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Onsite Volunteering Program


Experience a transformative journey with our Onsite Volunteering initiative—an engaging program that encourages cultural exchange and the sharing of knowledge. Crafted to nurture responsible global citizens, participants connect with local communities, raising awareness and creating a lasting influence. Join us in establishing cross-border connections and contributing to positive global change.


Ideal for those aged 25 to 60, our program recommends a minimum 20-day stay. International travelers can easily participate with a tourist visa, making it accessible for short stays under 6 months. Immerse yourself in a transformative experience tailored to your schedule and explore new horizons.

Yoga & Meditation

10 days Basic Certification Course

Fee: Rs.600/- per hour per day

Work Exchange

5 hours of work exchange program

Exchange: Food & Accommodation


2 hours of Community development

Gratitude: Selfless Service



From Mexico

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Before Arrival:

Check your alignment with our organization’s mission, that we call “Responsible Human Mission” and fill out the registration form here:

Online integration: get connected with us as soon as possible to develop a plan together in line with our goals and ensure a smooth transition upon arrival.

When you are here:

Regular check, open communication and feedbacks are highly appreciated
Be respectful and open-minded
Be humble and curious, open to new experiences and perspectives, 
Be willing to learn as well as teach.

When you are back home:

We encourage you to share your experience review with us to ensure continuous improvement and make the experience memorable for all participants.
Spread the word on TGG Foundation with others, inspiring and encouraging them to participate in similar opportunities.

Certificate of Training:

after the completion of 14 days program you will receive a certificate and become part of the nomad community of Responsible Humans.-

On the area:

Wayanad is a district enveloped by numerous forests, plantations and wildlife sanctuaries, all welcoming habitats for wildlife. We strongly advise all visitors to remain inside their rooms between 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM, as a precautionary measure to ensure your safety and to minimize any potential interactions with wildlife.

Time off opportunities:

With your time off you can visit the following tourist sites:

Culture & Knowledge Sharing Program