The objective of our youth empowerment program is to develop responsible youths with social commitment and entrepreneurial qualities.

TGG’s Self Reliance Projects for youths

Our program is designed to encourage and empower our next generation of youth through value-based experiential learning. Many of our practical experiential learning programs blend mentorship and life skills coaching to improve youth’s access to resources and transform their beliefs, values, and attitudes in a positive way. Our programs is designed to allow our youth to explore the six interdependent dimensions: psychological, community, organizational, economic, social and environmental, leading to a better sense of oneself and the world around us.

Volunteer, Earn

& Learn

Age group – 18 and above

Volunteer, Earn & Learn – A social program that provides educational sponsorship for financially backward students those who have completed 12th grade, and have successfully enrolled or currently pursuing a skilled based higher education from a Govt. recognised Institution, such as ITI, Poly-technique or other similar vocational education.

We are excited to announce that for 2022 we can extend educational sponsorship to 5 talented and deserving students from across India. Successful students will be eligible to receive full refund of their fee paid to the institution against 2/3 years of remote volunteer for 10 hrs a week. Click here  to learn more about this program and to apply if you are eligible. Read more….

Intern, Earn

& Experience

Age group – 21 and above

Intern, Earn & Experience – An experiential learning program developed by TGG Foundation along with its Associates provides experiential opportunities to qualified students in the fields of accounting, architecture, agriculture, food processing, ecology, art and craft. The cornerstone of this program is experiential way of learning which helps the students in enhancing their self-confidence and building invaluable hands-on skills.

In the financial year 2022-2023, TGG Foundation along with its Associates will be creating opportunities for many fresh graduates to Intern, Earn & Experience for a period of 3 months to enhance their skills and knowledge to self start with the support of TGG. Read more…..

Work, Earn

& Develop

Age group – 23 and above

Work, Earn & Develop – An opportunity for enterprising young professionals with relevant qualification, knowledge and also have developed an interest to self-start with the financial and mentorship support by the TGG Foundation. The venture can be in any domain that can enhance TGG’s sustainable rural development goals. Youngsters from Tier-3/4/5/6 cities in every state of India can participate.

Within 6 months, participants will develop and present a formal proposal for a sustainable project. Once the project is approved, TGG will provide participatory seed funding, network and centralized backup support. As they become self-reliant, they will establish and coordinate TGG’s projects in the region. Read more….


Creating opportunities for students to remain connected with the natural world and to build alliances to conduct youth camps, environment friendly projects, participate in ethical research and innovation, entrepreneurial opportunities, values that makes one responsible and accountable to ones own actions, developing a non-discriminative society beyond religion and ideologies, creating positive impact through right interventions.. Read more….


It is a program where seekers are introduced to ethical farming practices and the role of responsible farmers in keeping the food chain alive. The experience in working with the rural community will enhance their knowledge of sustainable developments by preserving the ecosystem for future generations. It is an opportunity for them to inculcate human values and to self explore. It also provides an opportunity to understand stakeholder engagements in the agriculture sector through the empowerment of the farming community and by eliminating all kinds of social discrimination that exists in society. Participation in our ELP Certification is expected to fortify one’s capacity for discernment, thereby supporting the realization of personal goals. Read more….



Bhoomika Bilgar Coordinator

Bhoomika, pursuing MBA specialized in Finance and Marketing from Bangalore, Karnataka has been selected under Learn, Earn & Experience program of TGG Foundation in Association with MPAG & Associates, Bangalore. She will be trained by both organisations in all aspects of rural development during her 3 months paid in -office internship with TGG. She will be responsible for selecting a team of young graduates and impart training and guidance to accomplish TGG’s Sustainable Rural Development Goals.

Nupur Dodeja Project Assistant

Nupur, has finished her graduation in business administration from Vadodara, Gujarat. She has been selected under the Learn, Earn & Experience program of TGG Foundation. She will be trained in all aspects of rural developments during her 3 months paid off-site internship with TGG. She will be focusing mainly on RHM Club development, Recruitment of Volunteers and will also be assisting the foundation with her skills and talents to reach out to responsible humans and connect them to various projects of TGG

Garima Kapoor Project Assistant

Garima is an aspiring educator with a vision of prioritising mental health. She is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Delhi University and she will be working with the TGG Foundation as a paid intern for 3 months under the ‘Learn, Earn and Experience’ program. She will be trained in all aspects of rural developments and will be focusing mainly on RHM Club development, Recruitment of Volunteers and will also be assisting the foundation with her skills and talents to reach out to responsible humans and connect them to various projects of TGG.


1Administrative Expenses20%Rs.15,70,000
Electricity & Water
Mobile recharge
Bank Charges
Office stationaries
Miscellaneous Expenses
3%Rs. 2,35,500
Salary 5%Rs. 3,92,500
Training &
Fundraising Expenses
12% Rs. 9,42,000
2Direct project cost 60%Rs. 47,10,000
Social Rs. 3,00,000
Experiential Rs. 1,20,000
EntrepreneurialRs. 8,10,000
Youth CampsRs. 2,00,000
Accommodation for students in Wayanad (600 Sq. ft.)Rs. 10,80,000
Class room facility in Wayanad ( 400 Sq. ft. )Rs. 6,00,000
Cafeteria & Kitchen in Wayanad (400 Sq. ft.)Rs. 6,00,000
Creative Center (Machine & Tools)Rs. 3,00,000
Room, Classroom & Cafeteria Furniture Rs. 4,00,000
Kitchen equipment & Utensils Rs. 3,00,000
3TGG AID20%Rs. 15,70,000
Total Budget for the financial year 2022-23 is Rs. 78,50,000 ( Rupees Seventy Eight Lakhs Fifty Thousand Only). Check out the funding and monitoring page for more details


Anuj Mehra

Nigil Laiju
RHM Club Coordinator