One stop solution for Rural Development Activities


TGG’s Center for Sustainable Development will be a one-stop solution for all rural development activities that can transform the lives of people from across the world. It comprises of RHM Center & Rural Development Hub and TGG Farm & Research Center. TGG Foundation has already set up an RHM Center & TGG Farm as a model project in Wayanad on leased land at a very small scale. It is a facility with mud houses and simple rooms which provide a minimalistic living experience and showcases the beauty of nature. It is a project which helps people to connect with nature and experience a minimalist way of living in a peaceful and calm environment and also encourages organic farming, providing a livelihood for women in the farming community, and so on for the last 6 years.

As there are inadequate infrastructures and facilities which restrict the scope of sustainable development, the trust intends to set up TGG’s Center for Sustainable Development in Wayanad and Mysore at a much larger scale to create opportunities for people from across the world to participate and transform the lives of people in rural areas through this project.

Major Objectives of the Project :

Organic Farming: Organic farming is a method of a farming system primarily aimed at cultivating the land and raising crops in such a way, as to keep the soil alive and in good health by use of organic wastes (crop, animal and farm wastes, aquatic wastes) and other biological materials along with beneficial microbes (bio-fertilizers) to release nutrients to crops for increased sustainable production in an eco-friendly pollution-free environment. The ethical farms will be developed on 10 acres of land each in Wayanad and Mysore. This would give a huge opportunity to the rural community by providing a year-round livelihood.

Livestock farming: Livestock farming provides a major contribution to organic farming through manure, fuel, fertilizer, etc. It also provides employment opportunities to rural communities and promotes sustainable development. The trust plans to set up livestock farms at both Wayanad and Mysore in a portion of its farming land.

Responsible tourism: TGG Foundation is determined to realize a Responsible Tourism project, a long-term experience that will focus on the local community aimed to establish economic & social justice, equity, respect for cultures, traditions enhancement, and diffusion of organic agriculture without losing track of TGG’S Sustainable Rural Development Goals. Inspired by a circular economy system that highlights the strengths of the village and leads to employment and livelihood opportunities and sketching out self-sufficiency. Some houses of the local families can be allotted to the tourists to promote touristic activities managed by the inhabitants, constituting thus a fixed revenue production. Sharing spaces and moments enhance relations and experiencing the territory through traditions, habits, represents a mutual treasure. Consequently, equal redistribution of economic resources will occur and new development dynamics may emerge naturally with a positive impact on the inhabitants and nature. As the exchange is bilateral in this phenomenon, the local community does not have to acquire the tourist’s rhythm and needs. Over tourism, Mass Tourism, and unsustainable attitudes of people harm nature, alternative touristic paths responsible like this need to be encouraged.

Youth empowerment and skill development: Skill and knowledge are the two driving forces of economic growth and social development for any country. We have a vast majority of the population in the productive age group, benefits will flow to our economy only if our population, particularly the youth, is healthy, educated, and properly skilled. Through this project, TGG aims to educate, develop, and empower children and young adults so they can pave the way to their education based on their skills. This effort is not only to help the unprivileged but also to work towards a more educated and literate society.

Livelihood Center for Women: TGG Foundation’s primary focus is to transform the lives of people through livelihood creation. Through the livelihood center, we will be creating various work opportunities for women in rural areas. The options /programs are many which include engaging women in ethical agricultural activities such as organic farming, handcrafted agriculture products, solar drying, food production, packing, handloom weaving, tailoring, embroidery, printing, handicrafts, etc. Women can also be engaged in umbrella making, notebook production, sanitary pad making, slipper making, pickle, papad, jam making, and so on. They can also start the production of essential oils, manage the cafeteria, and plant nursery work. Prime to all these, they can improve their income through village tourism by hosting guests in their own house (homestay). The revival of traditional art and crafts forms will attract tourists both for learning and experiencing. Talented women with traditional knowledge can engage in tutoring others for cooking, dance, art, and craft classes. Women can also participate in the cultivation of medicinal plants.

RHM Kiosk (Grameen Seva): Communication and coordination center for connecting rural India with the mainstream for providing a single-window solution for all rural development activities. Headed by retired military/paramilitary personnel, it provides hi-tech technology-based solutions to coordinate various transformation activities to achieve TGG’s Sustainable Rural Development Goals.

Virtual Classroom: A centralized Hi-Tec classroom with experienced faculty will be created to provide specialized training in English Communication, Math & Technology. It will be available through RHM Kiosk & the schools partnered with TGG Foundation.

Social Startups: Cost-effective facilities will be made available for social entrepreneurs who are interested to create equal opportunities for youths in rural areas. It can be in the field of Information & Technology / Manufacturing / Food Processing and packing / Research & Innovation.

Common facilities: The common facilities include Business Center, a virtual office with address facility, reading & recreation, cafeteria, medical room & ambulance, etc

Center for Research & Development: It is one of the most essential parts of our project since constant innovations and researches are required to improve the products and to create value addition. We keep the focal point on conducting research and innovation in the field of rural development to accomplish TGG’s sustainable rural development goals.  Alongside we collaborate with Universities, Research Organizations, and Independent researchers to accomplish our goals. Volunteering, Internship & Research is part of the journey which will give the participants greater diversity about the project through the eyes of nature.

Accommodations: The center will create accommodations for Sustainability Enthusiasts, Volunteers, Interns, researchers, Members, Development experts, Experience seekers, Patrons & Associate Members to come and stay and engage in the rural development activities.

Facilities will also be created for destitute women, children, elderly citizens & financially backward youths to create a revenue stream for them to self-sustain

Sustainable & Minimalistic living: The trust aims to provide a unique experience that can detoxify mind and body completely by engaging in a slow life, Yoga & Meditation, simple eating habits, barefoot nature walk, spending time with animals, enjoying the music of birds, chemical-free life, etc. The trust plans to build 20 sustainable tiny homes each in Wayanad and Mysore centers.

Other Activities:

Aaranyam – Bio-diversity creation project: This activity will ensure a better environment through the planting of trees in a natural way so that they can evolve on their own and self-sustain without any human intervention and by providing natural shelter and food for various species. It is developed to create a better future for upcoming generations to experience a healthy planet containing beautiful biodiversity is the main objective of this activity. TGG Foundation has also planned to develop plant nurseries on a small scale in Wayanad and a large scale in Mysore. Planting trees and bamboos are part of our Center for Sustainable Rural Development. 

Ayurvedam – Medicinal plantation and its research: TGG Foundation is opening its doors for Research Scholars and Ph.D. Students to participate in sustainable and ethical research and development activities. Center for Sustainable Rural Development will be equipped to manage such Projects. The trust encourages research on medicinal and ayurvedic plants and the biodiversity zone will have the natural collection of ayurvedic plants growing in its natural habitat.

Kalavara – Production/Processing and Preservation Center: TGG Foundation will create facilities for the SHGs to undertake the production/processing of the products cultivated organically. The project will develop production, warehousing, preservation, and packing facilities.

Ayraarogram – Health Care Facility in the rural area: Ayurvedic and natural health care facilities will be set up within the Center for Sustainable Rural Development.  Yoga, meditation, naturopathy & ayurvedic health care facilities will be provided at the Center.

Gurukulam- Alternate education program: The experiential learning program will be introduced to young students at an early age to connect and learn from nature. By establishing a strong bonding with nature can enhance humans thus upholding humanity that respects all creations on this planet.

OneWorld – A social transformation program: This is a social transformation program developed by TGG Foundation to enable youths from across the world to volunteer (onsite and online) in various sustainable rural development activities by enrolling under Responsible Human Mission. They will also be propagating the message of TGG’s Sustainable Rural Development Goals and will be actively engaged in OneWorld convention and gathering to enable rural development in the villages adopted by TGG Foundation

Village adoption program: Village Adoption means to work along with the community at the grass-root level while enabling/empowering them for pursuing the goals of the development of the village in line with TGG’s Sustainable Rural Development Goals. The village adoption plan of TGG is with the vision to create sustainable improvement in the lives of people of the village(s) with a special focus on disadvantaged groups by Sustainable and inclusive growth, with adequate opportunity for every person to lead a useful and productive life to his or her full potential.