passionate about contributing to sustainable rural development, we invite you to join us in our mission to make a positive impact on rural communities.
By meeting these criteria, you become eligible to join RHM Club and become a part of a dynamic community that fosters personal growth, empowerment, and a shared commitment to sustainable development. Join us in making a meaningful difference in the world!

Objective of RHM Club:

Objective-1 : Knowledge and Experience sharing
In an era of global connectivity, fostering knowledge and experience sharing among youths worldwide has become a transformative force for personal growth and collective advancement. Recognising the power of interconnected minds, initiatives are emerging to create platforms that transcend geographical boundaries, facilitating the exchange of ideas, perspectives, and skills.
Objective-2: Collaborative Projects
Youth-led networks and organizations are instrumental in creating spaces where individuals can showcase their talents, discuss challenges, and collectively envision solutions. This collaborative approach not only enhances personal development but also nurtures a global community of forward-thinking and socially conscious young leaders.
Objective 3: Facilitate world wide travel for broadening the prespective.
Enable global travel to generate positive change. The influence of youths sharing knowledge and experiences goes beyond personal development, contributing to a shared wellspring of innovation, empathy, and cultural comprehension. With the ongoing success of such initiatives, the world observes the rise of an empowered generation, drawing on the collective wisdom of its diverse members to collaboratively shape a more vibrant and interconnected future.

How to get involved:

Step 1: Complete the Background Survey
Begin your journey by filling out our comprehensive background survey, which enables us to gain a better understanding of your aspirations and qualifications.
Our dedicated team will thoroughly review your responses and promptly communicate whether your profile aligns with the requirements of the RHM Club. Upon selection, you will advance to the next step.
Step 2: Attain RHM Registration
To ensure a harmonious alignment with our ethical principles and code of conduct, the next step involves obtaining an RHM Registration. In the registration form, select the engagement type as “short-term engagement” and specify your affiliation with the RHM Club.
Step 3: Provide a Faculty Letter of Recommendation
As a final step, we kindly request you to submit a letter of recommendation from a member of the faculty who can vouch for your dedication and qualifications. This step further assures us of your commitment to our values and mission.

Mode of operation:

First 3 Months: During the initial three months of your membership, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with your fellow club members. Together, you will actively engage in team-building activities, recruit new members, and establish coordination with on-site volunteers visiting the RHM Center. The objective of this collaborative effort is to conceive and develop a project that aligns with the shared interests of your team while making a meaningful contribution to TGG’s sustainable rural development goals.
Review Phase: Following the development phase, your project proposal will undergo a rigorous review by TGG’s Selection Committee. This in-depth evaluation ensures that the project is not only aligned with our core principles but also stands as a viable and impactful initiative.
Potential Financial Support: Upon approval by the Selection Committee, your project may be eligible for financial support from our Foundation. This support enables you to execute your project or activity effectively. During the project planning phase, you have the liberty to assemble a dedicated team of members selected to best suit the project’s specific requirements.

Club activities:

The RHM Club is dedicated to a diverse range of activities, encompassing three fundamental categories:
Community Development Initiatives: Our commitment to community development extends to projects that directly address identified needs, all while aligning with the sustainable rural development goals set forth by the TGG Foundation. We strive to create a positive impact by actively engaging with and benefitting our communities.
Self-Development Programs: Focusing on individual growth and empowerment, this category places a strong emphasis on skill enhancement. Our aim is to equip members with the tools to become more employable, entrepreneurial, effective, and socially responsible. We prepare our members to excel in their chosen career paths.
Recreational Pursuits: The recreational activities we offer provide enjoyable, play-based experiences that promote both physical and mental well-being. These activities are designed to nurture personal interests and provide a balanced approach to personal development.
We encourage all of our members to actively participate in each of these categories. This holistic approach ensures that we maintain a well-rounded and empowered community, dedicated to achieving the objectives of the RHM Club and making a substantial impact in our world.



Ar. RASHMI PRASAD (Founding Member)

An architect with a Bachelor’s degree from SJB School of Architecture and Planning, Bangalore (2021), India, Rashmi has six months of experience with TGG Foundation and D+R Design. She specializes in Energy Efficient Tiny Homes and is passionate about sustainable and vernacular architecture. Rashmi is open to collaborating with like-minded individuals interested tiny home projects to innovate affordable housing and to develop them in rural areas. Volunteering with her, you’ll gain skills in sustainable architecture, multitasking, teamwork, and community engagement for a more unified world. 


Mr. NIGIL LAIJU (Founding Member)

With a Bachelor’s in Aerospace Engineering from Bangalore and a PG Diploma in Mechanical Design and Project Management from Canada, Nigil offers a unique blend of technical skills and project management expertise. His passion to enhancing operations through the use of AI tools will be his valuable contribution to the RHM Club, a global youth alliance under the umbrella of the TGG Foundation.. He shares valuable knowledge with volunteers, enhancing the team’s expertise in seamless workflow integration, effective project management strategies, and innovative design techniques.


Ms. LINDOKUHLE QWABE ( Member- South Africa)

With a Master’s in Environmental Sciences from North-West University, South Africa, and a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Plant Production) , Lindo’s experience with nematode projects and agronomy training at McCain Foods revealed the potential of using vegetative peels for composting. Valuable knowledge to share includes diverting organic food waste to composting, combating food waste, and adopting organic compost for pest control and soil enrichment in the shift towards regenerative agriculture. Producing cost-effective compost from kitchen scraps is a sustainable choice.


Ms. Renee Ramos Lozada (Member- Mexico)

I am a territorial developer in the making, specializing in environmental sciences, soon to be a licentiate from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Currently 22 years old and based in Guanajuato, Mexico. After 18 months living in the US, in 2023, I traveled to India to volunteer with TGG. I consider myself an active agent of change, a product of various relationships: the one with the world around me, with other human beings, and with myself. I deeply value learning, connecting, art-making, and walking as my favorite forms of meditation


LOGO RELEASED : Officially released RHM Club logo on 28/11/2023. Recognizing the logo’s potential as a unifying symbol, it’s crucial to ensure its design effectively communicates the mission and vision of the club. Incorporating elements that signify unified Global community, further emphasise the club’s objectives. It’s imperative to maintain the logo’s exclusivity for RHM Club members, reinforcing a sense of identity and unity. Social partners can leverage the logo for promotional activities in their countries, following outlined terms in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the TGG Foundation. The MOU should specify the scope of authorized activities, such as promoting club events and initiatives. Developing comprehensive brand guidelines, including specifications for size, color, and placement, ensures consistency in logo representation. Creating logo variations for diverse use cases and implementing a monitoring system for compliance will safeguard brand integrity. Finally, promoting collaborative efforts through authorized logos in promotional materials enhances visibility and emphasizes the fruitful partnership between the TGG Foundation and it’s Social Partners.


The RHM Club secures domestic & international funding to cover costs related to assignments, including planned expenses for travel, lodging, and meals when students visit partner organizations to carry out Need and Impact Assessments. The Rupak Dayal Fellowship, consisting of Rs. 25,000 and a certificate for research, is administered using funds generated by the RHM Club. Additionally, the RHM Club oversees the management of funds raised to support EDUCATIONAL PROJECTS. Click here to know more