The objective of our youth empowerment program is to develop responsible youths with social commitment and entrepreneurial qualities.

TGG’s Self Reliance Projects for youths

Our program is designed to encourage and empower our next generation of youth through value-based experiential learning. Many of our practical experiential learning programs blend mentorship and life skills coaching to improve youth’s access to resources and transform their beliefs, values, and attitudes in a positive way. Our programs is designed to allow our youth to explore the six interdependent dimensions: psychological, community, organizational, economic, social and environmental, leading to a better sense of oneself and the world around us.


& Learn

Under Graduates

Volunteer & Learn – A social impact program that provides an opportunity for students to volunteer a small portion of their time contributing for the welfare of the rural community under the guidance of TGG Foundation and create an impact.

Intervention can in any one of the cause in line with TGG’s Sustainable Rural Development Goals is the beginning of volunteering and creating a positive impact will lead to the completion of the program.

RHM Registration (Short Term Engagement) is mandatory for participation . RHM Club Membership will be awarded to all participants.


& Experience


Intern & Experience – Graduates who have successfully completed Volunteering with TGG can opt for Internship in the domain in which they have created an impact. This paid internship is for a maximum period of 3 months. Interns will be responsible for further exploring their area of intervention at the macro level, create visibility, engage volunteers to mitigate the challenges, raise the necessary funds to create an impact and find a sustainable solution during their full time remote internship program.

On their path to becoming a professional, they will be gaining the essential knowledge and experience during their internship with TGG.


& Develop

Professional Interns

Work & Develop – A possibility for the successful intern to self venture with an assignment-based fee and development assistance from all the Members and the Associates of TGG Family.

This will be the beginning of their journey to become a consultant/Advisor in the field opted by them during the Volunteering period in which they have created an impact, further explored the area of intervention and have found a permanent solution during their internship and wanting to specialise in the same filed by mitigating similar challenges in different geographical location.

And the journey continues !


Creating opportunities for students to remain connected with the natural world and to build alliances to conduct youth camps, environment friendly projects, participate in ethical research and innovation, entrepreneurial opportunities, values that makes one responsible and accountable to ones own actions, developing a non-discriminative society beyond religion and ideologies, creating positive impact through right interventions.. Read more….


Financial Year -2022-2023

Garima Kapoor, pursuing bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Delhi University has been selected under this program of TGG Foundation.

Bhoomika Bilgar, pursuing MBA specialized in Finance and Marketing from Bangalore, Karnataka has been selected under this program of TGG Foundation.

Nupur Dodeja has finished her graduation in business administration from Vadodara, Gujarat. She has been selected under this program of TGG Foundation.