Collective Actions for Common Good


From the beginning, humanity has relied on some form of work for its survival. Many of us look at work merely as a tool to pay the bills, create assets, and keep ourselves afloat in the quest of life–often at the expense of our freedom, passion, and deeper aspirations. This way of being is sufficient enough for the vast majority of us.

However, for some of us, being a little unconventional can lead to a more creative and purposeful lifestyle. Fortunately, developing technology has expanded the boundaries of our capability to earn income beyond the constraints of geography and distance, ultimately making it location independent.

In light of this emerging lifestyle, we are introducing the Nomad Community of Responsible Humans (or NCRH for short) for inquisitive, like-minded professionals, freelancers, and entrepreneurs who cherish life experience, embrace fresh perspectives and possess a sense of responsibility for the community and the environment.

The intention of this community is to help its members evolve as responsible humans, with an equal emphasis on career advancements and social responsibility.


Roots of Modern Nomadic Lifestyle:
Nomadism is not a new notion for humankind–it’s our origin. Earlier in our history, the hunt for food and resources and unfavorable weather circumstances propelled our ancestors to regularly change locations and find new places to inhabit. Eventually, basic technological innovations such as fire and agriculture brought stability to the human lifestyle, and we began to settle in one place and build stationary, long-lasting communities like those we have today.

Modern Nomadic Lifestyle:
The term ‘Digital Nomads’ has become a part of mainstream conversation. Tsugio Makimoto and David Manners used the phrase for the first time in their 1997 book, Digital Nomad, to describe how technology allows society to return to a nomadic life. They observed a developing lifestyle liberated “from the constraints of geography and distance” to accommodate the natural human need for exploration and novelty.

A Nomadic Lifestyle is Perfect for You If:
a. You have the option to work remotely.
b. You embrace freedom.
c. You are comfortable with uncertainty.
d. You don’t mind living a minimalistic lifestyle.
e. You are inclusive of other cultures and beliefs.
f. You have the desire to learn new things through life experiences.

Pursuit of Social Transformation:
TGG focuses on what is good for humanity.
> Rather than competition we advocate collectiveness.
> Rather than commodification we focus on sustainability
> Rather than employee/employer hierarchy we adopt a responsibility/accountability system of equality
> Rather than increasing consumption, we focus on minimalism, to preserve the planet for present and future generations.
> Rather than and industry-standards education, we provide experiential learning.
Our aim is not to make billionaires, but to encourage happiness, contentment, and togetherness with all existence on the planet.


Let’s put in some honest effort–together! We are aware of the environmental impact this digital nomadic lifestyle will bring with it. Therefore, we are committed to practicing responsible tourism, which enables you to integrate your work and travel while also being environmentally conscious.

We believe environmental impacts are tied to human decision-making and the analysis of the environmental sustainability of nomads is somewhat complicated. As responsible humans, TGG is developing a range of practical initiatives to make this lifestyle a green choice, including;

> Growing fruits and vegetables

> Processing our own food

> Planting trees

> Using traditional cooking techniques

> Building Energy Efficient Tiny Homes

Our initiatives focus on boosting the rural economy by facilitating socioeconomic opportunities for the locals through community engagement, which is mutually beneficial.


We aim to develop a vibrant community that cares for each other and the environment.

We offer multi-dimensional, unique, HELP and Global Citizen Programs to enable individuals to learn about;

> Responsible travel

> Collective actions

> Biodiversity conservation

> Minimalism

The HELP and Global Citizen programs will give you the opportunity to network with new people who are on the same journey as you and experts from diverse background.

This will enable you to learn more about the best possible roadmap for switching to a remote work lifestyle and generating multiple income sources.


To begin your journey, register for our RESPONSIBLE HUMAN MISSION by opting “Short Term Engagement”. Once you receive your RHM Registration Number, you can then apply for the HELP or for the Global Citizen Program.

On successful completion you will be awarded a certificate, and the option to join the Nomad Community of Responsible Humans.


Collective actions for common good


(Founding Member)

I’m an Italian chemical engineer, now an ESG reporting specialist in Germany. Sustainability fuels my personal and professional endeavors, motivating me to contribute positively to the world. As a member of NCRH, I’ll concentrate on enhancing the volunteering program and supporting TGG’s Holistic Experiential Learning Program.

Competed Global Citizen Program in December 2023 at the RHM Center in Wayanad, Kerala, India, obtained the certificate and was nominated to the NCRH


(Founding Member)

I’m a US citizen, engage into studies, and commit to work endeavors. Originally from Puebla, Mexico, now residing in Athens, Greece, I passionately pursue interests in horticulture, education, psychology, and physiology, particularly focusing on Community Supported Agriculture and backing TGG’s Holistic Experiential Learning Program.

Competed 6 months onsite volunteering Program in February 2020 at The Green Gardens in Wayanad, Kerala, India and was nominated to the NCRH


(Founding Member)

I’m an inquisitive soul, a US citizen, living experience in South Africa and an OCI, perpetually exploring the depths of existence. My journey is one of constant evolution, driven by a profound connection to the interconnectedness of all things. With an open heart and a thirst for knowledge, I embraces life’s mysteries and seeks to guide others toward unity and togetherness.

Competed 1 month onsite minimalist Program in June 2022 at The RHM Center in Wayanad, Kerala, India and was nominated to the NCRH


(Founding Member)

I’m a “Joy Reminder-er” and touring musician, spreading uplifting messages. Originally from Sumter, SC, now in Columbus, OH, I bring my music to spiritual events across the country, presenting vibrant solo performances and collaborating with bands like The Drowsy Lads. My track “The Love Song of Everything” has won acclaim in music competitions.

Competed 14 days Experiential Living in Feb. 2022 at The Green Gardens Farm in Wayanad, Kerala, India and was nominated to the NCRH



Completed the Global Citizen Program and received a certificate of achievement. Became a member of NCRH on May 5, 2024.


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